December 24th, 2006


Merry Christmas

No tales of service debacles today...just wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and (if I manage to avoid bad service until then) Happy New Year.

Oh, and for those who got a chuckle out of my customers_suck posts, too, sorry but I'm out of the CS game and working for a non-profit now. Between being gainfully employed and the fact that people seem to not be in such a mood lately (a small miracle given the time of year) my store of material has been kind of sparse.

But someone's bound to piss in my cornflakes again sometime so stay tuned.

In the meantime, have a merry. Later...
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The Pretzel Place?

Yes, this was the busiest shopping day of the year, I know, I'm well aware. Nevertheless, I'm sure that this bad service would've occurred had it been a random Wednesday morning in February because it wasn't caused by the employee being exceptionally busy or harried, but simply by her being dumb.

I was dropping my sister off at a very large shopping mall in order to pick up one thing at a store called PCX. Neither of us had been to the store before, neither of us knew where the store was located in the mall, just that it was there, and it was where a particular shirt that my nephew wanted could be found.

Given the busy-ness of the day and the size of the mall, we wanted to know where the store was so that we'd know where to park. There were very few parking spaces available, and we were pressed for time, so running higgledy piggledy from one end of the mall to the other just to buy one shirt wasn't going to happen.

I pulled up the website for the mall on my cell phone but the map of the mall was an "unsupported file type" so I wasn't able to see it on my phone. So all I was able to do was call the store, and this was the exchange I had with the young (probably teenaged) girl who is, presumably, employed at the store in a capacity which requires her to interact with customers and handle money, which horrifies me:

Dumb Employee (DE): Hi, um, PCX.
Me: Hi, I was wandering where you're located in the mall?
DE: Um, like, uh, what?
Me (speaking more slowly): Where is your store in the mall? What is it near?
DE: I don't know what you mean.
Me: There are lots of different doors to get into the mall. I am coming to your store and I want to come in the doors that are closest to your store. So I need to know where your store is in the mall so that I know what doors to come in.
DE: We're near [indecipherable babble]. (Not the phone, this girl just said some word or group of words that was not, to my knowledge, English.)
Me: Where?
DE (sounding very annoyed now): Gaaaaaawd, we're um, wait... (At this point she shouted to some co-worker: "Hey, what's next door?" I heard a garbled reply from someone else in the store.) We're like right next door to the pretzel place on the second floor, okaaaaaaaaaaay?

Yes, she hung up on me.

We decided to just use the set of doors nearest the middle of the mall and right by a group of elevators. My sister went in alone, but had I gone in, I would've demanded a manager with whom to have words. I mean, is this such a weird or complicated request? Are there not landmarks in a mall (i.e. "a few doors down from Macy's/Penney's/Sears/other "anchor" store" or "right by the fountain" or "right above the food court") that every employee would be aware of if, for no other reason, because they work near those landmarks every day? If she really wasn't able to communicate with someone who wanted to come spend money at her store how to get to the store, should she have been answering the phone, or not handing off the phone to someone with two functioning brain cells when she was too confused to provide a reasonable answer to a reasonable question?

My nephew had better love the stupid shirt, that's all I can say.
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