December 3rd, 2006

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Dear Manchester Bus Companies.

Please start hiring people who speak a reasonable standard of English for the job they are doing. I have no problem with immigrants having jobs here, but I should not have so much trouble buying my bus tickets just because your driver does not speak enough English to understand a simple request.

No love
Disgruntled passenger.

I am sick to death of getting on the bus, going "Two fifty day rider please" and getting "Where you going? What you want?" - a two fifty day rider, by definition, enables me to ride that particular bus (192) all day, in whichever direction. They don't need to know where i'm going, and even when I do say "Piccadilly and back" they go "Return? Return?" "No, two fifty day rider please." "Where to?"

I ended up taking my money back off a driver (he'd snatched it off me) yesterday and waiting for the next bus, because he kept insisting I wanted the two pound ticket, which was completely useless for where I was going.

Is it so unreasonable to expect people to be able to perform their job? Half the time they get agressive with passengers for not understanding them - it's not our responsibility to learn their language when they are in our country.

Bad Service Experience

I had to come here and vent about my experience with bad service at my University's Starbucks.

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So I guess the point of all that rambling was, I wasn't expecting too much was I? I try not to be an entitlement customer, but when someone has an allergic reaction because a drink was made the wrong way, I would think a manager would want to know about it so they can address the issue with the employees--if nothing else, to emphasize that when someone requests something like soy, they aren't just trying to be difficult (something I've been made to feel many times) and there could be an important reason for it--so try to make the drinks correctly! I understand that people make mistakes, but is some compassion or apology too much to expect?
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More of a question than bad service

I'm sorry for asking this here, but its the only place I know to go where I will actually get answers.

At the end of September I had major engine work done on my 5 year old Saturn. It cost me roughly $650. I just found out that the extended warranty I bought with the car 2 years ago was not expired, as I thought it was. Since the warranty was offered by the parent company GM, and I got it at the dealership when I bought the car, shouldn't it have been in their computer or in my file they have there? I've heard from different sources that they most likely did have the information and just didn't bring it up because I didn't bring it up, and also because I am a woman. I was just wondering if I should bring it up with the dealership or should I just forget about it because it is my fault I didn't bring it up.

***EDIT 12/4/06***

They asked me to come down tomorrow with my copy of the bill. It looks like I'm getting back at least part of my money (I also had a spark plug and the wire kit replaced at that time too). I'll keep everyone updated and thank you guys for all the help!
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credit union irritations

dear credit union,
i'd like to be able to check my Visa and accounts balances from home. of course you understand this.

however you INSIST that there is no sign up process needing to be done at the branch offices. no form to fill out. no one to talk to.

yet when i go to your website, I CAN'T LOG IN BECAUSE IT SAYS MY ACCOUNT DOESN'T EXIST.

i know this isn't true. i'm using my Visa and if my account didn't exist, it wouldn't let me charge shit now would it?

now i'm going to have to waste time calling you tomorrow and going through this circle again.

an irritated customer who'd like to check her damn limits
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Sparkle Klaus.

Bad_service at my university canteen.

First post...anyway, onto the stories. I'm currently staying in catered accommodation at my university. The food they actually serve isn't bad, definitely canteen style, but of a reasonable quality. However I've had a couple of annoying problems there relating mostly to the staff.

Some background: I'm suffering from some kind of long-term, unidentified illness that basically means, among other things, my stomach is in agony if I eat anything other than the most bland, mildly flavoured foods (even then it really hurts). This, understandably, makes eating a problem, and if I'd developed this illness back when I was applying for accommodation I'd have gone with self-catered, but I didn't so I've run into some trouble.

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*Very*  mild language in the second one for those averse to such things.

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