November 18th, 2006

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I'm thinking this isn't so much bad services, as much as annoying service.

My sister used to live with me [it was I lived with her, then when I got a place, she stayed with me until SHE got a place, no big deal] and when She moved out, she took her phone and internet with her. Okay, I can handle that. It's nothing major. So the week before my sister moves, I call up to request new services for the phone and internet, and they say okay, the phone will be on Monday, and the Internet on Wednesday [why two days, I don't really know but thats not the point]. Wednesday comes and goes, and I can't connect. I reinstall my ethernet drivers, reinstall Zoomtown [my internet provider I guess that's what one would call them] and still, nothing works. The light is on, but it's as though no one is home.

So, I call them up, and they have no idea what is going on, and the one guy I was talking to, said that he would forward the call to his supervisor and his supervisor would call me back. I gave my cell number because I wasn't planning on being home at all the next day, and he could just leave a message if I wasn't able to answer.

Does he call? Your guess is as good as mine as I have no idea what the number is, and when I DO get any phone call, I'm unable to answer it on time, but no one left a voice mail, so I'm not too sure as to who called me. [Only one person called that wasn't in my address book, so I'm guessing it was them.]

Fast forward a week later, many calls and many reboots to my system later [including a new OS put in, yay for me I guess] THEN today [a total week and a half without service] they call me up and say it was on their end, and I should be able to get on now. [My dad called them yesterday and they said they THINK it's on their end, but they weren't sure yet].

So, yea, annoying service. Do you think It would be bad for me to call them up and ask about a credit to my account for the week and a half I wasn't able to get online? It's not as though I'm asking for the full month, just a week and a half ....
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Jeez people, just because I'm a college student doesn't mean I'm an idiot.

I called Dominos for some pizza at about 6pm. I was starving, but since I have no food in my dorm and no car, it was time for takeout. They take my order with no trouble, making sure my debit card goes through and making sure they had the right dorm building.

So then I wait. They said half an hour, which is fine. I go do some laundry, watch mind-rotting television and wait. My laundry comes out and goes into the dryer and I check the time. It's nearly 7:40, so I'm very confused as to where my food is. I check my bank's online page and the charge definitely went through. My cellphone never left my pocket and never went off. So I call them back.

I get the same guy, who tells me that the driver with my food had been there at 6:30 and tried to call me ten times. I inform him that I never got any calls. He checks the number and tells me "this is the right number", insinuating I was wrong and lying. The number was wrong, a few digits off and I tell him the right one. Then this happens:

Him: So, it's xxx-xxx-xxxx?
Me: Yes, that's right. It's xxx instead of XXX.
Guy in background: Dude, what's going on? Is it that girl?
Him: Hold on, miss. ::aside:: Yeah, man! What do I do?
Other guy: Hang up, man! Hang the hell up! Just hang up! Just han- ::click::
Me: O_O

THEY HUNG UP ON ME! I growl and swiftly call them back. A different guy answers.

Me: Hi, I was just hung up on.
Different guy: You were? ::aside:: DUDE, did you hang up on this girl?!
Guy: No man, the connection cut out on her side!

I keep my cool, I don't accuse them of anything and give them two numbers they can reach me at. This guy assures me they'll send it right out.

I'm sitting here, really annoyed at them. I still haven't gotten my pizza (it's 8pm now) and they didn't offer to refund me or anything. I'm not going to stiff the driver, but I'm still pissed off.

Edit: I got my pizza at about 8:30, but they called my roommate's cellphone. So she had to call ME to alert me that my food was here. I don't know why they used her number, or how they got it, since it wasn't one of the TWO numbers I gave them. They used neither of them. My god.

Return of the Edit: So I called the manager and he said he'd speak to the workers and had no idea why the number thing was such a problem. He annoyed me because he said it was the fault of my school and the flakey students that pizzas don't get delivered properly. He asked if I had left my cellphone with a friend or in a car, but I said it had been on my desk or in my pocket all evening, and that his employees got the number wrong. He then asked me when my school breaks were, so he'd know when his business would get alow. Do your own damned research, asshole! No refund, but he did say he was sorry. But still, this is a serious "wtf" situation...
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