December 7th, 2006

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I'm not here to debate what I'm doing could be boerdline customer_suck but rather to share a bit of passable bad_service and ask a question.

Is it common for places to shorten the time frames given by law. To bluff or otherwise try to make you think you have less time?
Due to life problems I don't want to get into my choice this month at the start was rent, or food. I picked food, left a note to my landlord why, and accepting anything they needed to move forward with ect. I plan to pay but it'll be late.
That is my problem, my hole I'm digging, to survive. I'm not here to debate I owe them.

However the notice of non-payment I was given says I have 5 days to pay, or they'll file on the 10th to break my lease. They quoted the law and section for notice. Wanting to avoid trouble but still be able to eat I looked up the law, and to my surprise I read mixed lines, but if I read it correctly, I have either 14 or 30 days to pay it and overdue before they can file for breaking lease.
My rent is due on the 1st-5th we get a week roughly to pay. Office is open 7 days a week.
14 days from the 5th is not the 10th. The notice however says per the law I read, that they're going to file on the 10th to break it.

Is it a bluff? I've noticed much of this state seems to ignore the 'you have x number of days' and pulls time frames out their asses on things like this.

Edit: For Refrance:

State Site with instructions on how to navigate a law site

The law site
The section, 66-7-109
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Bad service from a telemarketer

So I've been getting daily calls lately about "reducing the interest on my student loans" from various companies. Now I consolidated my loans before I graduated and my interest rate is pretty damn low, so I have no interest in speaking to these people. Every time they call I say "I'm not interested, Thank you" and I hang up. So today I got two such calls, the first from a woman and the second from a man. So I do what I always do and am done with it. Then my phone rings again, immediately after I hang up. It went like this

RT - Rude telemarketer
Me - me, duh

RT - "Jessica?"
Me - "Yes?" (thinking, wtf, why in the hell are you calling back?)
RT - I'm not trying to sell you anything
Me - I understand. But I'm not interested.
RT - How can you not be intersted in lowering interest rates?
Me - You know what, I've gotten ten calls in the past few days in regards to my loan. I'm not interested and I told you that so please don't call ag...

What the fuck? Why would you call someone back when they specifically said they were not intersted? And then hang upon them in the middle of a sentence? How rude can you be? And most annoying of all, there is nothing I can do about it as the number he called from does not take incoming calls and I can't even trace it to figure out which company it is to complain. Imagine - someone calling me to be rude to me in my own home!

Would be Funny if it wasn't so WTF-y

In the UK, there are several ways of paying for your gas and electric. Some people have them on a meter, where you get a bill every month. Some people prefer to have them on a 'Key Meter', where you top it up each week, like a pre-pay thing.

My sister in law has always been on pre-pay for her gas and electric.

Which is why it's so damn odd that the gas company are threatening to take her to court for a £200 unpaid bill. Because she doesn't get bills, and because she's been in that house for over five years and ALWAYS been on pre-pay. After pointing this out to the company, they apologised profusely, and said that they could see on their computer system that she was on pre-pay.

Then they sent her another bill threatening legal action. Lather, rinse, repeat step one.

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Possible bad dental service

My teeth are usually in pretty fine condition. I have a few cavaties, but nothing major. Never anything wrong with my teeth.

So, the day before my 21st birthday this summer, a cavaty filling fell out. Just fell out on a piece of a roll. I was shocked, but it didn't hurt at all. No pain whatsoever. It just felt weird to have a bit of a gap there. I got an appointment at my dentist to get it fixed a week after, though since it didn't hurt I could have gone longer.

So, I get it filled. The procedure was odd, because he drilled some more and I was there thinking "It's already got a hole, can't you simply fill it?". Also, there was no novacaine, which drove me nuts. So, it's filled and I go about my life.

Except now I have horrible pain on that side of my mouth, where that tooth is. I can't eat ANYTHING on that side of my mouth, because of the sharp stabbing pains it gives me. Also, my teeth hit each other funny now and often I feel as if they're going to knock each other out of the gums. I'm especially freaked out and annoyed.

So, for about four months (I'm in college, home and the dentist is three hours away) I eat on only the other side of my mouth and life goes on. The second I get home for Thanksgiving, I go back to the dentist. I describe everything that is wrong, how much everything hurts and how everything was absolutely fine before the filling got fixed. He gives me funny looks, says everything is absolutely fine and that it must be my fault. He claims I must be grinding my teeth in my sleep. I've never had any history of that, and I never feel pain in my jaw when I wake up, so I say I don't think it can be that.

He goes onto say that maybe it's the nerves in my teeth and how I should get a root canal. I panic, since this is a known painful procedure and I'm only 21! My teeth are usually fine, I don't even have wisdom teeth for them to take out! I take good care of them and everything.

He files down the filling, thinking maybe it's at an odd angle, but that doesn't help at all. I seriously think this guy messed up my teeth when he repaired the filling. I want to go to a new dentist and get a second opinion. I'm livid about this, because everything was fine before this, and the day after the new filling, I have problems.

What do you guys think I should do? This is the only set of teeth I ever get, after all!
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Public school suck

My little sister is 14. She goes to a public school. A few months ago, she started missing school regularly. She would say she was sick, but she wasn't. It took my dad a little while to get to the bottom of what was going on.

Apparently some little bastard was sexually harassing my little sister. He would grab her, take her hand and put it on his crotch, say lewd things to her, shit like that. When my dad found out, he went apeshit. He contacted the school and the police. The little bastard kid admitted to what he did in front of his parents, the principal, and the police.

All the little prick got was a slap on the hand, apparently. The principal changed his schedule and told my dad that the police would turn it over to the state's attorney's office and the little bastard would get suspended. He got suspended for one fucking day and the police never turned the case over.

The principal told my dad that they would over look my sister's absences during this whole ordeal. They lied.

My parents got a letter in the mail from the State's Attorney's office in conjunction with the county's truancy officer. My dad is pissed. He has the documentation from all of my sister's legitimately sick, sick days (like when Scabies was going around the school and they failed to mention it to parents). He contacted one of his older brothers and we're waiting to hear from one of my aunts. Both of them are/were involved with the school district. My uncle used to be an educator at one of the alternative schools. As a matter of fact, I think he was the principal for a few years. He's going to go testify for my sister and my dad.

If I didn't have finals I would so be there. I was sexually harassed when I went to that school. It took me beating the shit out of the little bastard to get it to stop. None of the teachers would do shit about it. Looks like the place hasn't changed in, oh, 10 years.
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Please, Woman, I'm Not Satan, I'd Appreciate A Little Courtesy

I was at the thrift store. I had a heavy bunch of books. I spoke to a young employee. "Can I leave this here?" I said, motioning to the front counter.

"Yeah..." she said, then she had to hurry off. I believe a fellow employee needed her help.

Crazy old bat swooped in and went, 'No, you can't, rarw rarw raw I have a stick up my butt'. (This was the same one who lectured me when I accidentally got two sodas for the price of one at the store's vending machine. The second was consficated and placed in a warm area).

So I had to lug the stuff all the way back to find and talk with my mom, who had been calling me. I get back and I pay. The price is all wrong. The novels are supposed to be twenty five cents each. Well, it turns out, 'Rarw rarw rarw based on size, now I have two sticks up my butt, grr grr grr'. If attitide could injure, I'd be needing many a Band-Aid.

Well, the difference was only two bucks. I didn't make a federal case out of it because I really wanted the books. And I'm pretty sure the proceeds go towards a good charity. But I did double check the sign. It turns out I had missed a line. It wasn't anything about 'based on size'. It was that some paperbacks, which are marked, are fifty cents. I thought about it. All the paperbacks, which had no variations in sizes, were marked. I looked at about fifteen more paperbacks. One had a yellow sticker on the spine. Later, when organizing my haul, I still did not see any distinctive marks.

I hate being misled.

In conclusion, would it have made Baby Jesus cry to leave the stuff on the counter for a moment? For all she knew, I could have trouble carrying heavy things for some period of time. Oh, wait, I -do-. Secondly, know your signs woman. Do not say to me it's 'based on size' when the signs do not contain the word 'size'.

P.S. It's 71 degrees outside, why the hell is the book section 59? Plus, cross-potted to my journal.