November 29th, 2006


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I just read the post about the girl and speeding ticket a little ways down and it reminded me of something. I'm not sure if it was bad service or not, but it sure put me off.

So late one night, I was driving (with my sister who was 9 at the time) out of Town A, where my dad lived, and into Town B, back to my moms house. Well, you can ask anyone who lives there but Town B cops are pretty uptight when it comes to people coming out of Town A since its 90% minorities and has a high crime rate, while Town A is the opposite. So anyway I was driving down a back road, where the speed limit is 25. I always thought that was strange because its a completely industrial area. It even leads into a residential area where the speed limit raises to 30. ???? Also, its in kind of a valley....meaning no matter which way you are coming from you have to go down a steep hill. I usually always catch myself speeding...last time I was there I came down the hill doing close to 40. oooops.

Well anyway, this particular night it was around 2am and I was going through the 25 zone at about 30...speeding yes, but really...30mph isn't fast at all especially when the road is empty. I went up the hill and entered the residential area and keeping the same speed...this is when I noticed a car behind me. It was gaining on me REALLY fast, had to be going at least 50pmh, and pretty soon it was RIGHT on my ass. I could barely see its headlights because it was so close to me. Well being a female with a young child in the car late at night it made me extremely nervous so I sped up a little trying to distance myself....the second I hit 35 what do I see...flashing red and blue lights. DAMNIT!

So I pull over and the cop comes to the window and proceeds to be a complete asshole. He was very confrontational. Light right in my face, and he asked me five different times about where I'd come from, where I was going and why, as if he didn't believe that I wasn't trying to cause trouble (with a friggin 9 year old in the car). The thing that really got me was that he said I was going 15 over. I pointed out that it was 30 zone, and yes I did speed up to 35...but thats only 5 over. He said he'd been following me since the 25 zone and I was going 35 so thats 15 over.....does anyone else see the issue here? 35-25=15? I only went 35 when I thought someone was going run me off the road which was in the 30 zone...I wasn't going 35 in the 25 when I (I thought) was the only car on the road. And I'm not a math whiz, but I'm pretty sure that even if I was, thats only 10 over anyway. I know better then to argue with cops but I had to point that out. He pretended like I didn't say anything and started asking me if I was on drugs, had any weapons, had been drinking, had any warrants, was an illegal immigrant, came down in a space ship from mars, etc. I guess I looked tired since he seemed convinced that I was high. During this time I noticed something out the corner of my left eye and realized there was another cop shining his flashlight in the backseat of my car. My sister later told me he'd been there just as long as the other cop had been. I sat there on the side of the road for 45 minutes while they questioned me...I don't think they even ever asked me for my license.

I didn't end up getting a ticket, so it never turned into a huge deal. I guess I just felt like I was treated like a criminal just for going 35 in a 30 zone....while yes I was speeding but I don't think it warranted the kind of treatment I got. Its hard to get across how rude he was, since it was all in his condescending tone. Also this was 3rd time (out of 4 overall) that'd I'd been pulled over in that town for no real reason (last time the cop said he suspected I was drunk. It was 10pm and I hadn't had a drop of booze, nor was I speeding or driving crazy...). I can't even tell you how many times they've followed me home...even sat outside my moms house and watched me walk inside. I'm in no way close to being anti-police but the cops in Town B really seem to either 1. Hate me or 2. Not have enough to do.

I can understand why someone would want to see the gun then...if he'd wrote me a ticket for going 15 over when I know for a fact I wasn't, I'd been pretty pissed off. Never once did I go more then 5 over the speed limit that night.
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Hey guys!
This is not bad service by any means I just couldn't find a community to post this is and was hoping one of you guys could help me. I want to order a few cds from the lovely Camille O'Sullivan but the cds have to be ordered and paid for via snail mail online. I emailed Camille and she sent me an address to send them to

Camille O'Sullivan

However, there's no postcode and I'm wondering whether you need one in this instance. It takes her a while to email people cause she's touring heaps and I want my cd's asap because they and she are/is wondering.

Thanks guys! There's no ask_the_irish community to post to!

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A short one from last night: A waitress told me and my friends to shut up.

After discussing it after, we learned from another table it was because we were too loud for them.

So instead of asking us to move (as the whole place was empty) or having them move, or even just asking us to keep it down. We were told, "Can you guys like, shut up?" with no reason. And we weren't being loud at all.

That and, it took over an hour total for our drinks and meal to be served, and we were at an IHOP.