December 23rd, 2006

Ravens, helmet

More of a wtf, but still slightly annoying...

I recently decided to go to a crepe place I'd never been to. It's very small, maybe seats 8 or 10, and mainly does takeout business. As I walk in I see the two crepe-makers talking to this woman. They're mooning over her like she's Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie all in one. So I go up to the counter and the woman asks me if she could help me. But she's still gazing at this woman, who's now on her way out the door. So I gave the woman my order. And just as if it was in a movie or something, she sighs, turns back to me, and says, "What was that?" So yeah, I'm an average looking, somewhat short guy and not Halle Berry...but I've never seen a person actually get all goofy like that over a woman, to the point where they weren't functioning. I did tip 'em, because they do the cooking too, with fresh ingredients, etc., got no "thanks" or anything...just that I overheard the two of 'em as I was eating wondering who put the fiver in their tip jar. Thanks girls! Next time I'll come in in full drag and maybe get better service.

They serve really good food, but I'm not keen on returning to a place where the cashiers/cook border on rudeness just because I'm not a girl. (I must have had the Cloak of Invisibility on that day. And the girl wasn't even that pretty, more like, lotsa hair and thin-ness. My perfect women are Mia Tyler and Kim Coles, so I really wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't been drooling.)
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Poor Mom

I go through this every once in a while. I'm a 22 year old single parent to two beautiful children. Well, I also look 16. I'm getting ready to finish up christmas shopping this morning. I do have a tendency to spoil both of the children around this year since both of their birthdays fall withing a month of christmas.

Thinking about what I was getting this morning, I thought about this. And while it's not really bad service, it is insulting, and annoying.

I was in Toys R Us looking for a couple of "R" exclusives. The Star Wars trivial pursuit game (for me), and the pink Nitro Notebook Laptop (it was the one thing my daughter asked santa for this year) Now, before I made my way to the laptop toys I had picked out a 30 dollar roaring dinosaur for my son and picked up the Star wars game which was like 25, I think, so obviously price hasn't been much of an issue. I'm not saying I'm rich, because I'm not, but I also came in with a budget and I save money all year for their christmases and birthdays. I find an associate and ask them to help me find the PINK NITRO NOTEBOOK.

Me: Duh
ASS: customer associate

Me: Hi there, I'm looking for the pink nitro notebook.
ass: Of course, right this way. Who are you buying it for?
me: My daughter, she specifically requested it for christmas from Santa after seeing it in the big toy book.
ass: You have kids?
me: Yep 2 of them, a son who will be 1 on december 27th and a daughter who will be 4 on January 18th.
ass: You look too young to have kids.
me: well I started early. I got married at 17, had my daughter a little over a year later, and my son 3 years after that. (this is always the same I say it so much)
ass: Wheres your husband at?
me: Oh, we divorced while I was pregnant with our son.
ass: It's gotta be so hard to be a single parent.
me: It has its ups and downs but my kiddos are worth it.
ass: That's sweet. Does your mom keep the kids while your working?
me: Yeah, she loves it.
ass: well here we are, this is the pink Nitro Notebook.

I PICK THE DAMN THING UP, ALREADY KNOWING THAT IT'S A 60 DOLLAR TOY. And put it in the cart. There isn't another pink laptop out there. And I asked my kid and she said it HAD to be pink.

ASS: We have a cheaper laptop toy over here you're probably interested in, seeing as how you are a single mom.


Really annoying. Really. And I'm sure she's trying to be helpful, but I can't help but think if I had a ring on, it would have been different.
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Spongebob Movie - ROCK!

Taxi shenanigans.

So, taxi drivers are around to give people lifts to their destinations, take drunk/sick people home, and generally keep us safe, right?

Wrong, it seems!

My boyfriend and I called for a taxi (Traralgon Taxis) from the CBD back to his place. We got one of those maxi taxis, the vans for disabled people, and we felt bad because we're definitely able-bodied but lazy. Upon taking off, this taxi driver was texting recieving texts on his phone and replying, a big no-no for general driving citizens and even bigger no-no for those who are supposed to be getting their customers from A to B SAFELY!! You might recall a famous incident of texting tragedy when a cyclist was run down by a woman who was texting on her phone instead of paying attention to where she was driving, somewhere in Australia. This guy was putting our lives in danger, and in afternoon last-day-of-school-for-primary-students traffic, he was putting other lives in danger as well.

Yeah, we're okay, but it's bad service to do illegal things whilst on the job, in a vehicle and with paying customers in the same vehicle. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get his taxi number and complain to the company.
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Spongebob Movie - ROCK!

I'll even things out and complain about our own service.

Back at customers_suck I posted about some unpleasant customers and a customer who was just silly and amusing, but gave me a load of small coins instead of the two big coins she had in her hand. I probably would have kept my big coins too, little change gets heavy and we would have needed her silver anyway.

I think we delivered bad service the other day.

My third shift, yesterday, and we had a crapload of orders to make, 80 footlong subs in all for platters to go out to businesses, and an additional five pages of orders from other businesses. I was making a set of subs for one of the platters, had a tray of four footlongs in front of me, on the counter, adding tomato and cucumber and such. A co-worker was near me at the computer and was working on it, fixing an order or doing a cash drop or something, I was busy with my platter. A middle-aged man in a suit walked in, and we both looked up and smiled at him. I went back to my platter because we still had another 7 or 8 platters to make and get out before 1pm, working around the lunch rush as well. My manager was panicking so she called in another two employees to help us, which says alot about how busy we were going to be.

Anyway, this guy had been standing there about 20 seconds and my co-worker said "Won't be a minute, sir" and smiled, and he nodded and waited a little longer. CW finished up at the computer, washed her hands and just as she was drying them and grabbing a pair of gloves, he just turned and walked out. I think he looked a little mad. When CW turned back around to serve him and saw him walking out, she had this look on her face like an amused "huh, okay!"

He didn't come back.

I thought maybe he forgot something and went back to get it and would be back. When he didn't come back I felt guilty for not putting my platter aside and serving him. Perhaps he changed his mind and decided he felt like something else. We did have alot of platters to make as I said before, and I thought CW was serving him. Regardless, I still feel guilty now!

So.. yeah. Possible, if not definite bad service on our part. We're sorry!
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