December 2nd, 2006

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I commissioned a custom circlet for my wedding. She mailed it to me United States Postal Service and since I have my hair appointment today, I needed to have it. I waited around all day yesterday for the mail to come so I could sign for the package. Every twenty minutes or so, I walked outside and looked for the mailman, because I'm neurotic like that. Two o'clock came and no mailman - except no, wait, there is MAIL IN MY MAILBOX. So the mailman had come and not delivered the package. There was no notice left, nothing. Several hours later, I thought to track it online and sure enough, "We attempted to deliver your package to you at 1:52, blah blah blah." Bullshit. I tried to call the post office, but of course, they had closed five minutes beforehand. So I woke up early today and called. I explained that my carrier had NOT tried to deliver it, I had been home all day waiting for a knock and it never came, nor was I left a notice. The guy on the phone sounded reasonably upset by this and said that he would talk to the carrier and have her re-deliver it today. I told him that I would prefer to pick it up myself, as it is delicate and I don't want to trust it to a disgruntled carrier whom I had just gotten in trouble. So I went to the post office and of course, there is no parking. Since I am just going to run in, I parked in an employee spot. Right when I walked in, the postal worker started bitching at me because of it. I replied back, "Well, if your carrier could figure out how to deliver packages, I wouldn't have to be here, now would I?" Apparently this guy was not the same person I talked to on the phone and we had the following conversation:

Me: I'm here to pick up a package.
Him: Where is your slip?
Me: I wasn't given one.
Him: [in childish voice] Then how do you know that you're supposed to have a package?

And the moral of the story is, do not mess with a girl's wedding stuff, she will eat you alive. Also, postal workers suck.

[EDIT] Oh, wonderful. I just went to get my regular mail and there is an attempt-to-deliver notice inside, with today's date on it. Oh really, you tried to deliver a package? That's funny, I've had it in my posession for an hour and it never left the post office before that. No really, lie to me some more.

Import Games Store Suckage

I've joined this community for a while, but this is my first post. I don't know if this counts as bad service, but here it goes.

This actually happened a few years ago BEFORE that place was closed down. I was walking into an import games store that also sells anime merchandise and because I am an artist, I have a habit of carrying my sketchbook with me. Some of the kids who were playing the video games saw some of my fanart drawings and asked if they can see them. So I did.

Enter the fantard who was working there. He too wanted to see my drawings and I showed them. While looking at them, he commented on good they were until he saw a drawing of a video game character I liked. I told him that she is my favorite character to draw, but then his demeanor changed dramatically and he started treating me badly. Then he said all of my drawings are crap just because of that one character I liked. Upset, I wanted to speak to the manager, but sadly he wasn't working that day. Even the kids asked him why he treated me badly when I wasn't rude towards him.

While there are some game and anime characters I hated, but do I treat those fans badly just because they liked them? Of course not. That guy shouldn't have been a total douchebag towards me just because he hated a character I liked. UGH! I may be an anime fan, but that is one of the things that REALLY annoyed me about the fandom.

No wonder that store closed down. EDIT: Oops, after reading the comments, I forgot to mention that the clerk was being a total jerk towards other customers and the store was family-run with the father as the manager.

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Beware Amazon used book merchants! (a story of LJ empowerment)

Hi all, this is such a good idea for a community!

I don't know yet how this customer service nightmare story will end, but please read the email exchange taking place between me and a used bookseller at Amazon. I've bought HUNDREDS of dollars of books at Amazon, and never had a problem. Moneywise, this is small stuff (a refund of $2.72 is all that's at stake) but it's the principle of the matter. This guy never even bothered to return my emails until I "threatened" him that I would post all our emails at my blog and leave a link to it in Amazon feedback. He is now accusing me of defamation of character and extortion! Anyway, here are the links. (I will repost here if you want, but since it takes up space, I thought I'd do it this way. Let me know if this is not kosher!)

Comments? Thoughts? Other horror stories about Amazon used booksellers?

Thanks to this community and to LiveJournal for the empowerment!

Edited to explain that after reading all your comments, I decided that I'd acted hastily. I have taken down the emails at my blog. I still think that he was probably ignoring my questions, but I don't know that for sure, and could have given him the benefit of the doubt and waited a few more days for his response. I will be writing to him next, to apologize for my impatience.

Thanks to all for the feedback, especially to many of you who adroitly set me straight without insulting me in the process.


Bad service?

So, I've been sick for awhile, but was feeling better on Thursday, so I rode the bus downtown to go to the County Assistance Office. I need help paying for 500 dollars worth of books, and with two kids and unexpected expenses, I don't have it. I had my 7 month old son with me.

I get there, and I stand where you're supposed to wait for about 5 minutes. The one receptionist was not at her desk, and the one that was saw me standing there, and did not say, "Can I help you?". So, after waiting there for that long, I approached her window and told her what I wanted. She seemed annoyed at my request, but I remained polite. She gives me an ext. number to call someone in the correct department. I go to the interoffice phone on the side of the receptionist's area and dial. No one answers. So I go back to the receptionist, tell her that no one is answering and she proceeds to page someone. She asks me to take a seat, and I do so. My child, who is in his sling, wakes up after about 45 minutes of waiting and I'm stand up to sooth him by rocking back and forth. I try to call the same number on the interoffice phone a couple more times, but now it's busy. After about an hour and a half, she glances up and sees me, surprised that I'm still in the waiting area. She asked me if anyone was able to help me, and I explained to her that the ext. she gave me was no busy. So, she pages someone again, and after 10 minutes they call her back.

Now, you'd think that after almost 2 hours of waiting I'd be able to sit down and talk to the person I needed to. Nope. I had to make an appointment and I have to go back on Monday after school.

Cambria County, please get your stuff straight.