December 10th, 2006


Bad Governement Service (is there any other kind?)

So, around Remeberance Day (Nov. 11) I ended up with severe tendonitis because of work.  On November 15, I got to see a doctor, and he told me I had to take time off to recover.  I was off for 2 and a half weeks, and was able to go back on December 4. (I work in a tree nursery)  Because there aren't that many jobs that I can do without reinjuring my wrists, I got laid off (everyone else will be next week, anyway) after 2 hours (but was paid for 4).  Stuff happens, no big deal, right?

Except that I have to go through Worker's Compensation to recover the 12 day's missed wages.  Obviously, with Christmas coming and a 10 year old, I need that money. I submitted all my reports as soon as possible, even the 11 page monster that really wasn't a good thing for my wrists (took me 3 hours to write it all, and it hurt like a bitch!) And now, I'm told that they won't even decide on my claim untl they've done a site check. On December 13, nearly a full month after I got sent home.  And THEN they have to do all the analysis after that, so I figure it'll be another week or so before they decide and I get any money.  That will mean that, between Nov. 13 and Dec. 20, I'll have brought in a whopping $300 bucks. 

On top of that, since I was laid off, I have to apply for unemployment. I did that on Thursday.  Apparently, I made a typo on my online application with my Social Insuance number.  They called to verify the correct one, I told them, and now they tell me I have to re-submit the whole thing.  WHY, exactly, can't they just fix it in their system?  Yes, I made the mistake, but it was an honest one, and nothing major that they couldn't fix themselves.

So, in closing, I'm sure that all of this is just Government beauracracy in action, and that at least in one case, it was my own damn fault, but how do they expect someone to survive this way?  I'm just glad that I had money saved, and that my parents are understanding, or we would literally be starving right now.  You'd think that when it came to injured workers and their money, an agency "committed" to helping them would be a little more... um... helpful?


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This is funny service and bad service rolled all into one.

Yesterday, we were forced to do our grocery shopping on a Saturday. During peak hours. At a Super Walmart that has some of the highest sales in the region. Holy Shoppers Batman. The trip didn't go badly though. But obviously, it's insanely busy.

We wait in an endless line to check out. No worries, one accepts the length of the line when one chooses to shop at this time. We are next in line and the cashier is in the process of ringing out the person in front of us when she looks at Sean and randomly announces, "I'm at the in between stage."

Husband: In between?
Cashier: Yeah, I'm trying to grow my hair out.

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I went to TGI Fridays. A show I watch (Top Chef) had a challenge, where the winners dish would be featured on the menu. Just a sidenote :)

I order the sandwich as made on the show, basically a grilled cheese with mushrooms, with a cup of roasted red pepper soup with it. I get my sandwhich. And maybe.. two spoonfuls of the soup in a cup. I didn't get a spoon, regardless.

So I start my sandwich, which has... chicken in it. I am trying to go vegetarian, and that chicken I ate broke my longest streak so far. I was not happy. Waitress runs by, asks if we need anything, and runs off before we answer.

My friends eat their food. I decide not to be upset with the sandwich, since mistakes happen. Luckily I realised there was chicken in it before offering a bite to my boyfriend, who is a vegetarian and would have been considerably upset with eating meat.

At least thirty minutes go by. Not bad, since we talk and entertain ourselves well, but c'mon.

Waitress comes back, and asks if we need anything. I simply reply with "a spoon". She runs off, brings back refills, giving me a coke instead of a diet, and my boyfriend a sprite instead of his water. She dropped them on the table and left, so we couldn't ask for the spoon again.

So my friends eat. I end up using a fork for my soup. There was so little of it, at least using a fork made it take longer to eat.

Waitress brings more refills, again with a coke and sprite, which we never had. We want a dessert to split. She brings us a bill.

We eventually get out dessert and new bill. We left about a 10% tip. And we aren't going there again.

Friggen UPS

So my phone has died. Dig a hole and drop it in. So I ordered a new phone from my provider and awaited it's arrival. By Friday it's expected arrival date I get my tracking number and I log on to to see that it's out for delivery yippie. So I wait until 5ish and I decide to go hang out with the guy I'm seeing. When I get home I see that there is no "sorry we missed you" post it on my door so I check again and see that it had been delivered to 1234 street name apt. number 29 to the back door. Ok I live at 1235 apt. number 29 and I don't have a back door and I get pissed off. I go over to the front office to see if it had been delivered there and it wasn't but the lady who works over there calls the apt. it was supposedly delivered to and asks if it was and they say it wasn't. Crap. So I call ups to see if there was some sort of mistake and they say no it had been delivered and they would start an investigation. So the more I stew about it I think back door did the lean over the railing and fling it on my outside patio in the rain. I go and check and sure enough they had. The person delivering it had to lean over the railing and fling it up and over the side of the balcony to get it in there where it landed behind a bush in my muddy planter. wtf? I did not specify it was ok to leave it back there.