January 20th, 2007


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Bad Service at my city's best piercing and tattoo parlour, Soul Survivors.

For Christmas, I had received a $40 gift certificate for Soul Survivors, the piercing parlour I had got my monroe done at in August.  When I got the piercing done, I was very pleased with the piercer and the piercing itself, but not with Curt Lady, another piercer who also did some reception work.

I'm not sure that I can exactly place what it is about this woman that puts me on edge, but I know I'm not the only one. She's very curt with everyone she deals with. Ive spoken with friends that have gotten work done at Soul Survivors and we've all come to the conclusion that there's a large stick up her butt.

But I digress. I went to get new jewelry for my monroe. i was looking for a gemstone, but i didnt know if i had wanted a coloured or clear one, I figured I would just see what they had when I got there.

Well, Curt Lady was working the front desk where all the jewelry is kept. I wasn't sure if my piercing was a 14g or 16g (since i remember the piercer saying something about doing a 14g instead of 16, but i couldnt remember what he had decided on).  Curt Lady informed me that they dont carry jewelry for 14g, only 16g. I asked if I could pick out something in a 16g and they could order it in for me in a 14g, but she said flat out no.  I told her what I wanted but never actually got a chance to look at any jewelry they did have in stock.

 I asked her to measure the jewelry i have in right now. She said okay ond got me to stick out my jewelry. She couldnt tell which gauge it was, but she said "well, I can sell you a 16g post but its non refundable, so if your piercing is a 14 then you're out of luck." 

At this point I was already a bit pissy since I was basically told that I first, they didnt have jewelry for me, and then that I might be able to get something, but its non refundable and my parents would have wasted $40, and this woman hasnt even taken out my current jewelry to measure it and get a definitive answer.

I ask her (probably in a pissed off tone of voice by this point) to take me to the back and take out my jewelry and measure it. She reluctantly agrees, and finds out it is indeed a 16g, and she puts my jewelry back in.

Or at least what I *thought* was my jewelry. I ran my tongue over the back and noticed that it felt different. She then handed me the bag with my old jewelry in it. She had put in new jewelry which I hadn't asked for or even seen before. I didnt even see her bring it into the room with her. I was a bit shocked so I just took the jewelry. It looks okay.. I just wish I had been able to choose the jewelry I would have been most happy with. In the end I just gave up my gift cert and left. I probably should have said something.. but that woman is just so unfriendly, I just wanted to get out of there. I won't be going back there ever again though.