November 28th, 2006


I woke up this morning to the FedEx man knocking my door down, I could hardly believe my eyes. My package had finally arrived 35 days after ordering it.

Way way WAY way way back in October (the 24th to be exact) I hopped online in search of a cheap Abercrombie Lexie down bomber in white. I found what I was looking for paid through Auction Checkout and happily awaited the arrival of my new coat. I email the seller to make sure my purchase went through and he sent back a yeah uh huh with no mention of shipping for my item. I let it go and wait, figuring it would take about a week to arrive, then on the 30th I get this email.

I just trying to give you a call. This is where things stand as of right
now. I have the jacket on hand but in Navy blue. If you'd like I can have it
overnighted to you right now. If you want to wait for the white then I will
be getting it later on this week.

Plz let me know what you'd like to do so I can go ahead and plan accordingly

Excuse me? First if I wanted Navy I would've ordered Navy, Second don't be blunt with me when you should be apologizing. I almost wish I had just took him up on this. I check his feedback like they're announcing the coming of the Messiah, sure enough 2 other people received the same coat same color same size I ordered and their auctions ended after mine. Then suddenly he unregisters himself from ebay. I'm ripping out my hair I'm so mad at this point. I email Auction Checkout EBay and my bank to find out what I should do if I need to file a chargeback, the emails I get back all point the blame at each other, great. I shoot off a snotty condescending email about how I don't think it's right to sell things that he had promised to other people before hand. No reply. Wait a day and email him again asking for the status of my item. Ad nauseum.

Four days later (Nov. 4th) I get another email bluntly stating my items in FRANCE and he'll be getting it by the end of the week. So I figure cool I'll have it by Saturday. Did I mention I was wrong again?? Yup after this he completely stops replying to my emails.

Finally I sent him an email telling him I was going to file a charge back and report him to the authorities unless he gave me shipping information around the 12th of November.(His feedback and sheer volume of these coats was absolutely monumental, makes me wonder) No reply I sent it off every day five times a day for three days just to make sure he saw it. No reply.

So I was all set to go to the bank today and just hash it out with them because I'm tired of trying to get this done online but I received my item. Yay! One month later and suffering through early winter in Colorado without a coat but now my prayers are answered. I finally get one side of the box open .... its brown....I take it out.... its a different style completely....

So! One month later and this doorknob sends me not only the WRONG color but the wrong STYLE?! I didn't know you could auction off things you didn't have in your possession yet as this is clearly what he was doing. I don't even know if I should just take it and try to replace it later at the store or if I should try to let him know he's a moron. How, after a month of making me wait, do you send me the wrong item completely. If you were going to send me the item in the first place wouldn't you, y'know, email me so I wouldn't bust my hump getting a chargeback? I almost feel like he put more effort into ignoring me then finally sending me the wrong coat than he would if he had communicated with me just a little bit so I didn't think I was getting ripped off.
get fucked

Z-Line Designs rant.

So the other day. I bought a laptop. With this, I decide to buy a desk. So, I went to Staples and searched around. I found a desk I like by Z-Line Designs. (yay for cool glass/steel tubing designs). The staff at Staples was extremely friendly and courteous.

The desk's box looked to be in good condition, no packing wounds or anything... so I thought nothing of inspecting it's contents. So I took my desk home, and took the box apart to begin putting together my desk. So of course, I take all the parts out lay them out, take the screws out and put them all in a magnetic bowl. While counting pieces, I encounter that EIGHT major structural pieces of this desk are missing. I am furious. I know people make mistakes. But mistakes in production are forgetting a screw, NOT eight pieces... the eight pieces that pretty much form the desk top.

So I shoot Z-Line designs an email with the info the book provided for replacement parts. These parts are light and only 2-3 feet long each. So I figure, hey, you know, for the inconvenience, overnight me the parts and we're square. They called just recently and my dad told them I wasn't here, so I return the call to find out what they want and get Derek, a rude sounding fellow who tells me "Sorry, Son, we can't ship out half the desk". First off, when is it EVER acceptable to call a customer of your company "Son". I know, I sound young... but that's completely inappropriate, sir is just fine thank you.

Now, the big issue, is that, you know, opening a huge desk box, you expect that most of the parts will be in there, mind you, you're using a knife to cut the case open, so unless you reseal it with packaging tape (and a fuckload of it at that) you're not gonna get that packaging in to a decent condition. Which brings me to my second issue. I cannot believe that EIGHT pieces of a desk were missing from the box, how are the people from staples going to believe that. If i was managing an office supplies store, and someone brought a desk back in and told me eight major structural pieces were missing from the desk, I'd be weary of returning it, or just "writing it off".

So, when I take this desk back... I take it back. I wait 3-5 days to receive the credit on my bank account, and then I can go buy a new desk, which will not be made by Z-Line designs. Instead, I'll go and buy the StudioRTA desk which is similar... and probably has all the things in the box, and gives GREAT customer service (I'd know from past experiences with them).

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Okay so this may seem a little weird to people not well versed in the realms of merchandising.

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I also went to our Whiteboard Shitlist where in the back of the store there is a big whiteboard with "top 20 bad suppliers" written on it, and changed it. I can't believe Revlon are topping Apple Inc but there they are, top of the list, first time since the iPods first came out.

It doesn't really leave much incentive for managers to help customers out when suppliers are such shitheads...I wonder how many other people are dealing with red itchy cheeks from a foundation but don't bother returning it because most managers won't do it against their store's profits? I'm sure I'm not allowed to do it but I'm going to do it if it happens again, because I really do freak out if my skin dries out or goes flakey and I cannot leave the house unless I'm sure I look okay (anxiety issues ahoyyyyy thar) so a bad-ass foundation would fuck me up. So I can certainly sympathise.


Anyway I'm not so sure if this counts as bad service because we're not the customers, we're just selling the shit, but it still makes me angry. GRAGH.