December 15th, 2006

dell... you confuse me

okay... i've been having some problems w/ my laptop recently, the most of which was when i accidentally dropped it down a flight of stairs, in the rain (okay, thats my suck)... BUT on an awesome note, i have dell's complete care warranty so it covers accidental damage
so in exchange for my 2 year old, busted up d800, i got a nice new d820 w/ some really really nice features
so, here comes the wierdness/confusion... the touchpad/mouse driver on the system doesnt work right... if it is installed, it will work after a restart, however if you shut it down, when you turn it back on, its like it never existed and you ahve to install it again and go through the whole process again
thats the crappy driver part, but heres what confuses me... my original warranty was good until july of 07, when i looked up the driver for this computer, it says my warranty is good until nov of 2010... so basically i'm spazzing out trying to figure out if dell screwed up and i'm about to have my credit card charged for some ridiculous sum, or if this is just for some odd reason, what they do...

this is driving me crazy!!!

of note: not saying this is suck necessarily, just confusing and irritating

Do not pass go, do not collect our 200$

Dear The Bell (Canada),

I understand being a nigh monopoly on phone service in Canada is probably a trying affair. Why, it must cost you a dreadful amount of money to keep up customers flocking to your sterling service of excellence (The fact you are the ONLY company that does local calling must help, though).
I say this because I understand it's hard. I mean, it's not YOUR fault that, when we placed our phone line on hold, last year, because we had a fire, you didn't understand. It's not like "Put this line on hold until repairs are finished" is a clear sentence; why, it could mean ANYTHING. So, of course, we were understanding when you disconnected our phone line and, apparently, gave the number to someone else. It's a mistake anyone would make.
I mean, we've had STERLING service from you before then, so it's excusable. Well, except for the parts where our unlimmited internet access wasn't, infact, unlimited at all! But, then again, it's OUR fault for not udnerstanding that when your service rep says "Flat fee, no extras, no exceptions", he ACTUALLY meant "When you sign this contract, you agree to a bandwith limit of 2 gigs per month, with 10 dollars per extra gigabyte downloaded, to a maximum of seventy dollars".
It's our fault.
So, when you called us to tell us we could be upgraded to TRUE high speed, unlimited download, we were extatic. You, of course, assured us it would work, would cost ten dollars more per month than our current service, and be UNLIMITED! And that this service was avaible in our area. Of course, we didn't understand when you meant "We're lying, it's not avaible in your area. Oops". Silly us, for assuming that if you call US, it means you did some research.
Well, we got another phone number. What else is there to do? Of course, there was some red-tape getting it to work at our new address, which is, in fact, our old address.
But much to our surprise, we found that our internet was still being billed to the old number! It's okay, little mix ups happen. I mean, 0663 being innactive doesn't stop you from sending us bills to it, right?
We informed you that that number was no longer active, and to transfer our bills to the NEW number, 8778, still in the old address. You said "Sure thing!"
We, of course, once more misunderstood clear language. Sorry about that.
It seems what you said was, in fact "We're not only going to transfer your internet bills to the new number, we're also going to KEEP charging it to the OLD number, and charge you interest on the non payment of the old number, and charge you TWICE for the internet (Once to each number. At the same address).
We, of course, were much conserned when we received two monthly statements that differed GREATLY in price. And of course, we called, expressed concern, and were assured it was fine.
Then the line was cut.
Oh, not the internet; just the phone line. For non payment. Which surprised us, really, as we had been paying out bills in full!
But, oops! Our bad. We thought you took care of the OLD number and voided the charges. Silly us! Well, it IS kind of strange that you would disconnect 8778 when 0663 is not being paid, but oh well, what do we know of telecomunication?
So, we called. And informed you of your error.
Everything was fixed! you assured us.
Yet, we silly little Montrealers are dumb, it seems, as we kept receiving bills. For both numbers. Charging us twice. For each service.

And now, you cut the line again.
Oh dear, how ignorant we are, we poor poor people.
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update to a previous post

This is my update to this post. I just received my check back from GM's Mechanical Repair Program; they reimbursed me to the tune of $552.55. The only money I didn't get back was my $100 deductible (obviously) and the price of one spark plug. Thank you guys for all your help here.

It's great you celebrate Christmas, but not everyone else does.

I don't know if it was the matter of an over-zealous cashier or just a plain ignorant one, or worse, both. She rung my purchases through correctly, so on that side of things it's not bad service. More WTF service than anything.

Cashier: (ringing up the total of the customer ahead of me) "Oh! I hate that number! Your total is $6.66."
Customer: "Oh, I hate any number that I have to pay." *nervous chuckle*
Cashier: "666 is the number of SATAN. It's an EVIL, EVIL NUMBER."

(So... that roast beef and bag of Corn Nuts are evil and they're gonna choke him? Maybe from cholesterol, but not from inherent evil. And for the record, Corn Nuts are not evil! They are delicious, crunchy, oily nuggets of goodness! Evil, my ass. But I digress.)

Customer: (looking uncomfortable) *blink blink* Uh... okay. *takes change, runs away*
Cashier: (after ringing my purchases) "Your total is $xx.xx."
Me: *handing her credit card, signs slip* "Thank you very much, and have a good evening."
Cashier: "And YOU have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Now, logic dictates I should not have even contributed further to the conversation given the diatribe she spew forth with the previous customer. However, I was pretty slow at the switch.

Me: "Actually, my family is Buddhist; we don't celebrate Christmas, but thank you, anyway."
Cashier: "You mean you don't celebrate CHRISTMAS? EVERYONE celebrates Christmas!"
Me: "Maybe in your world. But happy holidays to you, regardless."
Cashier: "It's MERRY CHRISTMAS. *I* celebrate Christmas."
Me: "But not everyone else does. Have a good evening."

I'm glad I held my tongue. The last thing I needed was a theological argument. I hope she encounters some nasty snark later on tonight, though.

EDIT: Let me get a few things straight here.

1. This was not meant as a whiny OMGyoudon'trecognizemyreligion!!!! post. It was not intended to incite a theological debate.

2. THE.CASHIER.WAS.OBNOXIOUS. I ADMITTED I should not have perpetuated the discussion (note the word "discussion," not "argument") but given her fire-and-brimstone reaction, I thought I was being as polite and pleasant as humanly possible. I committed a faux pas by mentioning I don't celebrate the holiday, yes, but how on earth was I being rude and stooping to her level by saying, "I don't celebrate Christmas, but thank you, anyway"? If a cashier is foaming at the mouth and lecturing me about Christmas, you bet your bippy I'll say something, but at least it will be in a polite manner.

3. For the love of Pete, I'm not saying no one should ever say "Merry Christmas"! I said I don't celebrate it, and the cashier went crazy. Who's being the overzealous one? Geeze, people. I'm not demanding the PC Police get involved.

4. And no, the thought of reporting her to management did not even cross my mind. What would be the point of that?
Spongebob Movie - ROCK!

Gee Transport Service

So far we've had two bad experiences with them.

My boyfriend is mad about ebay. Some months ago he ordered a Sega and controllers, and they were coming from Pakenham to Traralgon. The seller sent them down with Gee, addressed to 24 C1 cresent.

It was weeks before their neighbour next door brought them a card from Gee transport saying they'd tried to deliver it to their house and this was the final notice. Oookayy, deliver to 22/26 instead of 24 when 24 has a great big two and four on the front door? Since when were numbers so hard to read? Why was it so difficult for them to look for the number on the door? It's their job to deliver parcels, you'd think they'd know how to look for house numbers. My boyfriend finally got his damn Sega after being run around to the post office numerous times and getting on the phone to Gee in Pakenham who wanted him to go up there to collect it, but he said "NO! You made the mistake, so you bring it down here like you were supposed to do!" which is what they eventually did.

The second and more recent dealing had to do with a day that we were walking home. We saw a Gee van pull up as we got into my boyfriend's driveway (24 C1 cresent) and a guy hopped out and gave a parcel to my boyfriend. The parcel was addressed 24 C2 (a different cresent) and on the sheet my boyfriend signed, it said 24 CTHREE cresent! Summary: the guy delivers it to C1 cresent, addressed to C2 cresent and made my boyfriend sign next to C3 cresent. The only thing these streets have in common is that they start with C and around here, the streets are labeled and signed very clearly.

The bosses at Gee Transport really have to give their employees literacy tests or something before they employ them, because these guys can't read printed address labels or a STREET MAP (let alone street signs) for god's sake! They can't even tell 22 from 24! Either that or they're really fucking lazy, and really fucking lazy people lose customers.
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