December 21st, 2006

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How does my order not exist when I have already received half of it?. . . .

I love love love Bust Magazine, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

I placed an order for a year-long subscription and a book on Oct. 3rd. Bust Magazine comes out bi-monthly so the next issue was to be delivered at the end of November. I received the book I purchased with the subcription less than a week after I placed the order.

Time passes.

Soon, it's the end of November, and I am eagerly awaiting my December/January issue of Bust (with the lovely Parker Posey gracing the cover). I wait and wait and wait and try to stop myself from fingering through the issue when I see it at the bookstore. I finally decide that enough is enough on Dec. 5th, find the confirmation e-mail, and e-mail their subscription support.

A week passes and no response. So I e-mail again. Another week passes, and surprise! no response.

I call their customer service number, and am told that my order does not exist. Well that's odd especially since a)I have already received half of my order and b)I'm pretty sure I was charged for the full order. Fine, as per their request, I print out the e-mail confirmation I have and my credit card statement (ah ha! I was charged!!) and fax these items over to their office. I call their customer service number again to ensure that they received my fax (I'm not entirely cool with faxing my credit card statement to a business, but whatever) only to be told that because I not made the fax to the attention of such-and-such person (why they didn't tell me this the first time, I don't know) my request would take a few weeks to process. However,I can fax these documents again to the attention of such-and-such a person and they will handle it immediatley.

This was 2 days ago, and I still have yet to hear anything. Nothing, nada, zilch. At this point, I just want some e-mail acknowledging that they messed up. I know 2 days isn't much, but all in all it's been 2+ weeks of me trying to contact their customer service. I got no response via e-mail (2 times), and all of the customer service reps I talked to on the phone (3 times) were very snotty and condescending and all in all, completely unhelpful.

I guess in the end they win because I am still the one without my copy of Bust.
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Walgreen's pharmacy

A post at customers_suck reminded me of this from a couple of weeks ago.

I needed refills on two prescriptions, which are at Walgreen’s, so I called their automated line at around 8:30 in the morning and selected a pick-up time of after 5:00 that afternoon, so I could get them after work. I arrived at the pharmacy about 5:45 p.m., waited in a short line, and got to the counter -- only to be told that my prescriptions weren’t ready and I’d have to wait.

Okay, well, they’d been busy that day, so I could sort of understand. However, it soon became clear that they’d been filling walk-in and drive-up prescriptions ahead of mine, even though I “got in line” 9+ hours earlier. Worse, they CONTINUED taking walk-ins ahead of me after I arrived, instead of immediately putting me next in line, as I would have expected.

I wouldn’t have minded having to wait a few minutes, but it was AN HOUR before they finally got mine done. And no one apologized for any mix-up, just for the wait because they were backed up (as they were saying to everyone).

No, there were no issues with stock or insurance. They simply shoved me repeatedly to the back of the line because I called in a refill instead of bringing in a paper prescription. I haven’t complained to Walgreen’s yet, but that can’t possibly be their policy, can it? If so, what’s the use in having call-in (and online) refills in the first place? Especially considering those “features” were a primary reason that I had my prescriptions transferred to them after I moved.
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Charter places ADVERTISEMENTS in PAID Webmail Pages

I am so furious about this!

I opened up my ISP email, which we pay DEARLY for, and what do I see but advertisements! In my email! That I PAY for! This makes me angry!

I told my husband, and he called to complain. They said that this is the first day they've done this, and they'll pass our complaint to their supervisor. They also gave him the corporate number. When I'm off work, I'll probably call too, because I am the one who uses the webmail program.

I pay for ISP email because I don't like advertisements. I'd expect this from free clients like yahoo! and hotmail, but I PAY for this. They get the revenue to operate the email server from our WALLETS, not from ADS.


So, if you have Charter, please call and complain. A lot.
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We just want some food...

Woo! Live updates on some bad service.

So today, my boyfriend and I decide we want to order a pizza. We choose this place that is less than 3 miles from us, because they've been good in the past and they have great food.

Strike 1:
The phone is answered, he asks me to be put on hold- no problem.

*waits 7 minutes*

Strike 2:
Picks up the phone again, starts into the "welcome to -pizza place-" when I remind him that I'm not a new caller; I've been on hold.

"Oh. Sorry. Can you hold? I'm leaving and this guy needs to take your order."

...Alright, weird, but if they're busy it's entirely possible for them to miss a call every now and then. No biggie.

A new guy picks up, and I can tell it must be crazy there- I can barely understand him over the background noise. It's odd, being 3:00 on a Thursday afternoon, but the place is also a bar so I don't worry too much about it. It takes about 4 minutes for him to understand my phone number, with plenty of "Hello? Are you there?" moments in between. Another 10 minutes to get my order across: 1 medium pizza (half cheese, half ham/pineapple), a side of bread sticks, and a side of fried mozzerella.

He says it could be an hour and a half to two hours- again, they must be busy, and we're not that hungry yet so we agree to wait.

An hour and a half later, they call me again: "I just realized. We're out of fried mozzerella."

"How are you out? It's not even dinner time yet."
"You should get the fried ravioli. It's kinda the same."
"What's the price?"
"What's the price?"
"It's the SAME!"

I know, I really should have given up around this point. Hunger makes people do stupid things. I wish they had told me they were out of the cheese sticks before an hour and a half had passed. Surely it's not that difficult.

I agree to just take the ravioli (hell, we've been waiting this long, and the check I used to write the original price was one of my last checks).

That was 45 minutes ago.

Let's see how much longer this little adventure plays out.

Update! Haha, wow. I posted this entry, waited another 30 minutes, and we'd finally had enough. Called them, and found out that nobody even knew who I was or that I had ordered. I really should have spoken to the manager, but with the background noise I probably would have been repeating myself to him for another 20 minutes- I just hung up (customer suck moment?) and went out for some fast food instead.

It sucks, because the place really does have good food. We'll probably be cautious to order from them again any time soon. =/

Not bad, but highly amusing.

So a week ago, my loving boyfriend Mike comes home from work to discover a rather large package on his front porch. We had ordered my mom a printer/fax/scanner/copier several weeks before that had already arrived, and he described this box to me on the phone as being at least 3x's the size of that package.

Confused, as the only shipment he was waiting on was the wine decanter (for those who are as clueless as I am about such things, think the size of an orange juice carafe with a wider base and narrower neck) we had ordered for his parents from, he dragged the package inside.

Literally dragged.

Once he got it in the house, he curiously opened it. Much to his suprise, there was in fact one wine decanter, and a packing list and shipping charges to reflect such.

Collapse )

We get a great laugh out of this. I mean, seriously, this box sitting in the middle of the kitchen at my boyfriend's house looks obscene. The first time I saw it myself it tickled me so much I had to walk back outside and call my mom immediately just to describe how absolutely absurd it looked. We tell our friends and coworkers the Great Decanter Debacle, and we sing the 12 days of Christmas - with every day's gift replaced with a decanter. Really, it's been good times for all.

All fun and games aside (and a decanter in a pear tree) I imagine, as someone who works closely with the warehouse staff where I work and has seen the most common shipment errors, that whomever pulled our ticket had no idea what in the blue blazes a decanter was, and therefore pulled the whole case off the shelf assuming that big box was one decanter. My boyfriend and I are honest people, and I especially feel weird about keeping something not due to me during the season of giving, so he calls Amazon.

Helpful Amazon employee Rob doesn't understand why we're dissatisfied. Adorable boyfriend Mike explains he's not dissatisfied at all, but rather Amazon should be the ones that are upset. Helpful Amazon employee Rob tells Mike: "If you are dissatisfied with your order you can print a merchandise return label off of our website and return your merchandise." End conversation.

Mike is pretty sure dear Rob didn't believe we were sitting on a case of decanters, and rather assumed we were the ones confused about what we ordered.


Now, if this were, say, one extra decanter, I'd have no problem just taking it into work with me and having the warehouse send it out with our shipments for the day with Amazon's prepaid label. (Ah, the perks of having a shipping center on site). However, between my boyfriend's Jeep Wrangler, and my Scion xA, and our collective lack of bodybuilder muscles, we don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting the package anywhere but where it sits squarely in the kitchen.

We tried using the website, and we've gotten about the same answer there. Basically to the tune of "you can send us the wrong item back, but we really won't do anything if you don't nor do we care all that much".

Now, I would not fault Amazon one bit for wanting their $300.00+ worth of merchandise that we paid a little over $30.00 for back. I dig that. I just wish we could get Amazon to see it that way. Since it would be all but impossible to ship it ourselves due not only to sheer size and weight , but also the fact that the contents are glass and couldn't take the beating necessary to get the package anywhere, they need to send a call tag to have someone pick it up. Nobody over at Amazon seems to really get this, or be too concerned with it. I mean, seriously folks, if you really don't want your decanters back, that's more than fine with us, but I am not keeping merchandise I did not buy unless you tell me to do so. I understand sometimes it's not worth bringing the merchandise back, I really do and I've made that call myself before, but I absolutely do not want to worry about it being a problem down the road when someone realizes they're almost a case of decanters short.

I admit, with two family members in the hospital, Christmas fast approaching, and inventory just finishing for me, we have not persued this beyond the inital phone call and website contact. We aren't even upset - just highly amused at the whole thing and only slightly annoyed at the huge box we can't do anything with. Taking the decanters out to actually move them somewhere would pretty well ruin the packing materials that ensured their safe arrival in the first place, and repacking them would likely not be easy, nor cheap.

On a completely unrelated note, I never thought I would use the word decanter this many times in one sitting, ever. No matter what happens, the one decanter we give to his parents will forever silently mock us from it's place on their bar.