November 27th, 2006


Currys :(

What is it about Currys/Dixons that means they always have to give such poor-to-mediocre service?

I wanted to get a portable DVD player for my mum for Christmas, so in my lunch hour I went to the Currys that's a few doors down from our store. I pride myself in my customer service, and everyone else in our store gives a high level of service too, so I was expecting something pretty decent in Currys, since its a big chain store and gets pretty much the same customers we do. (If someone asks us for a dvd player and we send them over to Currys, and if someone asks Currys for a cd or a game they send them to us.)

Well, the store had about 4 customers in, two of whom were being served, and about eight members of staff. There were three of these on till, one of them was helping a customer, and the remaining four were free. Two were standing at the front of store chatting to one another and were not security guards (I knew the guards from this store as they pop in to say hello on occasion, and they were working the door anyway.)

I approached the portable DVD players and someone walked past me and asked if I needed any help. I was barely a second into the shop, but thought it showed good promise anyway, so answered that I didn't, thanks all the same, I'd let him know when I needed some assistance. He answered that i could ask him or any other member of staff, which was awesome cause it meant I didn't have to rely on just one poor overworked personal shopper. He rushed off and started helping someone else. He did a great job at what he was meant to do so this post ain't about him.

I chose which of the players I was most interested in and looked around for the personal shopper, saw that he was busy, and that most of the other assistants and staff were as well. The two guys chatting at the front (who had big fat MANAGEMENT TEAM badges on) were standing right next to me. I was in their line of sight. There is no way they could have missed me.

I looked at the player again and crouched down and looked at it a bit harder. I did a thinking pose. I even said, "hmm, yes, I think I will take that one" fairly loudly. In my store, this would be enough to have any member of staff asking if I needed help (either store assistance or psychiatric), no matter how busy they were. I don't want this to seem like entrapment or anything, I just couldn't tell if these guys were doing a floorwalk or something and it would be annoying for them to be disturbed, so I went through the motions to see if another member of staff (although I couldn't see another one who was free) would help me. After all, this is a product that they don't store on the shelves so I couldn't just grab one and take it up to the counter.

Well, turns out the management guys were talking about the size of someone's tits, so I felt fairly sure I could disturb them in their oh so important work.
"Hi there, sorry to disturb you, could I get some assistance please?"
They carry on chatting, moving onto someone's arse instead.
"Excuse me, could I get some help?"
Apparently it was a fascinating arse.
I ahemmed. The taller one huffed and said, "can I help you?"

I finally managed to convince one of them to get the item I wanted from the stock room. Tadaa! Now comes the queuing up process.

At the time, the girl refuses to look up and give eye contact. I say hello and she ignores me. She offers me some insurance in a monotonous "i don't care" voice and I decline, so she shoves the player into a bag (oh, so I need insurance in case you break it before I've even bought it). She tells me how much I need to pay and I offer her my card; she doesn't take it so I ask if I need to put it in the card reader, which she's just pushed towards me. "In here?" I ask, positioning my card into the CnP machine. Blanketty blank. So in it goes.
The reader says, "Processing, do not remove card!"
She says, "won't work in there," in much the same way as the "computer says no" sketch in Little Britain.
"Oh, okay," I say. "It's telling me to enter my PIN. Do you want me to press cancel or anything?"
More blanks. I press cancel and remove the card and hand it to her. "Thank you. Next time leave it to us, okay?" she says, in a sneery voice.

"Alright," I say.
The transaction goes through. "Thank you," I say. There's no one in the queue behind me so I don't see why there shouldn't be some niceties. Plus, it's habitual for me now. "Have a nice afternoon!"

Hah. Guess what I got? A big fat blank!

Well, are my customer service standards just too high, or was this truly mediocre service?
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JC Penny's portriat studio...

A few weeks ago I took my daughter to get her one year portriats taken. When I made the appointment, the lady insisted "You need to be here at least ten minutes early, if you are late we cancel your appointment". We got there 10 minutes early and didn't even get called back until 50 minutes after our scheduled appointment.

Not once did anyone apoligize for the wait, or express any sympathy towards my very restless one year old who was quite tired of sitting.

When they finally called her back, they didn't even know why I was there, even though I expressed five times on the phone that this was her 1 year birthday pictures.

They bring out this old torn box that said "It's my birthday" and stuck her in it. They took a few pictures. On the phone I was promised a picture of her sitting next to a big cake with a "1" for a candle. I asked about it and the photographer said "Oh, I don't know where it is, do you really want me to find it?" She looked in a few drawers and said "I can't find it, but I have a present she can sit with". I agreed to that, although I really wanted the candle picture. She brought out this pink box, no wrapping paper, no bow, just a pink box.

She took two of those. I had a change of clothes for her so I changed her and I noticed two big drawers full of props behind her. I asked her If I could have some props for the next picture. She hesitated and took me past all of the drawers with the neat props to a bucket of dirty old stuffed animals and told me to pick some.

I asked about the other props but she said it would take to much time to set up and they had other customers waiting.

She finished the sitting and rushed us out.

So, my daughter's first birthday pictures will be pretty much crap. I could have saved my money and done it at home for all the effort she put into it.

I wrote a letter to the corporate office, and they offered me 4 free sheets of portriats, but I was really hoping they would offer me another sitting, with a diffrent photographer.
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I hate dell and I wantr to cry

I don't know whether to sell my puppy for laptop money or make a rug out of him.

Here's the scenario.  We are parked down the block from our apartment.  Max, the hubby, and I are walking out to the car.  I am holding the leash and am burdened by a very heavy (40lb, I estimate) backpack.  Hubby starts to cross the street, unnoticed by me.  I am walking down the block, intending to cross further down, closer to the car.  The puppy (leash in right hand, curb on my left) runs after the hubby, cutting behind me.  Desperately trying to lock the leash, I am spun around, thrown off balance by the pull of the (30 lb) puppy and the weight of my back pack, trip over the curb, and land flat on my back in the street.  Ow.  After a few moments, I am able to move, and I hobble to the car.

But the fun doesn't end there.  

When I get to campus, I discover that my laptop LCD is shattered internally.  My Inspiron 600m is now a $900 paperweight.  Great.  But I think, well, I'm in luck.  A month ago, my laptop developed a small problem with the LCD and Dell promised to replace it.  I was waiting until winter break to send it in when it would be more convenient for me to be without my computer.  Oh well, I'll just have to do it earlier than I thought.  No problem, right?


Dell is refusing to replace it because my warranty doesn't cover accidental damage.  I very patiently explained that they had already agreed to replace it before and I didn't understand why more damage to a part they had already agreed to replace was a problem.  To no avail. I requested an escalation to management.  All I got was endless repetition by the supervisor (I'll call him Punjab) that accidental damage was not covered under my warranty and that it was my responsibility to take care of my equipment.  I asked for a second escalation (not too politely I'm afraid, but I was pissed) and am awaiting a call back from upper management... scheduled for 20 minutes ago


Okay, just got off the phone with the third level person (I'll call this one Apu).  Apu says they'll try to make the repair depot understand that there was already a replacement pending on the part before the accident and try to get them to replace it free of charge.   But apparently, it is up to the depot whether or not to charge me for it (wtf?) and that someone from the depot will call me before replacing it if they intend to charge me.

I am so upset I don't know whether to sob hysterically or break something (preferably Punjab;s nose).

British Bankers!!

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Account Number xxxx Sort Code xxxx

I find myself in the unenviable position of having to write to you to explain the great displeasure I have received in dealing with your bank, and also why, after seven years as a happy customer, I have taken the decision to close my accounts with yourselves.

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Strange service

My friend and I went out to a diner after I was visiting a relative who had just gone into the hospital. I wasn't in a great mood, and we were there to cheer me up, so we went straight to the diner rather than going to an ATM first.

The waitress came and took our drink orders. I ordered a water and my friend ordered a Sprite. My friend said she would be paying with her debit card so I checked to see if I had enough cash on me for my meal. I didn't, so we both decided to use debit. When the waitress came back, I placed my order, then remembered we wanted separate checks to make it easier for us and the cashier when we were being rung up. I told the waitress, and she said, "Oh, but I already wrote the Sprite down with your order!" Since I didn't tell her about separate checks in the beginning, I said it was no problem and that I would pay for my friend's drink with my meal.

My friend then ordered mozzarella sticks. The waitress said, "You don't need separate checks for such a small order." I told her we both wanted to use debit so it would be helpful. She then told us how she never uses credit cards for anything under 100 dollars and how it's much better that way. She told us how she likes to pay for everything else in cash and we should too. Fortunately, my friend and I were planning to rent a movie later so we agreed that I would pay for her food and she'd pay for the movie. We discussed this while the waitress stood over us.

I accept the responsibility for not asking for separate checks at first. I also accept the fact that I could have stood my ground and asked for separate checks. However, I don't think it was acceptable for the waitress to give us advice on how to pay for our food and how she wanted to divide (or not divide) our check. That and the financial advice wasn't exactly appreciated.

It wasn't terrible service, and we were nice the whole time and left her a 20 percent tip, but still, maybe if I hadn't just visited a relative in the hospital we would have had the appropriate cash. Maybe not, though. We do have the right to pay for our food on our debit cards. Yes, I agree, 6 dollar mozzarella sticks are not exactly a huge debit purchase, but I was upset, hadn't eaten all day, and didn't feel like getting upset at an ATM before getting some comfort food.

Honda & a little bit of Dell

Does anyone remember my Honda saga? They deducted my car payment 100 times, leaving my account about -$34,000.00. Original post. And the The follow up.

Well it has definitely not been a happy ending. Because two months later, our goddamn account still isn't situated and now we're being harassed by Honda. We've already contacted a lawyer and so that is taken care of, but I just had to make another post about the recent bullshit.

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