December 9th, 2006

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a gator tag tale

i was told about this by a customer who came into our store.

when i left my register for a bathroom break day before yesterday, i was waved over to the service desk by Sherri, the girl working there that day.

a customer had brought in a pair of jeans he had not bought at our store with a gator tag still attached. customers will often do this....they will go out of town somewhere, and the people whose stores they shop at will fail to remove the tags, therefore rendering the clothes useless til the damn thing is removed. so they will bring it in to us to see if we can't get it off. i have the best luck at removing them, hence Sherri waving me over.

so between myself and Brenda (the other service desk lady), one of our gator tag removers, an attempt at using needlenose pliers, and a flatblade screwdriver, we got it off without damaging the jeans.

we both noticed they were Guess jeans and the price tag ($79) was still attached. Brenda asked the guy where he bought them. we expected to hear him name a store in the nearest mall an hour and half away.

he goes "no i bought them online, cuz they had to have some adjustments done and the site offered cheap alterations."

we both went "O_o online? and they didn't de-tag it??"

i asked him where and i thought i heard him say "The Buckle". so if i heard him correctly, i suggest being careful. they may do cheap alterations on brand name jeans but apparently they don't know how to take off a gator tag, heh.

[ETA: i have no idea WHERE you people get the impression this customer (and others like him) was/are shoplifters. do YOU take off the price tags of clothing you buy as soon as you buy it before you even leave the store? i know i don't. the price tags usually stay on until either a) they go in my closet when i get home or b) if i want to wear something right after i buy it--i've done this at Hot Topic a few times. in my experience, shoplifters sneak somewhere where they think/know the cameras AREN'T, rip the price tags off and then either put them on or sneak them into their other belongings/legitimate purchases to make them look already paid for.]
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.002 cents vs. .002 dollars--can YOU tell the difference?

Can you recognize the difference between point zero-zero-two DOLLARS and point zero-zero-two CENTS?

Verizon representatives say no. Why would you have just fractions of a cent anyway?

Here's a hint:
$.00002 =/= $.002

A frustrated Verizon customer was mis-quoted a price by people who can't tell the difference. I am baffled. (This happened two days ago.)

It's a bit long but it's worth it.

more updates!

EDIT: the above link now contains a transcript.

Nigerians and eBay

NOTE: This is a rant. Don't bother telling me I'm mean or generalizing or whatever you want to say to make yourself seem superior. I'm mad and I'll say whatever I want. I only want to hear from you if you know of an phone number or easier way I can actually talk with a live person.  Really pissed-off and unsuitable-for-younger-viewers content ahead. You'll be offended, and now you've been warned. Thanks.

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