December 6th, 2006


You shouldn't like that because you're a girl!

Again, I received this bad service many years ago.

Okay, I was visiting an anime merchandise store in Richmond, BC, Canada. (Not to be confused with Richmond, VA and this suburb is located just outside of Vancouver.) Having just given some money from my mom to spend, I saw some Dragonball Z t-shirts I liked and decided to buy one for myself. Mind you, back then DBZ was all the rage. So, just as I was about to buy one, this stupid woman who worked in the store walked over and took the shirts away from me. 

She then gave me this sexist remark. "Girls don't like Dragonball. Girls should only like Sailormoon!"

Shocked by her remark, I explained to her that I REALLY like Dragonball and told her that I was going to buy that shirt. She said, "No, you're a girl. You're supposed to like Sailormoon!" and showed me one Sailormoon shirt that I should buy. Even though I am a girl, I am more of a tomboy so I actually don't like the frilly pink stuff that I saw on that T-shirt. I kept telling her that I don't like it and demanded that I want to buy that DBZ shirt instead. Still, she refused to let me buy it just because "I am a girl."

Not wanting to deal with the sexist clerk, I walked away and bought the shirt from another store instead. What's wrong with a girl liking Dragonball anyway? Why does that stupid clerk had to be SO fucking sexist?!?

Ugh. I could imagine the same reaction now if she saw me buying Naruto stuff. (OMG! Boys should only like Naruto!! Girls aren't supposed to like ninjas!) What a sexist bitch!

So, ever met any employees who are sexist?
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Insurance Update

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I found out yesterday after I got home from work that the current agent (Larry) called on Monday and spoke to my Mom again (she forgot to tell me this on Monday night). This time, he wanted to set up a time to come by and pick up the past due payments. He didn't leave a number for me to call him back.

I called the corporate office yesterday on my lunch break and spoke to a woman by the name of Joanne. She was VERY helpful and apologetic. She gave me the name and phone numbers for his direct manager and for the district manager. She also filed a complaint against the rep. I plan on calling the office that she works in either today or tomorrow to give her kudos. She was very patient with me and listened to my concerns and did what she could to get them resolved. I think that I'd gotten most of my venting out on here helped (and that I had everything in writing and in front of me - I pretty much read my previous post on here to her).

I called the district office today and spoke with the district manager. I explained to him what was going on and told him that I'm to the point of wanting a different agent, and my parents feel the same way. The DM told me that they have a rep that has been with the company for several years that is transfering to our region. Effective January, we will have this person as our new agent. The DM told me that he has worked with this person before and that we shouldn't have the issues with the new agent that we have had with Larry. He is also going to be contacting Larry directly and talking to him about how he deals with clients.

The DM is also going to contact Larry's direct supervisor and let her know what has been going on. It turns out that the female rep that I spoke to back in early October when I called to cancel the prescription card was the direct supervisor. She is apparently the only female that works out of the local office, which made it quite easy to narrow down who I talked to.

So, it seems that this particular tale of bad_service is coming to an end. And I really hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that.

Letter to the Post office - Think it'll work?

Regarding: Tanya at Bent Tree Post Office
4475 Trinity Mills RD
Dallas, TX 75287-9998
Phone: (972)380-4871

I have a parcel in one of the parcel lockers (##) in front of my apartment complex (XXXX XXXXX Apartments) that I have not been able to get to since last Friday (December 1st). I have been dealing with both my apartment management and the local branch of the Post Office regarding this problem. The lock appears to be broken so I am unable to retrieve the package.

I contacted Tanya at the Bent Tree post office yesterday regarding the problem. She assured me that someone would be sent out today to address the issue. I went by after I got off work a few minutes ago and low and behold no one has come.

With this knowledge I called Tanya back. On my second call Tanya was not nearly as friendly or helpful as she was the first time. She was not only unable to offer me any other options, she was singularly unfriendly and rude to the point that I asked for her manager. He, I was given no name, was not there. He will be there in the morning, or so I am told. When I asked what time he would be there until (so I could call on my lunch, for example) I was told rudely that she didn't know.

I've tried to be polite in all my, albeit few, dealings with the US Postal Service, so I do not understand Tanya's vitriol towards me. However it is not behavior I would tolerate of a McDonald's employee, much less an employee of the US Postal Service.

Please do the following.

1) Release my package from its confinement so that I may present it to my fiancée
2) Rectify the anti-social and non-customer service oriented behavior in your employees at the Bent Tree Postal Station.

Thank you

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UPS and Smoke

I realize this is probably a lame thing to complain about but it annoys the hell out of me. We do a lot of on line shopping, especially during the holidays and I would estimate that about 95% of our packages arrive via UPS. UPS is great for fast shipping, but, and here is where I will probably get snarked for the lame part-my packages REEK of cigarette smoke! This is a new development, also, as the guy who used to run this route didn't smoke, I guess, and my packages never arrived smelling like an ashtray. And he never just dumped and run either (this guy seriously runs like he has left a flaming bag of poo on your doorstep).

I quit smoking two years ago, no one is allowed to smoke in my house and to me, the smell of it is disgusting. So I hate hate hate it when I go to take in my anticipated package and have to hold it at arms length because it smells like lung cancer waiting to happen. *sigh*  Do I have any recourse? Maybe, but I am afraid if I complain then the driver might take it out on my stuff. 

And as a side note I wish the driver would slow the f*ck down. My neighborhood is crawling with children/pets and one day I am afraid one of them is going to become a UPS hood ornament.

ETA: I sent UPS and e-mail explaining my frustration. I hope that doesnt turn into another post lol.
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Dear who ever the hell plows the sidewalks and streets on this base.

Thanks for the thigh high and two foot wide pile of packed snow across the front of my driveway. Really made my day. Especially when you only did it to my house on the street. (butthead would push the snow on to the yards for every other house or just left a wee little snow bump) I don't care if you are military or civillian that was not fucking cool at all.

No love

The one who is warming up after 2 and half hours of clearing and then going back out to do more.