January 12th, 2007

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My SO and I went to Hunan in Boone, NC for dinner tonight.  We got there before the rush.  We were our waiter's only table.  After dropping off our food, he disappeared in the back.

My SO had a spicy chicken dish, and he soon ran out of soda.  Our waiter never came back -- not until long after we were finished eating.  He dropped off the check and left without a word.  Not one refill, nothing.

I'm a generous tipper.  Usually around 30%.  I was baffled at how badly we'd been neglected...I mentioned it to a friend of mine, and she said, "Oh, it's a Chinese thing.  You didn't stiff him, did you?"  Of course I stiffed him.  And why would it be "a Chinese thing"?  O.o
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Debit card woes

You know, I don't ask much when I patronize a restaurant. In the drive thru, I'm courteous no matter how slow the person at the window is. I'll even go inside if I have a complicated specialty order.

That said, why oh why can't I just get charged for what I spend? Why does it have to be a constant fight to get stupid shit corrected that shouldn't have happened in the first place?

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Bad service through Half.com

For a business law class, I got a book on half.com for around $60 since the used version at my school bookstore was $110. Yeah, not worth it. At the time, the price I got it for was hovering around $60 on half, which is why I got way excited when I recently went back to check on it and found that it was going for around $90 now.

Well, I paid for expedited shipping since I really needed the book as soon as I could get it and it was shipped on January 4th, last Thursday. The seller sent me a tracking number and, since, I still hadn't gotten the book (I know it can take a week, but I was starting to get a little worried since it's supposed to only take a few days), I decided to check it.

I live in Indiana. The book has been sitting in Kansas for the last two days. Something was wrong. It either got lost or they sent it through the wrong service.

So, my fiance, who can remain calm under pressure far better than I can, wrote an email on my behalf (thank god!). This resulted in a long back and forth conversation between us and him (I promise, it's pretty amusing and I've bolded the good stuff). When we could have easily accepted a simple apology and given him positive feedback, he decided to bring up a bunch of bullshit excuses that have wound up with us making sure we give him negative feedback once we actually receive the book.

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He refunded us pretty quick and, while it was more than we were expecting, he's still getting negative feedback (thank god he's already left me a positive). If you're going to consistently tell us that WE are wrong and WE are the bad guys in this mess, even after we state policy after policy and give you the damn link to the policy and you continue making excuse after excuse, YES, we will be leaving negative.

Like I said before, a simple apology and a refund for the difference would have been fine and we would have left a positive. It took him seven emails before he finally sounded genuinely apologetic (yeah, he said sorry before, but immediately followed it up with some lame excuse).

Edit: Since this came up in a comment (that was deleted before I could respond), we are NOT reporting him to Half.com. There's really no reason to since he finally did give us the refund. However, the negative feedback is a result of him causing us stress and him making us out to be the bad guys. He also still hasn't removed the option for expedited shipping on his other half.com items, which means he clearly hasn't learned from this incident other than he screwed up with us because we caught it.
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so. i live in/outside of baltimore, and if you follow football at all, you know that the colts returning to baltimore is shaping up to be The Game™. baltimore is going nuts, turning itself purple etc. there's a certain t-shirt in town that is the hot ticket to have for today and tomorrow.

on wednesday at 2:30 i went to a store about an hour from my house that sells it; they were sold out but were taking orders for the following day. so i ordered one for my dad with my visa card [it's a debit card with the visa logo]. as i continued through the shopping center, i saw another store that was selling them for $1 more - but they still had them in stock.

immediately i purchased one, thinking "i'll just cancel the other order." WRONG.

the very next thing i did was go across the shopping center to the first store.

"hello, i just placed an order for a beat indy!shirt and i'd like to cancel it."
"well when did you make it?"
"about 45 minutes ago."
"well if it's still here then we'll just cancel it." so they looked but it had already gone into processing.
"tell you what; we'll make a note that says when the order is pulled to refund your card's money."
"sounds good to me."

the order wasn't supposed to be ready until after 1 pm yesterday. i called around 5 to make sure that everything was in order, explaining things again (i made the order, cancelled it, was told i'd get a refund, etc); the lady asked me for my credit card number and said that everything would be taken care of.

today when i check my balance, not only has my money not been refunded, but a second withdrawal has been made! i called immediately, but their customer service line was busy. i will be calling again and making sure that what is now BOTH of my transactions get refunded.

go ravens!

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edit #2: so i called her back (my copy of the receipt was hiding in the bottom of my purse away from my other receipts) with the transaction number, and she said it will definitely be taken care of today. i gave her my cell phone number (in addition to my home number, which she already had) and she is to call me as soon as it's taken care of.

she has until 7:15 (when i get home from work). if it's not done by then, i will call her to let her know that the charges are being reversed through the bank, that i gave her plenty of time to work everything out, and that there's nothing more she can do to make my order correct.

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I called TEAC's tech support to ask about my DVD-R drive and I got a lady on the line. She was awesome at first because she didn't treat me like I knew nothing and she obviously wasn't reading from a script. But.

I told her that the player could read CDs but not DVDs; that I'd put a DVD in and the computer would tell me there was no disc in there. She has me bring up PowerDVD and check settings, and all the while I'm saying, "It's not a problem with PowerDVD because I can't access the drive from My Computer."

And she says I shouldn't be able to do that anyway. I paused and said, "You know, I've gone into Explore on DVDs before and seen a bunch of data files. This is telling me there's nothing there at all." But nooo, it's PowerDVD, and she finds me a patch for it and we hang up.

W. T. F.

I don't know whether she honestly thinks you can't access data off a DVD without writer software or if I was interfering with her nail-painting. I would have pushed the topic, but it was becoming abundantly clear that we'd reached the limits of her knowledge.:/ I'll call back in a bit, I guess, and see if I can't get someone who can help me.
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You know those catalogues of cleaning products or such, that they push through your door, and if you don't want them, you just give them back when the people come around?

We got one of those last week. My housemate threw it out, which you're not meant to do, but it looked like junkmail and wasn't addressed to either of us, so it went in the bin.

The guy came around to collect it Wednesday. I explained that my housemate threw it out. He told me to go look for it, that I must be confused.

I said no, it was thrown out, sorry.

He kept telling me to go look because I couldn't have thrown it out. I told him we didn't have it.

He put his foot in my door as I was trying to close it.

I told him he had until the count of three before I slammed the door on it and called the cops. He left.

Yesterday, he showed up again. Same "Where is it? You have to give it back if you don't want to order."

Today. Same. I've told him if he comes again, i'm calling the police for harassement. I probably won't, it seems a waste of their time, but what does he hope to achieve? No, my housemate shouldn't have thrown it away, but if you put junk through our door then we will just toss it out, and harassing me won't change the situation - what am I meant to do, magic one up?


A couple of months ago I was going through all of our bills and putting them on auto-pay and/or paperless on line statement bill paying. Comcast is our internet and cable provider and when I went to their site to do this, they were "upgrading" and wouldn't be updating or taking new accounts for at least a month. Ok fine. Well, today I decided to go back and sign up for on line bill paying. After digging out my bill and entering all of my information and clicking "I Agree" to the terms I get a message stating something along the lines of:

Currently we do not have on line bill paying services available in your area. We are working hard to make this service available to all Comcast customers so please check back in the future"

Say what? Its ONLINE BILL PAYING!!! WhyTF would you not have this service available to all customers???What makes me, living in Abingdon, Va, any different from Jane Jones living in Miami, Florida? You know, if any of you out there know why its reasonable that I cannot pay this bill on line, please let me know. I really REALLY want a reasonable explanation and I can't think of why on line services would not be available anywhere.

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an update on my ongoing refund request


when last we left our story, she had promised that my refund would be taken care of ASAP, top priority, WTFever.

she called my cell phone (yay) at about 3:30 this afternoon to say that she had found the paperwork and that everything looked to be just like i'd said and she apologized for the delay. according to her, everything was now taken care of. here's the fishy thing: i'd given her the transaction number for the original charge (because i didn't have a receipt from the second charge which should never have existed). the charge she found was made at 5:19 on thursday - which is when i called to make sure things had been refunded originally!

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i am hoping i don't have to wait until monday to take care of all this insanity. i just want my $31.48 back please and thanks. >:|

what ever happened to simple cash registers? at my job, you just type in the amount, hit the RF key on the register, and then hit the "department." SO EASY.