November 17th, 2006

Dear Future Shop in Edmonton, AB:

When I noticed you had no one in your audio department, I wandered to Customer Service to see if I could get someone to assist me. See, when you have certain products locked away in the plexiglass cases, it's obvious people are going to need someone to open up the case to see the actual product.

What I didn't expect to experience:

* Your two audio salespersons jabbering away with their buddies near the cash till (I'm assuming it was with their friends as they were discussing "getting totally tanked at Steve's party last week.") I can forgive this because it was fairly slow in the store, but there's more to follow.

* Seeing these same two salespersons playfully bicker over who has to help the next customer (which would have been me.)

* With a heavy sigh, the "losing" salesperson walking to the display case asking, "Which one do you want to see," in the most bored, monotone expression ever, and then literally taking off before I can ask him any questions about the product, leaving their display case of select MP3 players unguarded.

* (This is the one that pissed me off the most): Seeing this same salesperson magically appear at the cash till when I'm ready to pay for the product, and then having the audacity to attempt to put the sale under his name for the commission.

* I used to work for this company many, many years ago, but I do know that some of their policies have stayed the same. Commissions is one of them. You had no right to act all surprised and indignant when I told the cashier to put the sale under the manager's number because no one helped me with this purchase. What part of "I'm sorry, but can you please put the sale under the manager's number? This was an unassisted sale" do you not understand? The most you did to help me was open the plexiglass case, nothing more. Aggravation was a free service you provided, but it wasn't one that was solicited.

* Muttering "bitch..." under your breath as you were walking away was the reason I asked to speak to your manager at that moment. Because Christmas is rapidly approaching, I figured I'd be nice and let everything else slide, but you managed to push me just a touch too far. I'm FAR from an EB, but there are some things that I simply will not tolerate. I thought I was quite polite throughout the entire ordeal.

At least your manager was quite nice about the whole thing. I even asked him to take it easy on you since the holiday season is approaching. I hope you realize you very nearly cost yourself your job. Keep up the attitude, and I'm sure one of these days you're not going to be as lucky.
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Shorter line, but longer wait...

First time post... Please be gentle? :)

I'm currently living on a military installation just outside of a small town in South Carolina. I went into town to get something for dinner for my husband & myself. He wanted Taco Bell, but since it was recently remodeled and had just reopened and being that it's the only Taco Bell within a 30 minute drive, the drive-thru line was backed up into the street. I wasn't appropriate to go inside the store, so I decided on an alternate fast food restaurant.

Sonic's came to mind, they're usually quite quick and I knew what my husband likes.

There was a bit of a line, but I figured it wouldn't take long at all.

I was wrong.

The one car in front of me at the speaker box seemed to be taking forever. I waited about 10 minutes to drive up and place my order. At this point, there were two cars waiting for their order at the window. I drove up to the speaker box and waited to be acknowledged.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I literally had to wait 15-20 minutes to be acknowledged. At the 15 minute mark, both cars had left. It took another several minutes (after the cars were gone) before I was acknowledged.

I had done the "hello?", "Hellooooo??" into the box a few times to no result.

When they finally spoke to me, they told me to hold on a minute.

They then answered as if nothing was wrong, took my order, and once I was up to the window, delivered it with the quickness they usually had.

By the time I got out of there, I had been at Sonic's for half an hour. They never spoke through the speaker to tell me sorry about the wait and to please hold, they simply seemed to ignore my existence while multiple other cars began forming a line behind me.

When I was receiving my food, I noticed for the first time that this particular installation had a phone receiver through which they talked to customers. They would have to pick it up and hold it to their face in order to hear you & talk back. That explained why they didn't answer me back when I tried catching their attention on the box.

I do not understand why it took them so long to acknowledge my presence, sitting there at the box, waiting for them to take my order. Regardless of the fact that they may have had somebody with a large and/or complicated order, if they saw me waiting (which they MUST have, seeing as I'm in a bright red car), they should have at least asked me to please wait instead of letting me sit there, growing more and more aggrivated and frustrated by each passing song.

I had left my house in such a good mood. It was ruined after leaving Sonic's. It only got worse after I stopped by Chick-Fil-A to get a specific salad wrap and they forgot the specific dressing to go with it, that I had none of at home (my fault for not double-checking the contents of the bag as I usually do with fast food).

Luckily it was a one-time occurance so far and every other time I visit this specific Sonic's, they are quite quick with their service :)