November 13th, 2006


Grumble Grumble, Kvetch Kvetch Kvetch

Dear Ladies working at the GAP.

Look- I appreciate that the skirt with the darker wash was on sale while the exact same skirt with the lighter wash was *not* on sale. But perhaps you could have the decency to admit that placing *all* of the skirts on a table with a sign that said: "Sale: $39.99" was somewhat misleading? It's not like there was a pile of the sale skirts there and one random misshelved skirt that I picked up, there were stacks of about 5 different kinds of skirts, some the same cut with different washes, some different cuts altogether. There were a good 5-6 of the skirt I picked up on that table, neatly folded and everything.

No, I get that the skirt I picked up isn't on sale. I'm not asking you to change the price, I'm not asking you to give me a sale that doesn't exist (but I'm not getting the skirt, cause I'm not paying $52 for a freaking knee length a line denim skirt). All I'd really like is a reply of something like: "Oh wow, those are mishelved, let me move them" or perhaps even an "I'm sorry those were mishelved," instead of a: "that's not on sale" in a bitchy tone like I'm trying to pull one over on you. I get that people probably do that, but you could at least fake remorse considering I didn't ask you to lower the price.


(What's really bizarre is that the sale price wasn't even the price of the darker wash in the same skirt either- *it* was $29.99 so I ended up just getting that one)

Collectrite O.o

A while back, I used to have a Blockbuster account. I also let my family use it, and well they never turned in a movie, it got lost, lots of late fees and the usual stuff that happens. I totally forgot that account until earlier in the month when I checked my credit report and saw that I owed some money to a Collectrite collection agency. So being a bit more responsible now, than I was 3 years ago, I called in to arrange for it to be paid.

Being that our paydays are the 1st and the 15th, I told the woman that I would be making a payment, but for it not to be taken out until the 15th. I called on the 7th of November, so yea. A few days later, I notice my account is really low, but I thought it was coming home from a vacation and putting gasoline in all the vehicles, so I didn't think of it. Then today I checked the bank account, and it showed that the collection agency already withdrew the money. Way early. Due to this, I had to transfer money from our savings into our checks to cover the overdrawn amount (luckily my bank doesn't charge fees).

I tried calling today, but being so hormonal, I just sounded like a blubbering idiot. She then told me it's showing that I was to make the payment on the 7th and not the 15th, and I remember I talked to her, and she sounded a bit like the "oh shit" tone of voice. I couldn't even mention about how it's against the Fair Debt Collections Act to collect money earlier than what was set by the payee.

Blah. I'm so pissed today!

In short, if you couldn't understand wtf happened up above is: The collection agency took out the money out of the account days earlier then they were supposed to, therefore throwing my account totally out of balance.
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coconuts CA

A month ago, I decided to get a VOIP service so I could call long distance for cheap since I only have a cellphone. I did a search for a company that would service my area (Halifax, NS, Canada) and came across So I signed up, and received my little phone adapter in the mail.

Problem one, the instructions that came with the thing only showed me how to set it up without a home network. I already had a router so I was unsure which order the devices needed to be plugged in. I emailed their support email to find out, and in the meantime did my own research. I found out that it did not matter which order they were plugged in, so I plugged it into my router. I did not get an email back from My next problem was the configuration. The phone adapter also functioned as a router, and it needed some settings changed, but I could not get into the admin panel with the IP I was supplied with. I had to find out on my own what it was. Add to that, the admin login and password I was supplied with to the configuration would not work. I suspected the adapter was used, returned, and not reset.

Problem two. I could not activate my account on their website. I logged in, put in my activation code, and it told me it was activated. However, upon logging out and logging back in, none of the information I changed in my account was reflected, and I still had a huge button telling me "THIS ACCOUNT NEEDS TO BE ACTIVATED!" So I emailed their support again and waited a week. Nothing. Emailed again, waited another few days, still nothing. So I sent another email to them using the webform on their site, telling them I had emailed many times before needing help, that I still needed help, and if they could not help me then I wanted the service canceled and my money returned. Still no email in return. I contacted the better business bureau who bounced me all over the place finally telling me they could do nothing with this company.

Cut to today, I receive a NOVEMBER invoice from, they charged me over FIFTY dollars for a service that was only supposed to cost about $20 a month because they charged me double for a service I haven't even been able to use or CANCEL. What am I going to do? Should I call my credit card company and get a cease payment? Will they get my money back for me? I don't know what to do, I am at my wits end.

This is not just bad service, this is terrible service, and I'm not sure what I can do to get my money back or get this service canceled. I am extremely stretched for cash right now, and I haven't even been able to use this service at all.