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1. My sister went to England for the holidays. Because she had a paycheck she forgot to pick up before she left, she borrowed it's equivalent from my mom. My mom was to then deposit said check when she got it, then cash the personal check my sister (Marz) wrote to her, calling it even.

Well, we get in the drive thru lane at Commerce TD Bank. We deposit Marz's paycheck. My mom then notices that she didn't date the check she wrote. My other sister was the only one in the car with a pen so my mom filled it in. I put the check and ID in the little tubey thing and sent it on its merry way.


Teller- Ma'am?
Me- Yes?
Teller- I can't cash this for you?
Me and Mom-Why?
Teller- It's written in two different inks.
Me- Bwuh?
Teller- You're gonna have to go back to the person who wrote it and get a new one.
Mom (wearily)- But she's in ENGLAND.
Teller- Have a nice day. ::sends back tube::

Btw, the check was for $134.

2. Oh Target, how I love you. My mom had juuuuust finally found a digital camera she liked for my sister-in-law without breaking her bank ($99). We stood, looking at the display of lovely picture takers waiting for someone to acknowledge us. Behind us, a employee was sorting mercandise for overnight restocking. It was 10:45. There were others waiting for someone to come as well. Finally, my mom went and pushed that little assistance button. 2 employees came over almost immediately, but...

GE (girl employee)

GE-Can I help you?
Mom- Yes, I'd like to buy that camera please.
GE- We're out of that one.
(Mind you, every one of their little stands has a camera and a price tag on it)
GE- This is the only one we have right now in the whole stand (points to a Kodak)
Mom- Alright, let me buy that one.
GE- Oh, I can't sell that. We're closed.
Mom- What?! I've been standing here since 10:45! Since BEFORE the store closed!
GE-Sorry, there's nothing I can do.

Really? Really?!

Merry Xmas/Hanukkah/Boxing Day/Kwanzaa to all!
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