November 20th, 2006

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So I finally get to post to bad_service!

But it's actually relayed bad_service.

A friend of mine was at the doctors, for some minor surgery. They had gotten her set up with an IV and everything, and so she was just chilling, when a nurse comes wandering in and picks up her chart.

She glances over it, and says, "I'm so confused!" and then walks out.

Luckily everything worked out - but still.
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Mum and I recently went to CD Plus to find a movie for my Dad's Christmas present. The movie is hard to find and we thought we could order it.

Mum - A tired, 50 year old woman who justs wants to get one more thing done and then go home.
SA - Stupid Attendant.

SA: Hi. Can I help you?
Mum: Yes, I'm looking for A Simple Wish with Martin Short.
SA: I can check on the computer.
Mum: Thank you.

So he goes to the computer, Mum and I are looking around. I'm watching SA and he moves away from the computer and starts wandering around aimlessly. We're the only people in the store, other than the fellow cashier. Finally, after five minutes when we notice he isn't doing anything...

Mum: Did you find A Simple Wish?
SA: Oh. I was distracted.

...By what? There was nobody in the store and his co-worker didn't talk to him or anything. Geez! Distracted by nothing.

Mum: Distracted?
SA: Yeah-
Mum: Nevermind then. *Leaves with me*
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For the Win!

Re: this post.

I got a call back from the practise manager and, after much debate, a few heartfelt words and some clarification, she offered to wipe the slate.

I accepted that they were acting in my daughter's best interests [apparently she needs a root canal on that tooth or a removal] and they accepted fault for not contacting me for permission to go ahead with any further treatment.

It was all worked out and now we have a new appt. for this Friday with my regular dentist to discuss options for treatment.

Thanks to all those who commented for the support. You enriched my... backbone. :)
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Does SSA count?

Does the Social Security office count as bad service, lol? I mean, they're not technically the service industry, but wow, I've been there 3 times since late September and each time is such a joy.

My son was born in August, and I just happened to pick one of the few hospitals that do not apply for a SSN for you. I didn't realize this until late Sept. and the card hadn't come yet.

The first time, my husband went after picking up our son's official birth certificate. He waited in line for about an hour, got called up and was told that you need a "second form of ID" when applying. He didn't realize that (and to be fair, it does say so on the website). They told him to bring in a medical record.

So I went next, armed with the BC and the medical record that the hospital gave us. I waited for an hour, got called up, and was told that the medical record wasn't good enough because it only had "Baby Boy [last name]" on it. At this point, I asked what WAS acceptable. They told me to bring in his immunization record.

So, today, I brought in all insurance forms I have on him, his daycare forms, his medical record, the immunization record, and his birth certificate. This time, I waited an hour and a half because inexplicably, sometime around the 45 minute mark, all three windows closed. Not only that, but the one woman who was working told me to "Sit down and be quiet" when I asked her what number she had called (I couldn't hear her).

I finally got called up and I was told that the immunization record wasn't good enough because it didn't have a stamp on it, and nothing else was "offical" enough to use. I asked if they could use everything in combination. The birth record was official but didn't have his name on it, but his immunization record did. Nope. I said that this was ridiculous because the last time I was in, I asked, very specifically what was accepted, and no one mentioned anything about a stamp. None of the fliers in the office that are supposed to prevent you from waiting needlessly say a "stamped" immunization record either.

All she would tell me in response to this was, "Next!"

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Dear KFC

You know it would have been nice to know that you "no longer deliver to the area" during the ordering process, not phone back 45 minutes later tell me. 

no love,

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