November 6th, 2006

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I know she probably gets this a lot but...

OK. Let me be the first to admit that I was at fault. My dentist's office spoils me. They call me up 2 business days before I'm scheduled for an appointment. I realize fully that this is not their responsibility, it is a courtesy that they do not have to extend. Unfortunately, it led me to expect a level of service that is not extended by other health-care practitioners.

To wit, althought I knew that my annual physical was coming up, I did not call to confirm and they did not call to remind me. They called to let me know that I'd missed my appointment.

You know something? They were right, I was wrong. I called to reschedule, knowing that they were going to charge me a missed appointment fee and completely willing to pay it. I guess the receptionist thought I was trying to get out of it.

Me: Sorry I missed the appointment. I booked it a year in advance. (Which, btw is true. And why I didn't have the date at my fingertips.

Her: There's a missed appointment fee.

Me: Not a problem. Booking that far ahead it slipped my mind.

Her: That's not OUR problem, etc. etc.

Doubtless she deals with a lot of customers who are trying to get the fee waived. I'm not one of them. I don't usually miss appointments, heck I don't usually BOOK appointments apart from my yearly physical. I'd consider switching doctors, but there's a shortage of family practitioners in Ontario right now, and she's a darned good doctor.

I just didn't appreciate the preemptive first strike on the part of the receptionist.
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Kroger's Drama

I was shopping at Krogers yesterday to stock up the babyfood for my daughter. I picked up some other things as well. As I was checking out, I asked the girl sacking the grocery to please not put all the babyfood jars in one bag because they hit together and break. I got preoccupied with my daughter so I didn't watch the girl bag all of the groceries.

When I got to the car, I noticed that every glass jar that I bought was in the same bag, and two of the jars of babyfood had broken already.

So, either she didn't hear me, or she was being a smartass.

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This is beyond stupid.

You can't prepay charges from HM Revenue and Customs, right? So when I found out that the girl doing my wig had sent it as goods rather than a gift I was ready to give Her Madge a neat little £12.56 towards paying it.

What I didn't expect was for ParcelForce to intercept that parcel before HM Revenue and Customs even got to me and tell me that they'll pay it for me! but I have to pay them back! and then I have a Parcelforce Clearance Fee to pay on top!

Well, obviously this sucks. I didn't ask them to go along and pay for it, and if they're going to charge anyone they should charge the girl sending it since she entered into a contract with them, not me. They don't really have a right to charge me for something that I couldn't pay for before the event, if that makes sense. (Does everything that goes through Customs get a big fat £13.50 slapped on it by ParcelFarce? They must be making a lot of money.)

Well, on this letter, there's a message at the bottom: "for enquires [sic] specifically regarding Parcelforce Clearance fee please contact the above depot."

Okay. I call the number at the top. They are playing Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" randomly interrupted by a woman telling me how awesome it is to use their international delivery service. Riiight.

Twenty minutes later and someone finally says, "Parcelforce."

No, "hello, parcelforce, West London depot, can I help you?" and no "Parcelforce, my name is XX"... Just a bored man saying "parcelforce".

Not a good start.

I explained that I wanted to dispute the clearance fee. "Hi, I recieved a letter today saying I need to pay VAT and a clearance fee from you, I don't mind the VAT but I want to dispute the clearance fee with you".
"You want to talk to Revenue and Customs, it's 0247454564654654654."
"I'm sorry? It says I should call you guys here. It's NOT the customs, it's YOUR clearance fee."
"No, we don't deal with you, you call 0275464655645646546."
"Alright, wait one sec whilst I get a pen..."
He tuts and sighs like I should have KNOWN he was going to tell me to call someone else.
"Okay, I'm ready."
"It's 024787867646544565464."


Okay, well, I call up the number he finally deigned to give me, and it's engaged. Permanently. Doesn't sound right, you'd think they'd have a call centre or something. I don't mind. I get through, and, of course, they tell me that I need to talk to ParcelFarce about the clearance fee and all that jazz.

I call up again... more Coldplay... twenty minutes later my call is answered by the same bored man... H tells me the same stuff again, and I ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. Here's the shocking part -- he tells me he IS the manager. He could be lying, or he could really be the manager-- if he is, that's disgraceful. :(

Bad service from a school?

I'm not entirely sure that this is the right place for this story.  If it isn't, could someone please point me in the right direction?  I'm at my wit's end!!

My son is in 5th grade and he's not doing incredibly well in school.  At midterm last quarter he was failing every subject except spelling.  His teacher and I have gotten together with the "SAP Team" and have begun the testing process to see if he can qualify for resource help.  This is all going well and I appreciate all that the teacher has done to help us.  Here's where the bad service part comes into play though.

Collapse )

Each and every time I've received a notice of a missing grade I've assume that my son skipped out on doing his work.  His self esteem is suffering because he's actually doing the work and being accused of not doing it.  It's really frustrating.  Anyone have any suggestions to how I should handle the situation without flying off the handle when we do have our meeting?
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This annoyed me, but it wasn't terrible. I have a ton of friends who work at starbucks (about half the staff at the one I hang out at) and I know the company is anal about making the customer happy, replacing drinks if they were made wrong, taste wrong, or even ordered wrong. If someone makes a drink wrong, alot of times the customer gets a new drink, the old drink, and a coupon for a free drink.

I didn't go to that starbucks because it was twice the distance that this one was. I ordered a grande iced no-ice vanilla latte (I'm told that's the way it's supposed to be ordered at starbucks, order it differently and it comes out different). It's cold milk with espresso and vanilla syrup. The guy starts to make it, I see him get a scoop of ice so I tell him quite clearly "No ice". Simple, right? He turns to me and says "It's only a little" and pours about half a cup of ice into my drink right after I told him not to, then hands it to me. Seriously, what the fuck? If I hadn't caught him before he did that I wouldn't be annoyed, but putting water in milk tastes terrible. If I ask you specifically not to do something to my drink, why do you feel the need to do it anyway? Minor annoyance I know, but still...

And no, I didn't get it remade because I had a friend from highschool working there and I did't want my first impression in three years to be of me being a bitch.

Bad service from a local restaurant

This morning (11/06/06) my husband decided to treat me to lunch at a local diner. We sit and ordered our meal. Waitress is very friendly and attentive. I get my soup first, which by the way was excellent. Next, out comes our lunches: hubby's Mexican skillet and my French Dip.

I pick up the toothpick from the first half of my sandwich to remove the pepper. I notice that the roast beef is cold. I ask for the waitress. I inform her that the sandwich was cold and asked if it was the custom of this restaurant. She informed me that she was unsure as she's never had one. She takes my plate and proceeds to the kitchen to ask.

She brings it back minutes later saying that it was supposed to be hot and that they warmed it up for me. Wonderful! I go to grab the pickle and notice that ... it is hot... along with the tomato and lettuce -- those are now useless to me.

The roast beef is completely dry and the au jus is quite plain. I eat it anyway, enjoying the afternoon with hubby. I look up to see him remove something from his meal... a LONG hair mixed into the food. Quite disgusting! The waitress notices my expression from where she was sitting and came over to see what was wrong. I told her of this discovery.

She takes away the offending food and comes back with a new set of pancakes for us. They are fine this time.

When we go to pay, the owners, who were there the entire time, did not offer an apology, did not offer to remove an item from our bill, so we ended up paying the entire bill.

I told the waitress that she did nothing wrong during this, she was in fact, quite good. The cooks were awful. So were the owners for not providing basic customer service.
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