December 16th, 2006

Oh Dear
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Various "wtf" services

Today my college roommate and I went to the local mall, trying to get some holiday shopping done. We encountered the most fucked up service, I swear. Do the holidays make every retail person lose their minds? I work in a bookstore, I still have my mind... even during finals! What are these people's excuses?

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What a bad day for service! Yikes. We would have been better staying in and watching TV or studying!
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Maybe i'm over-reacting... I very rarely eat dinner out due to work commitments so maybe things have changed and no one told me, however, i think it is the height of rudness for the server to stop in the middle of taking an order for dinner (at a sit down, non-fast food eating place) to race back to the tv and start cheering hysterically as his teams scores a goal. Only to waltz back when the ad break is on.
Not happy and i certainly will never go back there again.

Bastard. :( You ruined my dinner.

follow up

About a month ago I posted about here.

I took the advice of those who replied, and tried giving the company a call. My main problem was I only had a pay as you go by the minute cellphone. This wouldn't have been so bad, had I actually been able to get through without spending more than 20 minutes on hold. At ten cents a minute, thats about two bucks, and I can't aford to waste time and money. I hung up, and waited for a later hour to see if someone would be available to talk to me then. No dice, this time I waited on the line for almost a half an hour. It was getting rather expensive for nothing. I could do nothing but wait and subscribe to Vonage in the hopes that they wouldn't screw me in this way. I've heard bad things about their customer service, but theres no way it could be as bad as what I was already experiencing, and I was right because Vonage has been great to me so far and I had absolutely no problems setting the thing up or activating the account.

So, not having been able to get through to to cancel, and having no replies to my emails, I waited til I have a real phone line that WORKS and I eventually get through.This was in aproximately the first week of December (i'm bad with dates). I still waited quite a while for a CS rep, but I didn't bother timing it because I wasn't worried about wasting money. I request the account be canceled, the service rep tells me it will be canceled by the 12th of Dec which would have been my next billing date. I say ok, and she gives me a confirmation code, which I have no idea what I was supposed to do with it.

Today I needed to buy groceries, so I was checking my credit card balance to see how much I had that I could spend. Saw a charge for on the 11th of Dec. Now, I might be wrong, but I am sure I was charged for the month of October (oct 12 to nov 12) when I signed up, and then charged for the month of November (nov 12 to dec 12). If my account was terminated on the 12 of December, I am wondering why I had a charge which would be for Dec 12 to Jan 12?

So I went to the site, to see if I could still log into my account. I could. Surprise, I see that my account seems to have been activated somehow (not by me, because I couldn't) and it proudly displayed the fact that I had 500 minutes remaining. I was a little annoyed, so I called my credit card company, explained the situation and asked if there was any way they could reverse the charges. Nope. They couldn't do shit, I have to call the damn company and have them do it.

I call mainly to make sure the account was canceled. I get a very nice man on the phone, he informs me that the account is indeed canceled, and I explain to him about never being able to activate the account, not getting any technical support via email and not being able to get through on the phone. He apologizes and tells me that sometimes the activation screws up. I said that was an understatement. I ask him if there is any way to have the charges reversed. He informs me there is not. Had I canceled within 14 days of signing up, I would have got a full refund but it's been two months. I wonder if the fact that I COULD NOT GET THROUGH OR GET EMAIL SUPPORT might have been the reason? I tell him fine, whatever, (I'm tired of dealing with this) and ask how to ship the device back. He asked me if I had got the packaging in the mail to send it back in. I had not. I asked him if it had been sent yet. He tells me that a request had been made to send it out but it had not been sent yet, he apologizes, and tells me that some stuff has been delayed lately. No shit.

I thanked him for his time and hung up. I just have to wait for the damn shit to come so I can send the POS back. I'm mostly content knowing that the crap is canceled, but quite agitated that nobody will give me my money back.

Lesson learned: never trust a company you've never heard of before. Especially one based in Quebec.
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There's a sub place down the street from the store where I work. Their subs are good and the prices are decent, so I go there on my lunch breaks. They have a sign by the register that says, "Show your student ID card and save!" and I always show them my college ID and always get a small discount. The people who work there are all very nice, or so I thought until yesterday.

I ordered a sub and when I went to pay, I pulled out my ID card as usual. The guy at the register was one I'd never seen before.

Him : What is that?
Me : My student ID.
Him : Why are you showing it to me?
Me : So that I can get my student discount?
Him : You haven't read the sign properly.
Me : The sign says, "Show your student ID card and save!" and I am showing you my student ID card. What exactly is the problem?
Him : You need a card like that one. *jabs at the sample card on the sign*
Me : *sees that it's an International Student card* Do I need to be an international student to get the discount?
Him : No, but you need that card.
Me : But that's an International Student card.
Him : Yeah, so?
Me : You just said I don't need to be an international student to get the discount.
Him : You need the ISIC card.
Me : ISIC stands for "International Student ID Card" and you just said -
Him : You're not getting a discount.

I wanted to say that I always get one, but then it occurred to me that that idiot could be the manager, and I didn't want to get the other workers in town. I should have asked to see the manager anyway to make sure. >____<;;
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A bit annoyed..

Today I stopped at PetSmart to see if they carried the chicken jerky my dog likes. They don't, but while I was there I noticed that Santa was there and pets were getting pictures taken with him. I thought it was pretty cute and almost half the money went to some sort of charity.

I went home and got my pug Maggie and we headed back to PetSmart so she could have her pic taken with Santa. Before we left I cleaned her up a bit (brushed her teeth, washed her face, etc.) While doing this I noticed her nails needed to be trimed. Perfect! I'll get her nails done before the pics. When I got there the groomers were pretty busy. I asked if Maggie could get her nails trimmed. The one lady said sure in a few minutes after the other employee was finished with the dog she was working on.

There were 4 groomers and another one asked if I was looked after and I said yes that groomer will be cutting her nails when she is finished with that dog. She then says "good I don't like pugs." I was stunned! Then another groomer pipes up and says "neither do I, I was bit by one yesterday." I thought good! You probably deserved it. It's so unprofessional to comment that you don't like a certain breed of dog in front of a customer who actually owns one!

The groomer who did cut her nails did a good job and was happy to do it. If she wouldn't have been decent (like the other two bitches) I would have just walked out and talked to a manager.