January 3rd, 2007


YAY DSL monopolies that can dick around their customers!

Just got off the phone with Verizon.

So on Dec 12, I ordered DSL with a self-install kit. I got the kit Dec 18ish, with the note that my service would be ready on the 21st. Dec 21, I come home to a note on my door from Verizon saying I missed my appointment (which I did not make, as I got the SELF-install kit)... called them on the 22nd, got "rescheduled" for Jan 3. On the 29th, I got a message from Verizon saying i needed to schedule a new appointment or they'd cancel my order.

Called, sat on hold for about a half hour, they said they had no record of my appointment. Made ANOTHER appointment for January 3rd. Interestingly, the nice woman there said she had to pull some strings to get me the appointment for Jan 3 (since they'd already scheduled one for that date and I'd taken off work), since it was less than 4 business days away.

Yesterday at around 6:50 I called into the dispatch center to try and see if they had scheduled a more definite time than 8AM-5PM, but the office was closed already. Yet somehow, at 7:30PM, I missed a call from the dispatch center asking me to call them. Called them this morning as soon as my alarm went off at 8:01.

At 9AM, I joked to my mother that I must be in hold pergatory. My mother decided to call the general number for customer service to see if she could get through faster, since I only have my cell phone and was eating up minutes.

At 9:05, I am still on hold, my mother gets through to a person. they chat about something and my mother AND the CS rep are on hold with dispatch. 9:30, they get through to dispatch, I am still on hold. My mother IMs me that apparently, they scheduled the appointment for the 2nd accidentally. My mother has to leave to go to a meeting, so her CS rep says she'll call me when she knows what time today it will be rescheduled for. I "hang-up" (uh, yah, I forgot the cell was on speaker, so I didn't so much actually really hang up)

At 9:45, someone talks on my phone and I realize I didn't actually hang-up on my call. oops. I explain the story to them, and she asks me if the 8th is an okay day to reschedule. I say, wait, what, and say that I'm waiting on a call from the CS person and she puts me on hold to figure out what is going on. Meanwhile I get an incoming call from the CS person, and I pick up and she tells me that they have no times today, so I need to reschedule for the 8th. (In the meantime, the other person at Dispatch hangs up, which I totally would have done too if I were her, so no harm no foul there, except for the nearly 2 hour wait- which is also not her fault but the fault of guy in corporate who apparently combined Dispatch and Provisions for the entire east coast into one call center)

So I reschedule for the 8th, and am given yet ANOTHER phone number to call & confirm on. the CS rep also tells me to call billing (another #) to get a credit on my account for the inconvenience. So I do, and the woman at billing is like: we can't give you credit, we haven't billed you yet- and we only give credit for connectivity issues.

You have to understand, I have a supreme hatred of phones, am cowed completely by customers_suck, and more than anything in the world, feeling like I'm not sure what I am supposed to be doing freaks me out. I would not ever have called and/or asked for a credit if the CS rep hadn't told me to because I am a wimp. So I may have started crying. I swear I didn't mean too, but I was just so stressed at that point I couldn't stop... she told me that she made a note in my account for a month of credit once I actually get connected, not that I believe it'll ever happen.

So now I feel like a right fool, since a) my f-ing MOTHER had to get involved, and b) I started crying on the phone. I've spent 2hours of cell minutes, and I have to do it all again on Monday.

You're too new here to be jaded, k.

I was at a Quiznos a while ago. There were three people working there and I was the only customer. I worked literally two stores over from them so I came over almost every day to buy a fountain drink or chips or something at some point. One of the employees was new and I'd never met him before, the other two knew me but play no speaking part in this.
Q = Quiznos bitch, M = me.

M: Hey can I just get a large drink?
Q: $x.xx *hands me cup*

I pay with a five, I believe. He hands me my change. Since I go in there so often, I tip every time. I was having a giddy happy lovely day so I just said, fuck it, and threw all of my change in the tip jar. That was like a 200% tip considering all I bought was a drink and all he had to do was hand me a cup.

M: *puts money in tip jar* See you later. *goes to fill up drink but still like five feet away*
Q: Snort. That's like, what, two fifty? Oh my goddd how crazy is that! *turns to other two employees, dripping with sarcasm* Woah you guys check out what this generous, generous person here gave me! That's like a whole gallon of gas! Oh my god!

Uh, exfuckingcuse me? All you had to do was hand me a drink. My entire purchase was less than two dollars and you got tipped. Not only did you get tipped at all (which, come on, how many times do people tip for a fountain drink??) but you got tipped two or three times the amount of the purchase!

Ungrateful little shit.

[EDIT] Since so many people are saying I should have spoken to the manager, don't worry, I did. Like I said I went in there every day so they all knew me and after he said that I just kind of looked at the other people and were like, "Yeah, you wanna take care of that?" 'cause they sure as hell weren't laughing with him. I would have felt bad taking back the tip because they split them evenly at the end of the shifts and two people I really enjoyed there would have had it taken away, too :(

Verizon, Verizon, Verizon... You have idiots working for you.

Complete and total idiots.

My previous posts on Verizon include the original complaint, the first follow up and a reply to someone else's Verizon "service".

As I mentioned in a reply to another person, we finally have new IPs and everything is pretty much working. Almost.

My own domain name is still not pointing to the correct IP and when you ping it you get the old IP and of course a "request time out". Now, I know it's not the name servers completely as the old IP and new IP all run off the same nameserver - BIGGUY.GTE.NET and OTHERGUY.GTE.NET. My own server has been updated so the IIS is pointing to the correct IP. I can log in to my FTP and access the website via IP but not via the domain name. It's something on their end.

Hubby calls up and they tell him everything is fine and dandy on their end so obviously it's something on our end. ::rolleyes:: Of course this continues for a couple of hours of calling every half hour to talk to someone else. The store's domain name is working just fine. The other domain names are working just fine but not mine. So the hubby again calls and find out that yup, it was something on their end. They didn't update the A record (address record) for the DNS, only the MX record (mail exchange record) for mail which is why I could get my email but not pull up the domain name. Idiots but of course it was something on our end causing the problem... not theirs, never their fault. ::rolleyes::

Anyone willing to take bets that the "six months of free service" will be something we'll have to fight for? Nevermind the fact we were without service from Xmas Day (December 25th) up to January 2nd! Thankfully my domain isn't a commercial site and I don't make money from that domain name but we do off the business domain AND from people calling us to order. Thanks Verizon for costing us business from December 26th to January 2nd. (Yes, we're open on January 1st.)

Bad service blamed on customer, how original

This isn't the first I've dropped a link to something in customers_suck that really belongs here.

Short version: An admittedly (but moderately) annoying customer situation at photo printing. The employee's response was to purposely tamper with the photo development. -_-

(I'm a link to the show! Click me!)

Edit: After it was pointed out her story changed three times from "I pwned the customer" to "I made it better" to "you can't tell the difference", the original post has been deleted. Soo...

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Edit: Aww, this now has its very own post on c_suck_snark lol. I have to admit I'm boggled but amused.

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Dear worker doing absolutely nothing but texting on her cellphone at Albertson's (local grocery store),

The correct reply to a woman who comes up to you frantically and asks, "Help - I can't find my son" isn't "I'm sure he's around here somewhere" and then go back to texting.

The correct reply would have been, "Let me get a manager.  Can you describe him to me?"

Kudos to the manager who heard the woman yelling for her son who'd wandered off to the cereal aisle.
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Last night my ex and I had tickets to a concert at 7:30. He called a local steak house to make a reservation for dinner. They said they didn't expect to be busy so no reservation was necessary.
Fast forward an hour as we pull up to the restaurant and can't find a parking place. Apparently many of the other concert goers had the same idea. Oh well. We put our name on the list and wait the 30 minutes knowing it was going to be tight.
Our waitress started out very efficiently, taking our order for our steaks to put them in so we can be out on time to make the show. The steaks took longer than we had hoped but it still left us enough time to eat fast and get to the show.
This is where the bad service came in.
We asked for our check with 20 minutes to go until curtain time. five minutes, ten minutes go by. I wave the server over and attempt to hand her my credit card but she waves it away and says she will be right back with the check. Another ten minutes go by. The show is starting and we can't seem to PAY for our meal!!!
My ex finally goes up to the bar and insists on the check.
I know the server was busy but she acknowledged she knew we had a show to attend and she ignored our request for the check for 20 minutes!
The show was great but I am annoyed we missed the beginning.
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HH gregg kinda sucks a big one

I bought a Canon Rebel XTi at HH Gregg.  This is a camera I have been saving up money to buy for a long while now.  My mom split the cost of this $900 camera with me for my birthday/christmas.
I get home, I read all the manuals that come with it.  I learn every aspect of my new camera and I set the settings.  The next day when I got to put the camera together, I notice the lense is broke at the base.  I go to take the lense back off to take it back to HH Gregg when it breaks the rest of the way.

We get to the store, I explain that it was broken when I got it and that it broke the rest of the way when I went to take the lense off.  All the customer serive lady said was "That's your fault, we can't cover user damage and you can't prove we broke it.  Send it to Canon.  NEXT!".

Okay.  I sent it to Canon.  And I guess I take responsibility for not examining the camera at the store.   I know I shouldn't of attempted to take the lense off myself... But people don't just break $900 cameras the day after they buy them.  And people who are paying that kind of money for a camera are going to guard that thing with their lives.

moral of the story, don't buy for Dublin, Ohio's HH gregg.  They man handel their electronics and blame you.

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Update to this post.

So around 4 this afternoon I got a call from someone at Verizon asking if I was going to reschedule my appointment. After giving him the whole song and dance with the four part harmony he gave me another number to call. I call that number and am connected to... Verizon PHONE support. Uh... what? So that guy is like Why the hell did he have you call me? and offers to call the DSL people to get things straightened out. So he puts me on hold.

For 45 minutes.

Comes back, tells me he can't get through to DSL, he can't do anything else for me, and I should call them myself.

I swear to god, it's like I'm being Punk'd except I'm not famous.

::cries in a corner::