November 21st, 2006


What the Frell is drive through for?

Not a big deal, but really annoying first thing in the morning when your need for caffeine and your addiction to mass quantities of diet Dr. Pepper collide and the only thing that will do is Sonic's Route 44 cup o' happiness...

My commute is about 45 minutes, mostly through countryside (and I love it). Just as I get into town, there's a Sonic where I can get that cup o' happiness, and this morning I flew into the drive-through just in time that I shouldn't be late for work. What did I get?

"We're doing a shift change. Can you please pull into a stall and wait?"

Hell. No. You idiots have been open for hours. You don't have the excuse of having problems opening the store. You don't frelling close for a frelling shift change. That is, unless your management is so frelling incompetent that it can't walk and chew gum at the same time. If you are running the count on the till and changing it over, you can take the order and enter it on one of the OTHER registers. No, I'm not going to take 10 frelling minutes (or more) to get a frelling cup of soda!


Bureaucracy Inaction!

I'm in the preliminary stages of joining the United States Air Force. Everything is peachy-fucking-keen except for a juvenile blemish on my record from back when I was 16 (kids do stupid things).

In order to get that waived by the USAF, I needed to obtain a copy of the court documents. Normally, an easy thing to do. Just go down to the court office, speak with the juvenile clerk, watch a printer do its thing and BAM! I have what I need.

Problem is, I grew up in Rome, Georgia and now live in Denver, Colorado. I can't just walk to the court house which means I have to make phone-requests for legal see where this is going already, don'tcha?

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I know this is what I get for trusted the voice on the other end of the phone but considering it was their JOBS to know this information, I didn't think they were leading me afoul despite how obsurd their directions were.

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I Need Some Advice.

I'm not really sure if this constitutes bad service or what I should do about the current situation I'm in.
This past June the store where I get my favorite incense from moved to Southwest Texas. So now there are no stores in this area where I can get the incense from. I really like this incense and it's one of the few brands that does not mess with my sinuses and give me a headache. Since this brand of incense has a website, I decided to order some online.

This was back in mid Septtember. Well I waited and waited for my incense to come in the mail but it never did. The payment for the incense went through, but the actual incense never came. So I ended up finding thier number online and calling them about my incense.

One of the ladies that owns the company told me that my order had gone through on thier wholesale page instead of thier individual order page and that she would mail it out the next day and if I didn't get it by the following Wednesday I should call her.

Well the package never arrived. I think it was around Oct14 that I called her about that. It must be then becuase I added another pack of incense to my order. Well she said she would add that incense and then ship out my order again and to call her if it didn't arrive within 3 days. Well I waited the three days and decided to wait a couple more in case the mail was just being slow.

The package never arrived so I called her up. She said she hadn't sent it out becuase there was a death in her family and that she was dealing with that at the moment. I felt really bad about calling and everything and apologized and stuff and she said she would send it out as soon as she could.

It's November 21 right now. I don't know what to do. For the past three weeks I've been trying to call the number of the company to see what is going on. But at the same time I feel bad that they have had a death and all. I don't want to seem like an insensitive jerk but at the same time I want my incense. No one answers the phone when I call over there, it just keeps ringing and instead of going to a voicemail it hangs up. The business is only located an hour and half from me, but the website only has thier p.o. box. So now I'm stuck.
Should I just keep trying to call them? Should I keep waiting to see if my incense ever comes in the mail? Grrr this is soooo frustrating.