January 10th, 2007

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My local hospital has the worse service ever.

I was seen in Spetember 2005 after some pretty terrible gallbladder attacks. I was working full time, but that particular job did not give me insurance. My husband and I weren't married yet, so I wasn't on his insurance.

Without going into too much detail, the surgeon's office basically treated me like crap because I didn't have insurance. They refused to take out my gallbladder without a 50% down payment, which I really do understand. Things aren't free. But they treated me so poorly, I cried when I left their office. The surgeon (who has since been sued by two former patients in seperate cases) kept asking me how it could be that I worked full time and didn't have insurance. He asked me if I had even finished high school (I was in college AND working full time at that time). He said that it was really frustrating for him to have to see people who did nothing to get themselves out of poverty (I wasn't in POVERTY, I was uninsured because like millions of Americans that work for a small business full time, insurance is not provided).

So I didn;t have my gallbladder out and have been dealing with it since then.

Well, I have insurance now and decided I'd get the thing out. I went back to the same clinic (different surgeon), thinking that since I had insurance now there should be no problem. WRONG. They treated me like I was lying that I have insurance (I have two insurance companies now, mine and my husbands) and refused to see me unless I paid in full for the office visit and let insurance reimburse me. They said something along the lines of how it was "convienent" that I now have insuance, and they didn;t want to see me unless they had payment up front. Isn;t that illegal?? They refused to see me when i have insurance, because in the past I didn;t and they didn't trust me. They could've called my insurance company and made sure my policies were in effect!

So I left. I'm still livid.

A tale of woe

This story includes tons of bad service.
The players:
The Montrose, CO airport
United airlines
AZcentral.com travel
The Phoenix airport
My little family trying desperately to make it to and back from the BCS National Championship Game

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Bad police service

For most of the last three years I had a raving lunatic for a next-door neighbour. He played his stereo very loudly and annoyed the shit out of me. He yelled at my cats when they were on my balcony. He complained to the building manager that my cats were on HIS balcony, so my boyfriend and I mounted some wooden lattice to separate the two balconies.

One day someone left a note on said neighbour's door complaining about his loud music. He accused me of doing it, and followed me to the bus stop to scream at me where no neighbours would hear him. I went to the police station and filed a report about the incident. The police officer said, "Call us immediately if he threatens you."

A few weeks later I was using our apartment building's laundry room. I removed the dry clothes from the clothes dryer so that I could put my clothes in (there are only two washers and dryers for 24 apartments, and the laundry room is only open until 8:00 p.m., so I couldn't just leave them there and use other machines or wait for whoever the clothes belonged to to come pick them up. I folded them as neatly as I could and left them on top of the dryer. Just as I was leaving the laundry room, psycho neighbour's girlfriend came in.

When I got back to my apartment, psycho neighbour started to yell at me over the balcony. He said, "There better not be anything missing from that laundry!" I ignored him. He then said, "I hope your boyfriend isn't coming over tonight!" I ignored him. Then he said, "I AM GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN THE HEAD!"

I immediately grabbed the phone and called the cops. I told them about the report I had filed, and that they had told me to call if the neighbour threatened me. Cops said: "That's not a threat."

I said, "He threatened to punch me in the head!"

Cops said: "That's not a threat. We can't do anything about it."

I talked to the building manager. She said that he denied threatening me and that I had no proof.

I contacted the landlord-tenant hotline. They said that situations like this are not under their purview.

I have three cats, and I moved into this building because it allowed cats. Not long after I moved in, government passed a law allowing landlords to charge pet deposits of a half-month's rent. Very few buildings in this city allow pets, so moving was out of the question.

Fortunately, psycho neighbour's girlfriend left him, he couldn't afford the rent on his own, and he moved out. But I lived in fear until he did.

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After taking my car to get a tune-up, dad and I went to Cracker Barrell. When the waitress came to get our drink order, we ordered two unsweetened teas (one for me and mom who was on her way to meet us) and sweet tea for my dad. Dad also requested 3 biscuits, 3 cornbread, preserves and butter. She wrote it down.

She brought our tea in good time but no bread. My dad politely asked again. She brought back 6 pieces of cornbread and butter. Then she came back to take our order. I don't know why my dad didn't say anything, maybe I should have. I asked her what the vegetable of the day was. She had the "deer in headlights" look, "Um...I don't know." She looked at me like I was asking her to do something really difficult. Then it was like she got a clue, "Do you want me to find out?" "Please." Turns to her coworker wiping a table and asks him. It wasn't anything I wanted so I said "No thanks." So we ordered for us and for my mom.

She came back to refill our tea and mom had arrived. She poured my dad's, filled mine halfway THEN asked me if I had sweet tea. I understand the mistake, but why not ask me BEFORE pouring the tea? I said that I actually had unsweetened. She acted all put out again and asked if I needed a new glass. I said, "Please". My mom gave me hers and said she actually just wanted water with lemon. Problem solved.

My dad asked if we could get our biscuits and preserves (again, I wish he would have said something before because now I didn't even want them). She brought those out with our food and had forgotten my mom's water. My dad had ordered the meatloaf and asked if they could drizzle some of the sauce from the pan on top (not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat, right?) She came back with the meatloaf and a bottle of ketchup and said she asked the cook and her manager and they told her ketchup. She asked if she needed to take it back. He said no, it would be fine.

She was also waiting on the table behind us and they were already talking to the manager. I don't know why my dad didn't do the same thing. Or why I didn't say anything. I work in customer service too and I know it can be a juggling act sometimes, but this was a little ridiculous. We weren't rude, we didn't ask for anything unusual so I don't understand what the problem was.