December 20th, 2006


This isn't the worst service I've encountered but it was definitely annoying. I have to make a car rental reservation for one of our colleagues who is based out of another country, Paraguay to be exact. The best rate I found was through Alamo but I wanted to call and find out exactly what type of documentation he would need since he's from Paraguay. I decide to give Alamo Customer Service a call and see what they have to say.

Rep: Thank you for calling Alamo, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, I want to make a reservation for someone who's from Paraguay, I'd like to know what type of documentation they'll need in order to do that.

Rep: Okay, they will need a major credit card that is not a check or debit card and a valid driver's license with a clean driving record.

(At this point a red flag goes up because I know that's what people in the US need in order to rent a car but how are they going to check someone's driving record from another country??)

Me: Okay, and that's all he'll need even though he's from Paraguay? I mean he wouldn't have a driver's license from the US....

Rep: Uh, okay ma'am one moment... *puts me on hold for about 2 seconds*

Rep: Okay, ma'am he needs to have a license and it will have to be in English.

Me: ?!?! Well, he does have a license but it isn't going to be in English because he's from PARAGUAY. It's a different country...

Rep: Well then ma'am I don't think he'll be able to rent a car.

Me: Okay. Um, is there a supervisor or team leader I can speak to?

Rep: No ma'am I'm sorry there's no one here.

Me: There's no supervisor there at all?

Rep: We have a supervisor but he's not here right now.

Me: Do you know when one will be available?

Rep: No ma'am, you'll have to call back.

Me: *sigh* Okay, thanks. *click*

Okay, this really bugs me because I've worked at a call center before and I know sometimes you'll get questions that are completely out of left field and you won't know how to answer them (which I am 99% sure was the case with this women) but if you don't know JUST FUCKING SAY SO. Don't give me some bullshit answer that you pulled out of your ass. I wasn't rude when asking for a supervisor but she didn't seem confident in her answers at all and I wanted to get a second opinion before telling my boss "Sorry, Alamo doesn't rent people without a driver's license in English a car!". Considering this is a reservation I'm making for someone else, someone who I work for, no less, I figure I need to get all my ducks in a row. I don't buy the line about not having a supervisor there, I think she just thought I wanted to get her in trouble which was not the case at all--I just wanted to make sure I was getting the right answers. Like I said, not the worst service in the world but annoying because I got the feeling she just wanted to get me off the phone and didn't want to help me at all.

EDIT: Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! I ended up calling back and got someone different this time, they gave me the number for another Alamo customer service department. I called them and a very helpful lady said if the license from the customer's home country isn't readable by the agent they need to get an Int'l driver's license. He's picking up the car in Miami so I don't think he'd be hard pressed in finding someone there who speaks/reads Spanish and therefore could read the license but we're probably going to have him get an Int'l Driver's License anyway, just to be on the safe side.
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Wal-Mart portrait studio

Here's the situation:

Last Friday, the 15th, my son turned 18 months old. On the 14th, I made an appointment at a Wal-Mart portrait studio for 11 am on the 15th. I knew they were super busy this time of year, so I figured it would be better to schedule something instead of going, not being able to get in, and have to go back. Its a 7 mile drive to the closest Wal-Mart with a studio.

I show up 15 minutes before his appointment only to find the studio still closed an no employees in sight. The place was supposed to open at 10. The table they put out after they close was still out, with several signatures for appointments and pick ups. No one at Wal-Mart had a clue what was going on. We waited around for about a half an hour, still no one. I left with my sister so my husband could let Xander "pick out" my Christmas present.

At 12:30 I end up at the same Wal-Mart again because my sister forgot something she needed. I happen to mosey on by the studio and they were open and slammed. WTF?

I go ask what's going on. Apparently there was some scheduling conflict bs. The woman tells me I'm next and I was like, do I look like I have my kid with me? I asked her when the next appointment was and since it was the same day, I took it.

When I get back 2 hours later with my kid and husband, I was offered no apology for my inconvenience. The whole reason why I made the damn appointment was so I didn't have to make 2 stinking trips.

I've gotten Xander's picture taken there 9 times and I've never had a problem. They've always been super nice to me. They know me by name and they remember my kid because he cooperates.

Am I wrong to expect a little compensation? They should have offered something, like a 10 percent off coupon because it was their screw up.

Dear F'in UPS,

Dear UPS,

When you see someone at the house that you are going to be making a delivery to, it's probably a good chance that they will either meet you half way down the driveway or meet you at your truck to recieve whatever it is that you are delivering.

It is NOT a good a idea to yell, "HEY" and chunk the box at them.  

Especially when their hands are full.

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how i bought pants at a closed store.

One of my coworkers, who's a chubby gal, yet a snappy dresser, has been singing the praises of Avenue for the longest time. I knew there was one coming to my local shopping center soon, and yesterday, I finally saw the huge "hey, we're open!" banner.

Lo and behold. I find a pretty snazzy pair of pants.. Only 14.99! I head on up to the register to buy them, and glance at my phone to check the time, as I was trying to kill time before my nephew's birthday party.

The fellow who's ringing me up tells me my total: 51 and change. I show him the price hanging on the hanger, and the massive rack of pants, all the same style, all the same price. He confers with his coworker, who advises me that the sale doesn't start until tomorrow. I asked where I was supposed to see that. He responds by telling me that the store isn't actually open until tomorrow, and the price cannot be adjusted.

He goes away to call a manager to figure out how to override this, and I make pleasant conversation with the original guy. Clerk #2 comes back, punches some buttons on the register, and again tells me no dice, the store isn't open until tomorrow. That still doesn't cut it for me.

It took 40 minutes, and after his third phone call to whoever, he finally was able to override the price.
Though he did tell me again that I should come back tomorrow, when they're open.

End result: I won't be shopping there again, for fear of trespassing.

ETA: If there's a giant "NOW OPEN!" banner above a store full of customers, and a truck like the one below parked on the side of the road beckoning me to enter - Does it make me a bad person for thinking that the store is open, and that I deserve to be snarked at by the clerk because the store isn't open yet? I didn't make it clear initially that the salesguy was really quite bitchy to me, making it seem that it was CLEARLY my fault that I didn't know that the advertised prices weren't valid yet, because the store wasn't open.

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You call this customer support???

Mercury Interactive. Should any of you ever need to interface with their "support" personnel, you have my deepest sympathies.

Bit of background: Up until 5/6 weeks ago, I was happily doing my job as an programmer analyst for the internal website division. Then, Information Services decided to move their cheese and I was forced into the QA dept. Okay...whatever.

I have not been able to do a lick of work since. Why? All because of Mercury Interactive. I was initially told I'd be sent to training as I'd never worked with this software before. What happens? You, MI, fucking CANCEL the training due to low participation. Again, what-fucking-ever. That was November. Come December, I'm unable to be sent to training because "it's not in the budget." Fuck you, my company.

Wo, early December, I register for MI's support site. WTF? I can't just search through your knowledge base of articles? Oh, no...I have to be a VALID CUSTOMER! I wait another week to gain access to their site. And what an unfriendly site it is. Nothing is arranged in a manner befitting customer service, and I can't find the info I'm looking for.

So...I submit a "Service Request." I wait another couple of days for a response to my SR, only to finally have an e-mail written in such broken English that I'm guessing as to what is actually being said. The only thing I can decipher is that I'm being asked for information I already supplied in my original SR submission. Yep. You didn't read my e-mail. This is still an ongoing issue 3 weeks later.

Today, I decided to take a hack at one of my new tasks and research how to set up the dashboard for Quality Center. I don't have the license number for this...and how could I? It's accessed via a website managed on a server owned by my company. Because WE HAVE A LICENSE. So, in the hopes of getting someone who might speak English as their first language, I call the toll-free number. I go through several voice prompts before FINALLY being connected to a live person. Oh no...guess what...person with an accent who actually speaks comprehensible English (so well, in fact, that I'd consider it his first language, if it weren't for the very foreign accent), and rattles off something quietly. Um...what? Can't hear you. I turn up the volume on my phone and lo...ask him to kindly repeat himself as I couldn't hear him before. he repeats what he said, but so quickly it sounds like "canihaveyourservicerequestnumberplease?" Huh? Again, I ask him to repeat himself, and he barks at me "Service request number please."

Whoa buddy, calm the fuck down. If you E-Nun-Ci-A-Ted I could understand you the first time. I tell him, "I dont' have a service number." He says "You need to go on the website and get one. Everyone needs one."

ya know...if it didn't take DAYS to get a response to a service order request the first time I submitted one, maybe, just *maybe* I'd have done so in the first place. Oh...and not to even BEGIN to mention that I can't submit a service request because I dont' ahve the fucking license number for the product, and I'm banned from researching any issues with that particular product unless I have one.

Grr...and of course my new mgr is on the phone and unavailable and can't provide me with the ocmpany's license number.

If it were up to me, I'd strongly suggest my company never, ever, ever use any of your products again. I have no idea WHY they are doing so now.

And I'm too pissed to go back and fix my typos. Deal.
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I don't know if this counts as bad service or not, but I got a call from my dentist this afternoon at work. Appartently I am not even sure what happened but my insurance denied claims or something like that. HE said my insurance company should have called me; which they haven't. I have no idea what he is talking about and obviously I need to call my insurance company to see what is going on. I am in the middle of a pile of work piling around me and trying to understand and figure out what is going on. I told the guy I need to talk to my insurance company and see what is going on. He then is hounding me and basically was telling me that I should drop everything I was doing in the middle of a busy day and call my insurance company and figure what is going on. I was like I am busy and what is a day or two to give me time to et in contact with my insurance to figure things out. You know where I live and where I work I am not going anywhere. Because you said that can I call you tomorrow to know. First off my isnurance company has the same hours I do and I am burried under work at the moment and plus I have an appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow morning. I wouldn't have been so agrivated with them if they guy had been less pushy and an ass about it. Oh and one other thing. The amoumts you said I owed I already paid 20% of those when I was in the office and luckily I have the credit card transactions to prove that fact.

Okay a mini update: It appears I used up my allowed dental coverage for the year. The sucky part is that they knew how much coverage I had and what was left and they let me total up over $900 in services my insurance did not cover. Had they let me know that insurance would not cover it I would have waited the 2 months to get the work done so that insurance would have covered most of the work.