January 9th, 2007

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Dear WalMart Employees,

I realize that your hands get dry.  However, that's no excuse to open bottles of lotion on the shelf, dab some on your hands and close the bottle back up again.  In front of customers.

Yes, I confronted you because I don't know what kind of crap/germs/junk you might have on your hands.  Yes, I found an assistant manager and told her as well (while dropping in the fact that I knew the manager).

No love ~

Dear Toyota Financial

Dear Toyota Financial,

Thank you for haveing a confusing call center that took 20 minutes to get an operator. Then spending 20 more minutes explaining that that car payment that is supposed to be taken from my account on the 10th cannot be cancelled becasue its in processing for two days and you just can't stop it. Thanks for also making me goto my bank and have to do a stop payment with them because you can't go into and account and tell it to not take my money.

And too the poor woman that I talked too. I'm sorry that I was a little upset with you, but it was an understandable frustration that you could do nothing but tell me that you could do nothing.


Thank you last month from processing my car payment twice and almost causing me to bounce 15 other checks. Thankfully I was able to gt month into my account from savings in time to save myself. And thanks for be just and unhelpful then. Telling my I needed to get a letter from my bank and wait two months to get the money back. You can keep it.

From a very annoyed pruis owner,
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Maccas Bad Service

So, I know you're not going to get the best service from McDonalds. However, I did work there for almost 2 years, and I know there are some things you are meant to do for a customer - greeting them for one. I know this isn't OMFG Terrible Service, but it still annoyed me.

There's this girl at the local McDonalds called Corina. A while ago, my partner and I ordered inside the restaurant - for reference, there is a McCafe part, and a regular part. My partner asked if he could order a cappucino at the regular part, and Corina says yes. Then she moves to get our order and we see the big-ass coffee machine behind her, and feel stupid. She assembles our order with everything but the cappucino, and pushes it towards us. My partner asked where his cappucino was, and she looked at him like he was retarded and said, "You have to get that at the McCafe part." Sigh.

However, we forgot about it, until I went through the drivethru by myself the other week. She was the one handing out the food at the final window. As I pulled up, she handed me my coke and simply said "Medium coke." No greeting, no nothing. And as she hands it to me, she looks past me into the passenger seat of my car with a look of absolute disgust on her face. Now, my car is not exactly sparkling clean, and there are a lot of catalogues on the floor of the passenger seat, but it's not like it was decaying meat or something - no call for that look! She returns with my bag of food, and holds it out without a word, and with a glare. I took it and drove off, realising as I did I didn't see her nametag, nor did I remember it from the time before.

But now, today, I went through the drivethru again. She's taking orders this time, and I clearly see her nametag says Corina before anything even happens. She doesn't greet me, just looks at me and waits. I order, and she says "5.95". I start to hold out the money, and she says "You pay the next window", which is a process this McDonalds sometimes implements, but with no signs, you have to be told. She said it like I should have known, and once again, no please, thank you, goodbye, whatever, and she looked like she wanted to kill me.

So, when I got home, I called McDonalds, and reported her. The manager said she would talk to her about it, I doubt it will do any good, but Christ I'm sick of her!
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bill collectors calling your number for someone else

i am posting this for a good friend of mine. i am not revealing her name or any specific details except that she is in the state of Ohio (since state laws always differ).

she told me she is getting constant calls from bill collectors. except they are calling for people who used to have her phone number, not her or her husband. three different individuals so far. one with an Indian sounding name, a man by the name of "Peter" and a woman by the name of "Annie".

she tells the callers these people no longer have that number. some believe her--for a time. they hang up--then begin calling again a few months later. in the case of the "Peter" individual, some collectors persist in calling her a liar (i don't know if they've used those exact words, but she told me they acted like they didn't believe her).

she has changed her number three times in order to get away from this problem. but she said every time her number changes, some other bill collectors call with a NEW person they're chasing for collection.

i have suggested call blocking and caller ID but i'm not sure if they can get either. is there some kind of legal cease and desist she can declare to get them to stop bothering her for bills that aren't hers and people that no longer exist (and haven't for some time!) at her phone number?