January 17th, 2007


How dare I get a sale price!

So for X-Mas this year, I walked into my malls Bath and Body Works. I've been there a few times, and ended up buying three foot care products, at $15 each. They were for my mother, so I didn't care too much.

Cut to last week. My mother commented on how much she really liked one of the products in specific, so I show up for work early, and decide to walk on over to see if it was a seasonal thing or whatnot. There were signs all up exclaiming SALE and $5! So I go in, and locate the products I seeked. An associate asks me if I needed help, so I ask if they were included in any sales running. Her voice is less than friendly.

Her: They aren't five dollars
Me: Um, okay... that's not what I asked, but is there a promotion running for these?
Her: They aren't included in the five dollar items. If you try to buy it, they won't give you the five dollar price either. I'm just letting you know so you don't waste your time, but don't try to complain about it to save money.
Me: Uh... right. So, they are full price then?
Her: They're actually buy two, get two free. (no signage to indicate that)
Me: Well alright then. Are there any baskets to put them in while I walk around?
Her: So you're gonna buy them?
Me: (trying now to make her see I'm not a cheapskate or something, not that I have to) Yes, I got them for my mother for Christmas and she loved them, so I'll get them now on sale.
Her: Well, we can't refund the difference from the price you paid then to the sale price now.

Me: ... I didn't ask you to. But thanks anyway.

Perhaps I was just taken by her rudeness, but doesn't it seem she was a little too eager to tell me what she wouldn't do for me, regardless if I wanted it. I understand people probably try to get non sale items on sale, it happens at my store too. But geeeez. I asked an acquaintance I know who works there, turns out she was seasonal and just mad she was losing her job. Sorry to hear, but no need to be rude to me.

Time to panic...

I'm in college. At the beginning of each semester, I get a financial aid "refund check", basically all the money left over from my financial aid after tuition, which I'm supposed to use to buy textbooks, house and feed myself, etc. Well, the semester started yesterday and I hadn't gotten my check yet, which seemed suspicious -- I've always gotten the check no later than the first day of class. So I called the financial aid department, and asked them what was up. They told me checks had been sent out a week earlier, and considering I live only a couple miles away, I should have gotten it by then. She told me to check what my mailing address was listed as on the school's website. I logged in, and lo and behold, my address was incorrect. According to the page, as of December 2nd, 2006, my address is [my dorm address from last spring that I moved out of in May]. It wasn't that my address had just been left like that from when I moved out, because I got my fall semester financial aid check delivered properly, and like I said, it said as of December 2nd.

The financial aid person I was speaking to over the phone told me to contact the registrar. However, because I also had an on-campus job, the website said to contact Human Resources, and when I mentioned that to her she agreed. So today, I went to the Human Resources office and filled out a change of address form. Then I went to the Financial Aid office to speak with someone in person, just to double-check that this would clear everything up.

That wouldn't clear everything up, however. According to the financial aid office, my old dorm address WASN'T the one they had on file, despite what the WSU website told me. The one they had on file was actually just box #xxx, which I had never heard of and quite obviously was not my address. Upon further investigation, that was the box number for the Intensive English Language Center on campus, where I had worked previously.

Well, that wasn't good. Financial Aid sent me to Accounts Receivable, and they told me that if I had already gone to HR, I should go to the registrar's office and talk to them. The registrar's office just had me fill out another change-of-address form.

I e-mailed my old boss, to see if my mail is in fact being delivered to the IELC. He called me back and told me he hadn't seen anything addressed to me, but if he did he would let me know. At this point I don't know what to do. What little stray mail I get that is addressed to my dorm address is forwarded to me, so I would think I would have it already if it was mailed there. Right now, my check is just floating around in the ether. Accounts Receivable told me that if the check was returned to them, they would try to get in touch with me by phone. But of course, the phone number they had on file for me? Was also completely wrong. I fixed it when I filled out the new change of address form, but what if it's already been returned and they've already given up on getting in touch with me? I can't buy textbooks, I can't buy food. I have a job, but it's only a couple of hours a week and I'd have to save up for months to even think about having the $350 I need for books. Obviously I don't have that. I already have homework that I can't do. And they just keep shoving me around to different offices and basically telling me to wait.

In summary, bad_service is my university changing my address twice over, without requiring any verification on my part, and not even being consistent about it, so that a check for around $3500 that I need to live is just lost, somewhere.

Who should I even talk to about this?
Alice in Underland | White Rabbit

preventative measures?

I went into the Supe Store today to find my boyfriend. It's the college's supply store.

There are, understandably, lots of new people right now working because it's beginning of the semester.

I overhead someone in textbooks telling someone new "You don't say 'huh' and you don't tell someone on the phone to wait a minute." And the girl he was telling this to said, "Why?"

Let's hope he got it through to her, because it could prevent some very rude service right there.