January 18th, 2007


Oh, Walmart...

I went to Walmart last week and left feeling horrible about the service I received and the way I was treated.

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Are you kidding me? Am I on candid camera? How can one shopping experience be so bad? I've never had problems at that particular Walmart before! On my way out, I looked at the Customer Service area (its right by the doors) and, lo and behold, Pharmacy Worker Girl was right. There was nobody there. The lights in the area were on, but there was nobody behind the desk. Even the greeter was nowhere to be seen. :\

Just install my cable! Please!

My bf made an appointment with Shaw cable to install our TV and internet ports between 2:00 and 4:00 on a certain Friday.

At 3:30 no one had arrived so I gave a quick call and was told the appointment was actually for between 3 and 5. Fine. I'll wait.

No one came by 5 so we phoned again and were told that appointments between 3 and 5 did not exist, and a manager would phone us.

The manager did phone, and told us that the cable guy came at 1:00 and no one was there. We reminded her that our appointment was for between 2 and 4, then 3 and 5, and she said they'd call on Saturday and come for sure.

No call on Saturday, no cable guy. We called the manager back, but she was off for three days. I called customer service Sunday and they said someone would come Monday.

Monday: my bf phoned cutomer service to find out what time they were coming, and was told they weren't coming until a week later. He explained how many different stories we'd heard, and the representative said "WELL SIR, maybe you should LEARN how to make and keep an appointment properly, and this wouldn't have happened."


He said it was actually Shaw cable who didn't keep the appointment properly, and she said "appointments are made for ALL DAY. You are expected to stay home ALL DAY until the cable person comes." Uhhh, we were told between 2 and 4, and we were home then. She said "you're WRONG, that's not how it's done. It's not MY FAULT that you don't know how to make an appointment."

She was yelling so loud I could hear everything she was saying through the phone, and I was on the other side of the room.

I heard her threaten to hang up on him, tell him he didn't know what he was talking about, accuse him of inappropriate behaviour, and I heard the word "WRONG" about a dozen times. Finally he hung up on her, because she refused to help us, and tried to say she didn't have a supervisor we could speak to and that no one would be available to call us back for at least 24 hours.

It took two more phone calls, but our cable was finally installed. Thanks a lot, Shaw. If Bell satellite had an internet package, Shaw would definitely have lost a customer.
Surprise kitty

Peoples PC??

I just moved to Virginia Beach, and Im on my own doing what I can on the cheap. I dont have to worry about school or room and board, but i need to pay for my internet/phone/etc on my own. When i started to do research, i found People's PC and i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. They have a deal where you can get 3 months for only 4.95 and then after that, its 10.95. So, how are they?? I dont want to get jipped or anything.

Minor Suckage.

Dear KMart Cashier:

A light on over your register means "yes! I'm open!" to practically everyone who shops in a department store. So when I walk up to your register and see you standing at the food counter jabbing your mouth, and politely wait a minute for you to come and help me dont look look at me like I'm a pain in the ass trying to ruin your day when your friend informs you I am in your line. And when you snip "I'm not open!", dont roll your eyes when I counter "your light is on". Walking away and leaving me standing there with my jaw dropped and your manager rushing in to take care of me is probably a good way to get fired. 

(And yes, I was fully prepared to go to the other register that was open, so I didnt stand there like an idiot afterwards waiting for someone to give me service-just thought I would add this in case someone might think I was being a crazy customer).

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hi there, i'm a bit of a frequenter on customers_suck, but this is my first post here.
i'm a pretty polite person (with strangers usually, anyway) so i rarely get bad service, but i'm FUMED about what just happened barely 5 minutes ago.

i've recently moved into my new appartment, my fiance has been out of work for a bit, so we needed a smaller, cheaper place. today i finally got my inspection from my old place in the mail, stating how much of my old damage deposit i got back.
now, in my free time i kind of have more of a "rock and roll" lifestyle, so the place wasn't perfect when we left it, i also have to work a lot more lately so i didn't have time to clean EVERYTHING and do repairs myself (and i've come to terms with this).
the place wasn't run down or anything, it was mostly a case of a few carpet stains, and some patching jobs that were cracking (that were just really shitty jobs that happened BEFORE we got there, and just starting giving away while we were there).

Our damage deposit was $307
We got money taken off for these things...
Suite Cleaning - $60
Carpet Cleaning - $60
Suite Painting - $35
Repairs to Suite - (blinds) $90
Other - (burnt out light) $5
(front door key) $25

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hate pimentos



i recently deposited a large check into my bank account. well, not recently, it was a few weeks ago. as it was a pretty big sum of money, they told me that there would be a hold on it. that's fine. the hold was 2 weeks, not 1 like they told me, but, whatever. i really need that money, but there's nothing i can do about a hold.

i got a letter in the mail explaining the hold. they said i'd get a small amout of the check 5 buisness days after the day of deposit, and the remainder of the check 11 buisness days after the inital deposit.

i got the first amount of money on the 11/09, the day that it was supposed to, according to the letter. the deposit was made at 12:01 am, right after midnight, on the 9th. no problem, right? sure.

then, the remainder of the money was supposed to be deposited yesterday, i assumed, at 12:01 am, just like the first deposit. nope! i waited until 2pm, and the money had STILL not been deposited, so i called the bank. The clerk explained that the money would be deposited at midnight on the 17th. Yeah! Duh! Unfortunately, midnight on the 17th had been over for about 14 hours at that point and i STILL didn't have the money! she tried to explain to me that i'd get it tonight, because that's the way it worked with the first deposit. Sorry, honey, no. I had the first deposit on the 9th, it went in (almost) on the night of the 8th. Not the 10th. she tried to expain again that i'd get the money at midnight, to which i replied "But that would be the *18th*, and today's the 17th, which is when the letter states that the money should be in my account." She tried to tell me i was wrong again and i just got so damn frustrated i said "Whatever. You obviously can't help me. It's not your fault. Have a good day. Goodbye!"

I should have demanded to speak to the branch manager. I should have demanded to speak to the woman who wrote the letter (because she REALLY fucked up and said the date of deposit would be "1/17/2006", which was LAST YEAR ANYWAY.) and yelled. But I didn't.

The kicker? If something like this would happen at MY place of employment and a customer either misunderstood the information or we screwed up, they'd be SHOWERED in gifts and accolades, apologized to and treated like gold. What did i get? screwed!

EDIT: Yes, I realize that if they count MLK as a holiday and not a buisness day (regardless of whether or not they were open), that the 18th, and not the 17th, would be the day I would recieve the money. My place of employment is open 363 days a year and I'm not sure what all counts as a "buisness day". But, when they put it IN WRITING that I will recieve the money on the 17th, I firmly believe that I should get my money on the 17th. That's their error, not mine.