December 31st, 2006


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Dear Disfavored Olive Garden Location,

Now I remember why we quit coming there. Why do you ALWAYS seat us on the edge of the smoking section when we ask for non-smoking?* Why are you always understaffed? Argh.

No Love,

* This is an issue because typically smoke will drift over from the smoking section, which affects me to the point where I have breathing issues. And also, it kills my appetite.

We ended up having our food boxed. I suppose theoretically we could have asked to be reseated, but I can't help thinking that absent a really compelling reason (special occasion or something), only an asshole would ask to be reseated during the Saturday dinner rush.
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Cat what the shit

A Short, Funny Incident To Ring In The New Year.

This wasn't horrifically bad service--just for giggles, really.

I bought a can of Campbell's Chunky Chicken & Dumplings Soup to have for lunch yesterday; it's one of my favorite soups for a quickie, simple meal.

Imagine my surprise when I heated it up and started discover two minor problems with this particular can of soup:

1)  No chicken.

2)  No dumplings.

At all.  There were peas and carrots, and the broth was still quite nice, but still! 

Methinks Campbell's had a slight difficulty at their canning factory at some point!
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