November 10th, 2006


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Dear Gordito Burrito person,

I'm sorry you have to be up at 4 or 5 AM each morning to get your little shop ready so you can make breakfast burritos for us college students.

I'm sorry that, being that many of us with early classes don't have the time to sit around and eat at home before we have to wade through anywhere from 30-90 minutes of traffic in an effort to get to class, there's so many of us that have ordered, or are waiting to order.

I'm sorry that I, one of these college students who is currently carrying a heavy as hell bookbag along with a laptop in order to get some computer related schoolwork done, decided to pay with cash that had been hastily crammed into my jean pocket and was therefore very badly wadded up.

I am NOT sorry however that before I could even think of smoothing it out for you, because I know how annoying it is to deal with wadded up money because it wastes time, you were barking at me and shoving your hand out for me to pay.

I am NOT sorry that I handed you those wadded bills figuring you'd rather deal with smoothing them out yourself rather than waiting for me to do it.

I am very much NOT sorry that you in your bitchiness decided to snap at me "Next time I would PREFER if you SRAIGHTENED THEM OUT".

Furthermore, I take it back about all the things I was sorry about, because it's not MY fault that you're a dumb and cranky bitch stuck working at godawful hours of the morning in a deadend career choice of working for a food court in the student union of my school. Something shitty might have happened in your life recently to make you so irritable, but I was trying to be cheerful and pleasant, despite the fact that I was hungry, exhausted, carrying around 30+ lbs of books and computer, and had to get to class so I could have the wide and wonderful world of physics equations forcibly crammed into my brain. You know that I am nice and a good customer, because I don't complain and don't act rudely when I order... yet every other time I go to your little burrito stand and your sour ass is working there, it's the same damn thing, and every other time you are fortunately in the back keeping your bitchiness to yourself.

Oh, what's this? A comment card where I can take an online survey and tell about the service I receive at your location? DON'T MIND IF I DO.


PS. For the record, this happened on Thursday.

Columbia House Bad Service

OK so I've been a Columbia House member for 2 years now, gotten some decent deals on DVD's and overpaid for a few, but oh well you live you learn.  So I had 1 more DVD to buy to meet my fulfillment.  I purchases it on Sept 18.  I received it within a week, no problem.  I ordered it online and they have my credit card info on file, so I just charged to my credit card.  Now I don't scrutinize my statements, I look over them make sure theres nothing funny and go on with my day.  

So I get home to day and I have a bill from Columbia House.  I've never had a bill from them since I make all my purchases online and pay with my credit card.  There was also a $3 late fee.  SO I go through my account and all my emails from them and of course on the emails it doesn't say paid with Master card ending in XXXX like so many online stores do.  So I call them up get through the automated stuff and actually get a liver person fairly quickly, not one that spoke much english, but still a live person.  So I ask her three times why my card was not charged and she gives me the oh, well sometimes theres a delay in our system blah blah I'll take the late charge off, sorry about the inconveince.  That still does not answer my question, but I don't really care anymore, I know she really has no idea why the 10 other times I ordered I was charged within a few days but this time they decided to wait a month and a half then send me a late bill.  

There was no other notice of a bill beforehand, so thats kind of shady, I can understand sending out a bill and then when its not paid tacking on a late fee, but I technically never got a bill in the first place, I assumed that my card is charged shortly after the transaction has taken place just like very single other online merchant.

Also, after all that she tries to sell me on their special of buy one get one 50% or something, yeah no thanks!!


Wal-Mart suck.

this isn't too big of a deal, but hey whatever..

I went to Wal-Mart tonight to get some groceries & start on my Christmas shopping (good lord, is it that time of year already?) I picked up some baby items for my best friend (she's due this upcoming Spring) and I also wanted to buy her a nice bathrobe. she said she really wanted a pretty, pink, fluffy bathrobe. I thought it was a great gift idea, as it would be useful when she's in the hospital as well. I notice some nice robes there, but they're all made of nightgown material. I don't know how to put it. but basically they were made as a nightwear, not the terry cloth material I was looking for.

I pull my cart up to the dressing room counter that's right next to the robes. I look at the old lady working the dressing rooms & give her a friendly smile. she was on the phone, so I waited. I didn't want to be rude. she answered a few calls, and I remained patient. finally after the 6th or 7th phone call she took - all the while ignorning me (NO acknowledgment that I was standing right infront of her what-so-ever) I started to feel a little uhh.. ignored? annoyed? how about both. I used to work in customer service, so I know that I can't expect for someone to be able to read my mind & assume that I need help. but I KNOW that it was obvious. I was waiting right infront of the counter, much as a customer would do if they were waiting in line. I said "m'am, excuse me" - everything. and she never once said a thing to me.

so after she finally hangs up the phone, I'm thinking "yay! maybe she'll help me now!" - dead wrong! she starts slowly putting a hanger on a pair of pants. she didn't even look up at me or say "just a minute" or anything like that. yet when another woman came to the counter, she left the counter to go help her.. yet when she came back, she was talking shit about the woman.

I just didn't say anything & walked off. I never did find the robe that I was looking for =\
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