December 4th, 2006

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Bad ISP service?

I have broadband ADSL with Telstra Bigpond. First mistake, I guess :P However, I've had it since March, because they had a deal where if I had my mobile, internet and landline with them I would get half price broadband for a year. Apart from some major dramas getting all THAT set up to begin with (they had me down as 2 separate people on their system, one with my middle name, and one without), there hasn't been much of a problem.
I would like to state at this point that I worked for Telstra Bigpond for 11 months, and so am familiar with the ins and outs of their systems, and the kind of things they're told to tell customers.
I recently got an email from them telling me I could upgrade my service from 512 to 1500 at no extra cost. Suspicious, I called them to confirm that a) this would not extend my contract, b) would not change my download limit and c) wouldn't affect my half price deal, which is obviously still continuing and will be until March 2007. The consultant I got, Nicole, told me nothing would change before I could ask any questions. I proceeded to ask my questions anyway, and she got snippy and said I told you nothing would change. So I hung up and entered the plan change over the internet, choosing midnight that night as the time for the new plan to kick in. I might add that it didn't kick in until 2 days later, but still not the bad service.

Fast forward until a couple of days ago. My fiance's friend starts talking about how he's got a faster service with Telstra now - and also 2gb of extra usage per month! I hop online and check it out, and indeed, I have 12gb of usage per month instead of 10gb. I was a little miffed as to why dear Nicole did not tell me, as it would have pleased me, but whatever, it's not a bad thing. I would like to point out now that since March, I have only gone over my 10gb limit once - they don't charge you any extra, just slow your service down to unbearable speeds. So since my usage resets on the 10th, and today is the 4th, and I've done almost 0 downloading so far (maybe 2gb, if that), I start up some downloads I've been wanting for a while. Now, Telstra counts uploads as well as downloads, which pisses me off, but I'm dealing with it. So I start my downloads at midday. Come 11pm tonight, I decide to check my usage meter, to see that I haven't gone too crazy. It says 6.8gb. All good. About 15 minutes later, my computer dings happily to tell me I have email. It's from Telstra, telling me I've reached 9gb. What? So I go back to the website, and sure enough, it still says 6.8gb. And of course, it's too late to call them and see wtf is going on, so I send them an email. I doubt I will get a reply. Their usage meter continually fucked up when I worked there, but there are no warnings on the website that they've been having trouble or anything, and it's meant to update every 2 hours. So I've stopped the downloads, but if I get capped because of this all hell will break loose.
I was wondering if somehow my downloads would "magically" increase now my usage limit has. It's happened before.
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Bad, Bad Service

I recently purchased fabric online at I received the wrong cut of fabric in my order, but since the value of the merchandise was under $10 it would be easily straightened out. Wrong.

After filing a BBB complaint and reporting it in a post in to the craftgrrl community, the owner is now commenting all over my journal here.

Pretty bad, huh?


They are offering an exchange under the same terms.
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(no subject)

Someone's horror story about Honda reminded me of the rather serious bad_service my parents experienced years ago without realizing it until this summer.

Back in 1998 my parents bought a townhouse. That spring they moved into a brand new house and all was well, up until this past summer when they discovered they didn't actually own their house. Their neighbours were in the process of selling and after the customary title search discovered that they in fact owned my parents' house and my parents owned theirs. It took three months to get it sorted out neither the original developer (who made the mistake) or the notaries (who should have caught it) were willing to be of any assistance. My parents' neighbours nearly lost the buyer of their home because of it. 

There are mistakes and then there are MISTAKES. 

ETA: alright then. I never intended any comment to be against this community or any posts here. I originally posted the above on a different journal to remind MYSELF to use perspective because I freak out about little things too. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Alex 1


Cell phone repair and sales monkey.
Does anyone have Boston Market's corporate contact info?

It's a long story but basically a mishipped package of phones was accepted by a GM of a Boston Market. He opened the package and then decided to drop the phones off on our only day closed.
He left them on the porch. The phones were long gone on Monday morning.

When getting when he'd be in to talk to, I dropped that my company's fraud department always launches a investigation and watches to see if the phones get activated.

He marched over the next day and said quote "I was scaring his employees" and that I said we were going to proscute.
No- the independent contractor working with Fed Ex is going to proscute you.

So I was told by the Fed Ex gal that he said I was banned from his store. He never told me that. Good to know.
I was planning on boycotting that location for their shady-ness anyhoo.
And she needed Corps info (he wouldn't give it).

Any help to nail this douchebag would be great.

Three weeks of wet carpet

Tell me what you folks think of this gem.

My best friend has lived in the same apartment building for two years without much of a problem. So far, the only complaint has been when a blockage from a common pipe caused a dirty sink in his place, and the place above his. Not a huge deal, and fairly common. It was fixed in under a day.

So get this.

One day, my friend, we'll call him Steve, wakes up and realized a good portion of his bedroom carpet is soaked. Not dirty at all, but sopping wet. Confused, he calls his landlord and asks him to solve the problem. Landlord says no problem, will fix tomorrow.

Fast-forward one week.

His entire bedroom floor is soaked, and he's been forced to move his dresser, bed, and miscellaneous bedroom furniture into his living room. Steve is now rather annoyed, considering he must leave for a week on a business trip. He calls the landlord again and asks if he could please fix the leak and replace the now-ruined carpet while he's gone. Landlord says no problem, will do so.

So Steve leaves. And Steve returns a week later. And Steve's carpet is still mimicking Canada's wetlands.

Steve is not happy.

Steve walks down the the landlord's house himself to discuss the problem in person, calmly mind you. The landlord apologizes for the wait, and says he'll be right on it.

That was one week ago.

Three weeks, in the middle of northern Canadian winter, with a soaking wet bedroom.

Last I heart, Steve called again and demanded the problem be repaired. The landlord said they have a new carpet guy and will send him over ASAP.

Carpet guy?? Three weeks of water in a fluctuating climate?? You'll need a flooring and drywall guy to repair that sort of damage! I can't imagine the mold, the warping of the wood, the bacterial production... disgusting!

What do you guys think? There has to be a way to resolve this. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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