November 4th, 2006

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I'm one of those people who might sometimes make a loud fuss over something with people I know, and it's mostly for show. But in public, with someone I do not know, am not friends with, and who would not understand, I try to be polite, toned down, etc.

Enter Applebee's. I frequent this one, because it's in the mall close to home. It's usually got good food, and decent service. But the other night, a friend of mine and I went in to get some nice, quick food. I just wanted soup. She just wanted chicken fingers. It was easy.

I asked for non smoking, and told the hostess "far from smoking" because I really cannot take the smoke, especially not while eating. Where does she put us? Right next to the partition (which, being made of a hip-high little wall, does NOTHING to keep the smoke at bay), right next to a table of smokers. I just suck it up and deal with it however, because I hate the idea of asking to be moved. I don't know why, I just don't want the waitress to be overbook on tables or whatever.

Then... ok, well, this isn't the server's fault at all, but since when did Applebee's only have two soups? French onion and chicken tortilla? WTF?

My friend had to ask for her bbq sauce two or three times. Our water glasses were unfilled for half the meal, and we honestly saw our server a total of three times. I didn't even see her walking around; she was nowhere to be seen, even to try and catch her eye for more water.

I wasn't paying, my friend was, and the total came to a little under $11. And friend left $11. Honestly, it bothers me to be unattended for long stretches of time when all I want is a water, or some sauce.
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