November 15th, 2006

I hate buses...

Okay, I live in Glasgow (scotland), but my parents live in aberdeen. I decided to visit them for a few days during the week, and to save time I decided to head up north to see them after a dance class I had in edinburgh. It was easier than going back to Glasgow first and then taking a bus.

I'm a poor student, so I bought a ticket from which is a discount bus service company (although the prices have gone up, so I was probably better getting the train...but anyway). I bought online, printed off the ticket and travel details and all seemed simple. I've taken the megabus from glasgow to aberdeen before, and it's a direct journey. Sadly the Edinburgh journey isn't, there's a stopover and you have to change buses halfway through the journey. I have a feeling it may have said in the first booking phase, but they're meant to say during the journey at the stopover.

Did the ticket mention there was a change in the journey? No.

Did it say in the 'Important information' section of my journey details that there was a change? No.

When we stopped at Perth, where the changeover happened, did they mention we had to change buses? No.

When the new busdriver got on after the changeover, did he check that all the people going to Aberdeen had got off the bus (like they do in most bus journeys)? No.

I arrived in Inverness in a panicky state well after midnight. Inverness is 3 hours away from Aberdeen. I noticed a couple of hour before we got there, and informed the bus driver. All he said was "Oh, the last bus driver must have forgotten to say when he got off". Thanks. Okay, so I should have checked before I got on the bus. But most tickets, particularly train tickets very clearly state where you have to get off. I'm about 4ft11", just a tiny person, and Inverness bus station consists No shelter whatsoever. The bus driver wasn't even concerned, he laughed in my face, told me it was my own fault and drove off. He didn't tell me where to find either a hotel or a police station in the area. I had to ask in a takeaway. I managed to stay in a complete stranger's house - the teenage couple sitting behind me had heard me panicking on the phone to my mum, and caught up with me when I was looking for a hotel. Every single hotel was booked up anyway because there was an international golf tournament going on. Just to back up my case, the couple that rescued me also agreed that there was no mention of getting off the bus at the changeover.

Okay, I'm much more inquisitive about my journeys now, but at the same time I was appaled that they seem to assume that all their passengers know how it works and had been on the journey before. People are stupid, sadly, and you have to spell it out for us, or else we might end up risking our own personal safety. I thought it sucked, anyway.
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The boyfriend and I went to Best Buy today to buy some DVDs and laugh at the people camped outside waiting for PS3. When we were paying, we were dealing with the cashier, who was young, my age, maybe 25 tops. Really nice guy. The trainer, however, was not. He was older, maybe early to mid-sixties, which is probably explains his behavior, but not so much:

Boyfriend: [gives dvds, rewardzone card, coupons.]
Trainer: [instructs the scanning.]
Cashier: [scans.] Okay, cool. total is $xx.xx.
Boyfriend: [holds up debit card] Debit. I just swipe right here, right?
Cashier: Yeah.
Trainer: Ooh, good thing it was approved. If it wasn't, we would have had to hold your girlfriend hostage.
Boyfriend: [laughs] Oh, you can take her anyway. Put her to work, get me some employee discounts! Give her a job! [Cashier, Trainer, and I all laugh.]
Me: I have a job!
Trainer: He doesn't think you need a job, he just thinks you need someone to teach you how to treat a man. [my jaw drops.] You should stay here, do my dishes, my laundry, like a good woman. [jaw hits the floor.]
Boyfriend: [not realizing how offended I am] Haha, good luck with that.

We leave, and I was fuming. My boyfriend hadn't really been listening, so when I repeated what he had said, Boyfriend asked if I wanted him to go back and punch the guy. I declined the offer, but appreciated the chivalry. lol.

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