December 12th, 2006

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Lights are on, but nobody's home.

I understand the concept that if the light at a register is off, you don't go to it unless the cashier explicitly says "hey, I can help you over here." I read customers_suck often.

So I was unpleasantly surprised yesterday when a cashier at Walmart turned her light off on me.

Said lane light WAS on and she WAS open as I walked up, so I placed my 5 items on the belt. She then proceeded to turn the light off and put her "closed" sign up in front of my items and refused to ring me up.

She gets a giant "after the fact, on livejournal" fuck you from me.

If you need to close your lane, you finish helping those who are already in it. Turn your light off, place your sign at the END of the belt after the people's items which are already on said belt. Inform any MORE customers that you are now closed.
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I was all about finishing all of my holiday shopping early this year. I didn't want to be dealing with it at the last minute.

About a month ago, I was looking through my issue of Real Simple. They had this nice feature - 'gifts under $10, $20, $50, etc'. I saw a book that my brother-in-law would love Best By Number at He's a big sports fan and I think he would really enjoy it.

I ordered it on November 19th, and got a confirmation email right away. I didn't think about if for a week or so because I figured that it would take a week or so to ship, plus with Thanksgiving, that it would take longer. I forgot about it last week until my husband mentioned that we had not got it yet. I went to their website and send them an email - this was either Thursday or Friday of last week.

Because we're cutting it close, and they had no emailed me, I looked up their number and called them today. The first time I called, the guy on the phone told me that the book was a pre-order and that they didn't know when it would be in stock. When I ordered the book, there was no mention of that sort of thing. He did offer to cancel it for me, but I told him that I had to talk to my husband first, to see if he had any other gift ideas in mind.

The second time I called (to cancel the order), I asked the man I spoke to (Eric) why there was nothing sent out to the people who had ordered it - if you look at the book now, it said that the order placed after 11/20/06 won't be shipped until well into January. I ordered mine the day before the deadline. He did apologize and say that was pretty bad service of his company and that he was sorry. He couldn't guarantee that the book would be in stock before the 25th, but did mention that if I kept my order that they could give me express shipping for free. He also mentioned that or a local bookstore might have it in stock. While he was very nice and understanding, it really pisses me off that *someone* wouldn't think to fire off an email mentioning to people that it won't be in before the 25th.

Gas Station update

Some of you might remember this post. Well today we found out what's going on with that gas station.

This morning, around 8:45 AM we were on our way to work and I decided to get the hubby a cup of coffee since I wanted a hot chocolate and needed gas since it was nearing the orange mark. So we drive down there and see one of the pumps with an out of order sign so I pull around to the next pump... out of order sign and that when we noticed all 12 pumps were out of service for all types of gas. We decide to forgo the coffee and hot chocolate and just head on over to Safeway (which is a mile up the street) to put gas and get some quick breakfast. We both thought it strange that the gas station ran out of gas but figured that they'd be getting gas that afternoon since the truck was at Safeway (and yes, ALL the gas stations except Costco gets their gas from the one distributor in our area... whole different rant).

Later that afternoon I'm off running errands and pick up the hubby at closing. As we're driving home he tells me that one of our customers (a regular) happens to be friends with the gas station owner. Turns out the real reason for the "Holiday Hours" isn't to give the staff time off to do their own shopping but rather because they're going to close the station. Apparently, the guy told the hubby none of the employees know but probably will be figuring it out that something is up. He said that the employees won't be told until Friday that the gas station will be closed after this weekend! (Sucky owner for not telling him employees ahead of time if what our customer said is remotely true.) So after this week no more gas station and no more triple espressos with two raw sugars for him.

Starbucks suckage.

so I go to Starbucks pretty often. this past week I was in NYC. I stopped off at a Starbucks in Times Square for one of my favorite drinks, a chai tea latte.

I order it as clearly as I can, as I understand it can be a mouthful. I ordered a chai with no water, soymilk, & hazelnut. The barista behind the counter scoffed at me and said "UGH, you need to slow down, I don't know what you're saying." I apologized and repeated it once again, slower. I placed a second order for my friend - the same drink, just without the hazelnut. she rolled her eyes and said "say it again, I don't know what the hell you're saying"

o.O I understand it's the city, and I've gotten a similar reaction from a Starbucks where I live, but she was just so rude - when I was trying to be polite. I understand they're one of the busiest Starbucks, but damn.

but on a good note, the drink was yummy :)

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I had a baby just over a year ago, on Dec 2, 2005. I paid a hospital bill for the birth to the tune of about $1400 total over the next few months, plus about $500 to my OBGYN for the delivery, all after insurance covered their share.

I just received a bill from the hospital in the mail for another $600.00. Their bills contain no information to say exactly what the charges are for - there's just the admission date, the original balance, the insurance payments and adjustments, and the total I owe. That, in itself, is a huge service issue - I'm not forking over hundreds of dollars just because they say I owe it. I asked them to send me an itemized bill, and I'll see if I can dig out the itemized copy I got from the last one and compare the two.

Their explanation is that they changed computer systems in early 2006, they had a lot of really big problems, and they're still conducting audits and finding money that's owed to them for treatment in late 2005, and the current bills aren't going through correctly either. I knew about that - I've been getting bills for small things like labs trickling in 2-3 months late. But this - this is ridiculous. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a big fat surprise bill.