December 1st, 2006


Insurance Suckiness

I used to have 3 policies with my life insurance company. My life insurance policy, my cancer policy and a prescription card that also gave discounts on dental and vision services.

In late September, I called and left a message for my agent to call me back, as I wanted to cancel the prescription card (my regular insurance provides me with a 3 month supply on my meds for $60/each prescription, my dentist doesn't accept the card and I can get the vision coverage using my parents card as we are in the same household).

When he didn't call me back after a week, I started calling every day a few times a day. I didn't leave a message as I was just wanting to speak to someone. On October 13th, I spoke with a female rep, and she cancelled the prescription card aspect of my policy. On October 16th, my premium was automatically deducted for the life & cancer policies.

On October 18th, my agent called me, saying he was returning my call and wanted to know how he could help me. I explained to him everything that I had done, he said okay and wished me a good day.

On October 30th, my agent called me to tell me that my policy was in danger of being cancelled due to non-payment. I was confused and told him that my premium was automatically taken from my account each month and that it processed according to the bank. After a few minutes of me freaking out, I re-explained to him what I had done earlier in the month. Realization dawns and all is good in the world of insurance.

November 17th, he calls again about non-payment and leaves a voicemail (I was away from my desk at that point so I didn't hear my phone vibrating against my keys). I don't call back as I know what it is about.

December 1st, he calls and talks to my Mom (she works nights now, so was home sleeping when he called). Mom tries to explain to him what I did, but she doesnt know the details. The conversation is recorded on the answering machine because it didn't kick off when Mom answered. He thinks she is me, and starts going into detail. Then expects her to get my policy number so he can make sure they are talking about the same policy. Oh, and he pretty much tells her that my life insurance policy is going to be cancelled because of non-payment.

I can understand that me cancelling the prescription card means that he is no longer getting commission on that... But seriously. How much commission could he be losing on a card that costs me $9.50/month?

I can't find his business card to call and talk to him. I am seriously considering calling on Monday and trying to speak with his manager. This is rediculous. I'm to the point of where I want a new agent, preferably one that can comprehend what I'm doing with my policies and isn't a bumbling idiot.
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