November 11th, 2006

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My friend and I head into this very small Quizno's that's part of this shopping mall. It is empty. She places our order, a large Prime Rib sub without onions (we split it). For the record, this sandwich comes with meat, cheese, peppercorn dressing, and an optional add-on of sauteed onions. I grab our drinks and head over to the cashier to pay.

Our sandwich gets over to the add-ons section and the guy making our sandwich asks, "Do you guys want lettuce or anything?"

"No thank you," I tell him. My friend pipes up, "Yeah, no thanks. We like it with just meat, cheese, and dressing =)"

So I pay for the meal and am signing the credit slip when I notice something out of the corner of my eye. I look up and see him dump a large heap of lettuce onto our sandwich.

"Umm...We said no lettuce - nothing on it," my friend tells him.

He looks at us blankly, then asks, " you want me to take it off? Do you want me to remake it?"

"Just take it off, that's fine," she tells him.

He takes the lettuce from our sandwich and tosses it back into the lettuce container. So...the new person that comes in and gets lettuce is going to receive our leftover, meaty lettuce?

I finish signing the slip, hand it back to the cashier, and I hear my friend going, "No! We don't want anything on it!"

I look over and the guy is piling tomatoes onto our sub.

So he took those off. Yeah, guess where they went. Back into the container they came from.

Our sub still has bits of lettuce on it, but I'm beyond caring. We take our sub and go eat it.

It's nothing that affects me majorly. I don't like lettuce, but it's not going to kill me. What bothers me is that he put the leftover back into the bin.

The guy making our sandwich had a nametag on with "Manager" on it. Which is not comforting in the least.
Sir's Butterfly

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melfice's post gave me the impetus to post this:

Something similar happened to me Friday at Papa Lou's, a burger/sandwich/shake kind of place.

On the blackboard it says: Make it a Combo: Drink and Fries or Side Salad $2.50.

I wait in line for a couple of minutes listening to the man behind me griping that one cashier had left his station. I said that happens and he was pulling orders. The remaining cashier glared at me and said he'd be back in a minute or two. I smiled and nodded. Well the male cashier doesn't come back so the woman has to do all of it. Okay, during lunch rush that's not fun.

So when it's my turn, I ordered exactly like this: Collapse )