January 14th, 2007

Held hostage by a computer.

In the midst of the Great Decanter Debacle I never posted about the awful service we recieved from Trailhead Brewing Co.

Sometime in mid-December, the boyfriend and I planned on spending the evening in Historic St. Charles. The area is mostly cute shops, bakeries and restaraunts. The shops are typically only open until 5pm on a normal day, but during Christmas they all stay open late, as the city organizes carolers dressed in period clothing, and several other fun things like the guy that was roasting chestnuts on an open fire. Awesome, no? The events go on until 9pm.

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A shopping surprise...

I went out and ran some errands today, and decided to make a stop in Landmark Mall in Alexandria, VA. It is an older mall, but reminds me a lot of the one I frequented while growing up.

I went straight in to the Waldenbooks/Borders Express there. While I was in there perusing, something on the floor caught my eye. I turned my head and looked to see a rat scurrying on the floor not 5-6 feet from me. My eyes widened and I kinda froze for a second. I wasn't the only one who spotted it; this guy who was perusing magazines saw as well. I went looking for a store clerk to let them know before I bailed, but only one guy was working with a whole line of customers. While I waited to let him know (because everyone in the line was female, and I wasn't sure how much the announcement of a rat would induce stereotypical panic), another two ladies in the back of the shop also saw a rat (possibly the same one), and then left rather quickly. Finally, the line cleared enough to let the clerk know.

The clerk didn't really bother to acknowledge me, even though I had been anxiously pacing in plain sight and obviously trying to get his attention. He was kinda sarcastic with me when I told him...saying they couldn't really call Mall Security on it. (Too bad as it would have been an amusing sight to see.) As far as I know when I left out some 10-15 minutes later, although he had only told the other worker, and neither of them did about it at all.

Hopefully, they will fix this problem, because that's one of the best bookstores around to carry the new releases. I just know I won't be eating a thing that comes from that mall. If rats are in the bookstore, which would seem to not have much in the way of food, and are bold enough to come out in daylight...that sounds like a rather large-scale problem.

Nurse with a dire need of an attitude adjustment

Sometime last year I was prescribed an antibiotic. I also happened to be on the pill at the time. When the doctor was writing up the prescription, I was in such a miserable state it didn't cross my mind at the time to ask whether or not this would affect my being on the pill. *Usually* the doctor is sure to inform you during your visit, but I wanted to be safe.

So I called a nurse at the clinic and inquired as to whether or not this particular antibiotic would interfere with the effectiveness of the pill and after a short pause she assured me it wouldn't.

I uttered some remark about how that was a relief, and venom suddenly creeped into her voice and she snapped, "WELL SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE BUT YOU COULD STILL BE PREGNANT." o_O My doctor was pretty confident that I wouldn't get pregnant*, but to be greeted with such a delightful tone made my concerns just disappear. :D

Oh, and then there was the doctor's visit when I was 16 and had a BMI of 18, where the doctor told me I was a "little on the heavy side." Thanks lady, that did wonders for my self-esteem. Man, to this day whenever I wear the same pants size I wonder if I'm fat.

*Yes, I'm aware there is a chance you can get pregnant while on the pill! Since there were no symptoms and I never missed taking one, I wasn't worried.