November 7th, 2006

Rock Solid

Bad CS from

I was a subscribing member to, this online site that will mix an audio personal trainer over your own personal music. Since I find cardio work hideously boring, this was the perfect way to motivate me, and it wasn't that expensive.

Everything was fine for the first month that I used it. Then I started to have some technical difficulties.

First, I noticed that in the software, my playlist was incomplete. It cut off my iTunes playlist at the M's, thus preventing me from accessing half my music. Then, one day, inexplicably, it asked me to download the most recent version of the software, which I did. But it kept telling me to download the new version, despite the fact that I already had and installed it.

So I called "tech" support. I spoke to a guy named Dave, first. He told me that that was strange and suggested that I download the newest version of iTunes. I did, and it didn't work. Then he suggested that I uninstall, then reinstall the podfitness software. I did, and that seemed to work. However, when I did that I no longer had access to any of my iTunes playlists, which obviously made the software useless.

He was at a loss for what to do, so he told me he had to call his tech support (tech support for tech support?), and that I should call back the next day.

I did, and Dave wasn't in. So I had to talk to a guy named Jace, who told me that they were still working on the problem, and other users had experienced it. He told me to call back the next day.

I did, and spoke with Jace again. He told me, though, that the tech support said it was going to be awhile to fix and that I should just unsubscribe, and resubscribe when they released the new version of the software (this, apparently, was only a beta version). For my troubles, they gave me a promotion code for a free month.

Okay, great.

Two days later, I noticed that my credit card had been charged. I called up and told them of the situation (and each time I call up, I have to explain every nuance of the tech problem that I had, which makes these calls dreadful). I explained that I was only unsubscribing because of the "unfixable" tech problem, and he assured me that my credit card would be refunded.

I checked my card, and I haven't received a refund. I called, again, and explained it, and they told me that I'd get a refund shortly and offered me the same promotional code for my problems.

Still no refund. =\