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sierra ann

Another mall stand trouble.

The post below this one reminded me of this.

Last year, my mom, little sister, and her friend were walking through the mall getting some last minute presents (yeah, we're those people.). Some guy from one of the kiosks that sells hair straighteners more or less cornered my sister into letting him try to fix her hair. (seriously. We tried to get away from him and he was more or less, "None shall pass." ) Reluctantly, she sits on his stool and he starts telling her how to straighten her hair, blah blah blah. She tells him that she recognizes these straighteners. Our cousin had bought one the year before, it never turned on from the first time she tried it, and the kiosk wouldn't take it back. The man started talking louder over her, and begins talking about how you can curl your hair with the straightener, too. He pretends to show her how to do so on himself, but he's bald, so he's just kind of miming it. My sister is 15 and her friend was 14. They giggle at it because he looked silly, but they were in no way being mean about it. They're young, teenage girls. It happens.

The guy got mad, literally PUSHED my sister off of the chair and told her no one makes fun of him, and hurried us all away. My mom wasn't really paying attention, so she asked him what happened and he says, very sarcastically, "you have WONDERFUL and LOVELY daughters. Bye now." and shoos her away, too. We were all too dumbfounded to say anything.

We never saw him at that kiosk again. I don't know what the deal was.
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