December 5th, 2006



We had two vehicles insured through MHK insurance in Edmonton. We took one off the insurance, and requested the price of insuring the new vehicle we got to replace that one. The price they quoted us was very high, and we opted to insure the new vehicle with someone else. The girl at MHK didn't seem to really care. Now I know why.

So imagine my surprise when I received a bill today for insurance for the Kia from ING, acting on behalf of MHK Insurance! They've already taken a payment conveniently this morning from my partner (his car remains insured through them).

My partner wants to call them (he won't let me) to find out what the hell is going on, and then we're pulling his insurance and our homeowners insurance.
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Not specific bad service, but I have to say this somewhere:

I am SICK AND TIRED of being asked for change by cashiers. I'm sorry my total is $19.01 and I gave you a $20 - but I am not stupid, I know how to do math, and I don't have a freaking penny! I think that is so incredibly rude!! I've been a cashier myself for the past 6+ months at a huge, high-volume store and I see upwards of 200 people a day - I have not ONCE asked someone for more money. It's not my business if they have change on them or what - they might need the change for parking meters or laundry or something of the sort, so I don't care at all. I gurantee you every single cashier who's ever asked me that had $.99 in their drawer. Just because you're lazy doesn't mean you need to treat me like I'm stupid for not carrying change.

Edit: I guess I think it's less of a hassle than other cashiers because if people hand me the change after I've already put in what they have, I actually have the ability to do math and figure out their new correct change. I don't care if you think I've overreacting or being a bitch, because I've been asked for more change by about 4 people in the past two days, and I'm really sick of it and think it's rude. This community is about bad service, and this is what I consider bad service.

Edit x2: It all depends on if people want to assume you want $.99 or don't want $.99. I trust my customers to know what they're doing and all I want is the same respect from others, and that's how I see it, and if I'm a bitch for that then so be it.