January 16th, 2007


Yet Another Great Moment in Telemarketing History

Yesterday's WTF moment came courtesy of a telemarketer.  The phone rang and someone asked for Josephine--my mom.  Well I knew immediately it was a telemarketer because my mom passed away 9 years ago--in fact, the 9 year anniversary is this coming Saturday. 

So I asked, "may I ask who is calling and what is this regarding"?  It was the Fraternal Order of Police (I think).  I then told the person on the other end that Josephine was my mom, that she was deceased, and that the 9 year anniversary of her death was coming up on Saturday, so to do himself a huge favor and remove her name and number from their solicitation list and not to call our house again. 

I was polite, but might have unintentionally a little short with him, since whenever my mom's anniversary date approaches I tend to be a little sensitive about it  We're still trying to figure out how he got her name and number since it's an unlisted number (always has been), it's been in my name for the last 9 years, and I changed my last name almost 4 years ago.

The telemarketer was polite, so where was the bad service you may ask?  Using a solicitation list that is at least 10 years out of date.

Apartment Finders bad service

I'll be in the market to move from my current three bedroom apartment (that I share with a room mate) to a one bedroom or efficiency apartment at the end of April. Since I'm rather specific about what I want in an apartment and what area (of Chicago) I want to live in, I've already begun looking. Although I know a lot of apartments aren't even on the market now that will be two months from now, I've begun searching anyway so I can see what is out there.

That being said, I emailed a few local apartment leasing services requesting additional information on buildings and what they generally have available. No where in the original email(s) did I say "I want this apartment" or anything to that effect; in fact, at the service in question it was a form email and in the comments section I made it a point to comment with the same information as above...that I wanted to see if my price range with that area was something they could even assist me with (for the most part).

Here is the email response I received (despite me requesting a phone call from them):
Hi Nicole,

Thanks for contacting the Chicago Apartment Finders for your apartment search. Our goal is to make the experience of finding your next apartment as hassle-free as possible.

Given your desired move-in date of May 1st, the most ideal time to begin your apartment search is between 30-45 days prior to your move-in date. It is at this point that we have our largest range of available listings to show you. In the event that you need to look for an apartment sooner, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

In the meantime, please feel free to view listings on our website at:


We look forward to working with you soon,


Adam Blue
Chicago Apartment Finders

Where do I even begin with this? For starters, I'm male and my name is definitely not Nicole, so I'm not even sure what to make of that except he might have been using an old email copy and paste routine since he didn't have the answer I wanted.

Second, he obviously didn't read my comments since looking that close to my move date would end up in me strangling someone. It took me a lot longer than that to find my current apartment, and I know from experience that I'll need to cushion my search period to make sure I'm not still filling out an application the week I am due to move. The catch all 'in the event' sentence was the closest this email came to decent service.

Lastly, I felt almost put off when he told me to go to their website. It negates the prior paragraph where he tells me not to look yet! Aside from that, I actually did look and found five companies that possibly matched my criteria...hence the email inquiring about more information (as their site instructed me to do). The question of whether those results are typical was all I wanted to really know.

It's not glaringly awful service, but at the same time they're probably not going to receive my business anytime soon.
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more refunding fallout

after the previous two updates, the following has now occurred:

i checked my bank statement/ on saturday morning - everything was correct! hooray! "withdrawal: greetings and readings $15.74 wednesday 1/10" followed by "credit: greetings and readings $15.74 thursday 1/11."

but! there was a message on my answering machine from a different CSM [customer service manager] - the message didn't say why she was calling but it gave her extension and said i should call her back. i call the store again and the extension is busy. i'm not terribly concerned because i know that everything has been fixed - she probably just wanted to say something customer-service-y about the whole thing.

we lost the game that afternoon. :(

i called again yesterday (monday) morning and the original CSM picked up. ...ugh. she didn't know why [CSM #2] had called, so she said she'd ask around and could i please call back. fine. i move into my college dorm for the spring semester and don't have time to call back; i'd planned to do it today.

mom got into work today to find four faxes on her desk from this woman. at the bottom of one is a handwritten note "alethiometric owes us [the store] $15.74!"

mom calls. "what do you mean alethiometric owes you $15.74?"

"look at the printouts!"

mom does; the faxes are copies of the register tapes from the transactions. "you have three register tapes here; one is the original transaction, with my daughter's signature. the second, from thursday, is marked "phone-in order" which is incorrect, and charges my daughter's card a second time. the third tape, timestamped in the same minute as the second tape, shows that the cashier realized her mistake and voided the second transaction."

"no no, you're not reading them correctly!"

"...[mom explains it again.] it would seem that your store actually owes my daughter $15.74."

now the woman wants copies of my bank statement (please remind me how that is her business at all?), my original receipt, and other things - because she doesn't understand anything at all. SO ANGRY. mom's going to bring it home from work and i'm going to go over it with her and i don't know what we can do; my bank statement is so far correct (there's a charge on there that i don't remember, but it's not for the correct amount so it can't be anything from this store) so there are no charges to reverse. this woman seems to think that there's an unsettled balance. but there ISN'T.

how is someone so wildly incompetent able to keep a job as a manager/supervisor? all i need is a refund: i gave her the transaction number that she said was the only thing she needed, and she couldn't. just. do it.
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World of Warcraft: $49.99
Burning Crusade: $39.99
Monthly subscription: $14.99 since Nov. 7, 2005

World server is down.

Why did they not anticipate this.
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Wow, sorry I'm not psychic!

I was buying a few small textbooks at my university bookstore today, and carrying a huge messenger bag/purse with me. I really hate wasting plastic, so as I was checking out I told the cashier, "I don't need a bag."

Immediately, the lady on the register next to hers (must have been a supervisor or something) YELLED "Oh yes you do!"

The cashiers who were helping me (one ringing me up, one bagging me) politely said, "Sorry, for security purposes you have to have a bag."

I said okay and let them put my books in a bag.

After I took the bag and thanked the cashier the lady angrily screamed, "For security purposes EVERYONE NEEDS A BAG!!"

Wow, thank you for embarrassing me and the cashiers in front of everyone unnecessarily. I understand that a lot of people are buying books now and she must be stressed, but 1.) The cashiers clearly know the policy, as they were the ones who stated it to me and bagged me, and 2.) When they told me I needed a bag I didn't make a big deal out of it, and immediately agreed. There were much nicer ways she could have said that instead of announcing to the entire bookstore that *someone didn't want a bag!*