December 14th, 2006

Butthead Plumber

So my wife and I just moved into an apartment. It's a bit older but still pretty nice, except for the sinks. From the beginning (just about a week ago) they've been a bit clogged. Now the landlord and his wife just bought this house about 6 months ago so they've been doing some work on it, they just haven't gotten to the plumbing down in our apartment.
Anyway, last night I put some potato peels down the garbage disposal. Said garbage disposal almost immediately begins backing up and spewing out crap. The sink in the bathroom also begins to spew out crap. Despite my best efforts with drano and a plunger I had absolutely no luck with getting the sinks to flow. So this morning I called the landlord who then called in a plumber.
The pipes were in such bad shape that he couldn't get them off without breaking them. The plumber spends about an hour and a half fixing the clog, which in addition to my potato peels has a massive amount of nasty black stuff. The plumber was pleasant enough to me, we talked a little bit and I let him know that the wife and I had been living there for only a week.
After he gets the job done he wipes up his mess and takes off. About half an hour later I get a phone call from the landlord's wife. This particular plumbing company gives a one year warranty on their work but the plumber told the landlord's wife that if I screwed up the pipes so bad again that he'd void the warranty. Apparently he was a bit upset and lectured the landlord's wife on how I was putting junk down the sink and that she should keep an eye on me.
Now, fortunately, the landlord and his wife are very nice people and she even told him that I couldn't possibly be responsible for all of the mess seeing as I had been here for ONE WEEK. He then told her, again, that he wouldn't guarantee the work if I was screwing stuff up.
I'm not livid about this, just a bit irritated. I've lived in an apartment complex before with a nasty landlord who would have given me hell if a plumber had told him something similar. I guess the plumber didn't want to tell me off to my face seeing as I'm about twice his size so he decides to let off some steam on my landlord's wife.
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High Speed Hell

I needed a good place to rant about this, so here I am!

A quick introduction: I live in the USA and I work in a small call center with a good reputation for fast service and friendly people. We work very hard to maintain this image.

Now, on to my story.

Several months ago I decided to move closer to work. At my previous residence, I shared my internet connection with one other person, so when I moved out, the account remained active. This was a good thing since I had signed up for their ‘online storage’ which I used to host a website and a whole bunch of random crap (such as photos I have linked to in my LJ, images for the theme, sound files, etc). So, all was well and I could still access my stuff.

A couple weeks ago, I was informed that the account was about to be cancelled. With all of my stuff attached. I promptly called my ISP (thankfully my new residence has the same cable provider) to find out what they could do for me.

The answer: They can test my patience and give me plenty of practice navigating their impenetrable phone menu system.

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It seems that a person can never get a straight answer these days without jumping through hoops and complaining to the right people.
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This is minor, but it annoys me nonetheless.

I ordered some prints to send out with my holiday cards from shutterfly. I ordered them on Dec. 2nd. They sent them out on Dec. 3rd. I still haven't received them.

I went to check out when they were sent through my account and found a tracking number. I clicked on the link, and for whatever stupid reason, UPS NEVER updates their tracking information. The last time information was entered was sometime around December 5th.

I don't get it. What's the point of paying for tracking if they never update it, and this ALWAYS happens when I get something through UPS. It'll update after it's already been delivered.

I emailed shutterfly's customer service and pointed out that I hadn't gotten my prints and they're sending out another batch for me....but they're sending them, yet again, through UPS. I asked them if THEY could possibly ask UPS where the hell the package went, but they just said that after 10 days, they consider it "lost in the mail".

I appreciate that I'm getting new prints free of charge, but I hate UPS.

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I really just never liked Banfield. It's more of an opinion for me, I guess. Mostly because I have a dedicated exotic animals vet that I see regularly for my furbabies, and would never trust their care anywhere else at this point (I really love my vet, but that's 'good service!')

Anyway, about a month ago, my mutt baby Mistletoe passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep. It's one of those tragic things that you really never expect to happen, but it does. She passed peacefully and quickly while in her dreams. Though she was only about 11, I was at least thankful that she died naturally; my last mutt baby had to be put down at the ripe age of 16, and was in a great deal of pain up to that point.

Anyway, onto the story. I've had questionable thoughts about Banfield before, but being that we were in a tight spot (Missie passed early Sunday morning, so most other vets were closed, including my vet), we had no choice but to set up a cremation order with them. I figured all right, you know, as much as I really hate Banfield, this is just a cremation order. We drive about 80 miles into Chicago and bring my baby there, fill out some papers, and the deed is done. We recieve a call about a week later, and make arrangements to go and pick her up, so she can finally be home safe with us again.

It all seemed normal, until (after waiting about 20 minutes in the lobby) I was told by the nurse, or receptionist, that they had misplaced my dog's remains and really didn't know where they were, so could I come back another day? Not even the asking me to come back was a shock ... how do you 'lose' someone's remains? It's not a fucking bag of dog food, it's the remains of someone's beloved creature. I was LIVID. I had taken a day off work just to come in and get my baby, so I could finally have some closure, and not only do they 'ask me to come back,' but they LOSE the remains?? What the hell kind of 'corporation' is this? And don't even get me started on this girl's attitude, either.

On my way out to the car, one of the nurses ran out and said 'oh we found it! It was shoved in the back of a drawer!'

I will never, in my LIFE, ever support a Banfield, or Petsmart even, again. In a situation like that, I'll go to an emergency clinic and pay out my ass in fees just to ensure that my furbaby is treated as a beloved being, even after death, and not a box of dust.


So I was at the mall today looking to buy some things for the gift exchange at work tomorrow.  I thought it would be funny to go to the "As Seen On TV" store and buy something cheesy yet useful.  Lo and behold, there were a few things there that were under the $10 spending limit they set, so off I went to the counter with something for work and something for myself.

In front of me was another customer who was complaining that the price she was charged was more than the price on the box.  The clerk, who was obviously Not From Around Here™ (and playing that card throughout these two transactions), was trying to argue with her that what was on the inventory computer was final, not what was on the box.  (For some reason, the inventory computer is separate from the cash register, and this factors in somewhat later.)

The clerk then said he'd try to figure something out after he waited on me, so she stood by while he rang me up.  One of the things I bought came up on the computer for about half the price shown on the box, and then he tries to justify overcharging the other customer by undercharging me! 

Then he gives me the total and as I hand him my credit card, he tells me that because he hit the cash button on the register, I have to pay cash.  The total (with tax) came to just over $10, and I only had $10 on me.  Plus, I still needed to pay the parking fee at the mall garage.  After a minute of going back and forth with him that I was only going to use my credit card, he begrudgingly voided out the last transaction and re-rang it correctly.

Needless to say, I'm not too particularly impressed.  Plus, the cash thing sounded a little shady.
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Open letter. Need to get this off my chest.

Dear Lady:

I know it's Christmas. And it's busy. I know you work in a store that sells very high-end merchandise and I had a very small $10 purchase in my hand. You're likely on commission, all things considered, and that $10 purchase ain't going to look as good on your paycheque as someone else's $500 purchase.

But for the love of god, we both know you knew I was standing in line behind your customers at the cash register. You looked at me, though you didn't make eye contact. I'm short, but I'm regrettably rather round, and I was wearing a bright red scarf, so I'm not hard to miss.

What it comes down to is this: don't walk away from the register when someone is in line, without a word, to just randomly putter around behind the counter. There was a line up (albeit a short one) forming where your co-worker was on the other register. Your other other co-worker was trying to help a man find just the right gift for his wife. What were you thinking? Oh, you probably weren't.

Look. Even if that randomly moving about of stuff that you were doing was actually a necessary and vital part of your job, which I can't help but doubt, I'd have actually understood if you'd looked me square in the eye and said you couldn't help me because you had to randomly move stuff about.

You didn't. Therefore, you lose.

However, your frazzled-looking co-worker who was helping the man find the perfect gift for his wife was sorta able to salvage the day for me. Kudos to her for trying.

Here's to hoping you're not there the next time I go in to actually buy something that's more expensive,