January 19th, 2007


Grrr...Disney Mobile

My daughter turned 13 this year, and so her grandmother and I decided to get her a cellphone through Disney - their plan offered maximum parental controls (letting parents go online to control access and usage, acting as a gps locator, letting us assign minutes as an allowance, etc.) We thought it sounded great, and was a good compromise between the Firefly-type phone (too little freedom) and an additional line on our regular account (waaay too much freedom). It's a joint gift between parents/grandparents, so my mother and I go to set it up together.

For each account, there's supposed to be an account owner and a family manager. We started to set up Granny as the account owner, and went to set myself as the family manager....and the website wouldn't let us. It would only allow the account owner's name, or the name of the cell phone user (the 13 year old). So we used Granny's name as both. No big deal, we'll share access.

Collapse )So far, I am NOT impressed. We'll be going over the bill with a fine-tooth comb, you can be sure, because if their billing department is as screwed up as their website, this is not going to be a fun contract period.
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Not end of the world bad service...

But when I received the email back from the company, I had to post it.

Slight backstory - DH (Darling Husband) and I went to Baja Fresh (fast 'fresh' Mexican food) for lunch one day. I had literally been to another location about a week earlier and had something my pregnant body LOVED and ordered it again, this time w/ an extra bit of guacamole. So I get my carnitas burrito, and the thing is STUFFED w/ tomatoes. I mean, it tastes like a tomato burrito (and old tasting tomatoes to boot). I had to open it to make sure there was meat in it! (just barely) Then the guacamole was BITTER and BROWN - what the heck? Their whole motto is stuff like: "Fresh is best" "We don't use freezers" etc etc.

I emailed the company, just to make them aware of the great difference between this store and the other store. I was not expecting anything for free, I'll go there again, just probably not to that location.

Here is the email I received in return. I'm picky, yes, about periods and complete sentences and the like.

Dear Rachel, My name is Jennifer Blake and I am the Regional Operator for the Ahwatukee store. I want to apologize for the experience that you had. I have talked tothe team regarding the portioning on the Burritos and also the recipe forour guacamole I would like to invite you back in to our restaurant and try us again I am sure that we can make your experience great. If you have anyfurther questions or comments please feel free to give me a call at thenumber below or reply to this email. We hope to see you soon. Thanks for taking the time to contact us so that we can improve our customer service.

Working together is success, you can do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold that desire
Jennifer Blake Regional Operator Arizona South

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To the guy working at the Spar shop last night just as it was about to close, i understand through a couple of years of retail & many years of reading customers_suck that it was late and you wanted to go home. However, that is no reason to ask me politely to leave and then allow the tall, leather jacketed men to come in after me and not stop them. That makes you sucky, and i hope my wounded puppy look from outside in the freezing cold made you feel bad.
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An update to the post I made this morning

Before I could even think of calling them*, they gave me a "courtesy call". The woman on the other line told me the courtesy call was to see if I was okay or if I was better... whatever. I bluntly said, "No, I am not okay. In fact, I have gotten worse." "*silence*"

I just kind of went off. I told her about my mom calling in the complaint. I told her that the guy told me he was a doctor and actually wasn't. I told her everything that happened, about my bloody nose and the guy accusing me of doing drugs. I told her about him doing nothing but a rushed strep test and telling me nothing other than to drink fluids and rest. She sounded kind of pissed off and shocked. She apologized a lot.

After putting me on hold for a few minutes, they offered me a free appointment with one of their doctors. I politely refused. Not only because I don't ever want to go back there again, but I had an appointment with my new doctor this morning. She apologized again and said that she knew about the complaint my mom made and that they were "taking it very seriously" and she could "understand" my frustrations. I really hope so.

My new doctor was amazing. He's with the UC Davis medical center. He made me completely relaxed throughout my appointment. Turns out I have acid reflux. They are doing more blood work to see what is wrong exactly wrong with me. Even the guy taking my blood was awesome. I freak out around needles so I started crying. He completely calmed me down and another nurse held my hand. They were both so nice.

Someone asked for the name of the place I went. It was the Med 7 Urgent Care Center in Roseville, CA. Not that a lot of people will know where it is. I've decided next time though, I'll just wait to see my doctor. Not only was that guy horrible and put me completely off of urgent care, but that place just gives me the creeps. It is in a really bad area and just really didn't seem clean. At all. Everyone I told this to said, "I would have walked out if I were you!" Blargh. Time to go rest up some more.

God, I HATE Columbia House!!

Not sure if this is bad service, but I am sure some of you may have been screwed over by this particular company. The name: Columbia House. A co-worker told me how her 20-year-old daughter had been screwed over by that stupid company had given me the idea to post this.

The first time was experienced by my stupid brother. He wanted music CDs so badly and had signed up for Columbia House. I told him not to do that since I had a bad feeling about the company. Sure enough, after he signed up some unwanted CDs that he NEVER ordered had came to his door. I don't know how many times he had to send them back and how many times he requested them to stop. When the bills came, my mom got all pissy and told my brother to cancel the membership, which he did. Despite writing back many times to Columbia House to cancel the membership, they failed to do so. I don't know how many times before the stupid company finally cancelled it.

We never heard from them again, or so I think.

Years later, some unwanted DVDs came to my door from Columbia House and it was UNDER MY NAME!! Shocked, I sent them back the DVD and a letter telling them that I do not recall signing up for the membership or ordering DVDs. A few weeks later, another DVD showed up and a letter telling me that someone in my household had used my name (and I discovered that it was my stupid brother.) Pissed, I sent them back the DVD as well as a letter telling them to cancel my membership as well as threatening them to call the Better Business Bureau if that wasn't done.

For the whole time, I thought my stupid brother had learned his lesson about signing up to things like this, but I was wrong! I can't believe he used my name to sign up for Columbia House without my knowledge just to get more DVDs. If he wanted more DVDs, he can just simply go out to a nearby store and buy or rent them.

We haven't heard from them since, but I am not sure if my "membership" had cancelled. At least they didn't get my new mailing address. (They still have my old mailing address, but I didn't want to give them the new one since I know they would send me more junk.)

If that fucking company kept sending me things I don't want even though I told them to cancel my membership, I would definitely report them to the Better Business Bureau. I already have a word with my brother about using my name to sign up for that and how pissed I am. (More of a customer suck, I know.)

So, have you or anyone you know have been screwed over by Columbia House?
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Update to this post:

Over my lunch break, I went back to the Accounts Receivable department. I told the woman why I was there, and she went to see if my check had been returned to them yet. It hadn't. I told her, flat out, that at this point I just wanted to put a stop payment on the check and have another one issued. She told me that it would take fourteen days for the stop payment to go through. I told her that I had "consulted with some friends who had experience with this" -- basically said what you guys told me, that it should only be a matter of minutes, and she basically said "I don't care, I'm the one who does them and it'll take fourteen days."

At that point, I very nearly lost it, but I stayed mostly calm. I told her that this was unacceptable, that because of someone at the university's stupid mistake in editing my account and changing my address, I couldn't get textbooks which I need NOW. She was unimpressed, and basically said there was nothing she could do.

I trudged down to the Office of Student Affairs, where I was told that I would need to make an appointment if I wanted to speak with the Dean of Students (which is understandable, I suppose) and that he probably couldn't help me with financial aid, anyway. The secretary took me to talk with... I guess the head of financial affairs, I don't remember exactly. They basically told me my only option was to take out an emergency loan, which would include a $25 fee. I know $25 isn't that much, really, but geez, I'm a college student. That'll buy a lot of cheap overly-processed food. But if it's my only option, it's my only option. At least now I'll be able to buy textbooks. -_-

I want to complain to someone higher up about this, but I'm not sure who. Maybe write a letter to the Dean of Students? It's just... during this whole situation, nobody offered any kind of apology for WSU's fuck-up, nobody even offered a hint of sympathy. I actually started crying in frustration when I was filling out the emergency loan application, I asked the head financial guy if he had any tissues, and he just sat there staring at me for like 20 seconds before doing anything. So now I can add embarrassed to stressed out. I feel like someone owes me an apology (and a removal of the $25 would be nice too, but I'm not getting my hopes up). I'm not even sure that there'd be a point in writing a letter, now that they have my money it's not like they give a damn. If this weren't the only decent school in my area, I'd transfer.
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Shitty service at Walgreens

I've been on a letter writing roll this year. Not just bad service ones but good service as well. Well, last week my husband (who is normally very mellow and laid back) came home pissed off and said "You need to write a letter to that fucking Walgreens! I couldn't find the hot cocoa you wanted and that kid Peter gave me the run around and was such an asshole!" So I wrote this letter and e-mailed it to Walgreens corporate. It was forwarded to the local store manager.

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