November 2nd, 2006

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Gamer girls gone jackass?

I do not know if this is true, but I have heard that many females like to "fight for dominance/territory" with other females.

I have experienced this in many aspects of my life.. I am not a whore, I do not sleep around, but females tend to HATE me. I am so terrified of females that I make sure to never work with any or encounter any in life, but sometimes I have had to and ---nearly--- every last female I have EVER met *****(even my own mother and stepmother [who beat the shite out of me])***** has made it a point to go out of their way to make my life a living hell.

Now I do not know if this correlates with my encounters at EB Games and/or GameStop, but EVERY female I come into contact with at those stores is a BITCH. Feel what you want to feel, you know, but not when my fiance and I make a $120 and/or a $50 purchase at YOUR STORE, because we could easily go elsewhere. >O

EB Games Encounter:
-When asking a CLERK questions about games, memory cards, and consoles I was given an attitude from hell. She was snappy and rude, and I was about to tell her to watch her attitude but I didn't want to embarrass her or myself. I asked when World of Warcraft, Burning Crusades was coming out (the release date had been moved) she snapped "I don't know."


She could barely answer ANY of my questions and they were simple questions! She just made me feel really stupid every time I asked her anything... :(

Gamestop Encounter:
-I asked one girl (the one who didn't know what a dual shock controller was) if they were hiring and this other girl walks up behind the counter and not even a second passes when she practically spits "NO."

OK. The funny part is that I came here because the girl at EB Games was bitchy as hell. I thought I was being paranoid but when I mentioned it to my fiance he said that she did sound very bitchy. I won't be shopping THERE again either.

From now on I will go to Amazon. That is ridiculous.

Should I report them? The aforementioned stores are owned by the same company and if they hire females, or anyone for that matter, they should probably remind them about how to properly execute DECENT customer service. It's not like I was running through their store shouting controversial statements and messing up their shelves, and the store didn't close for another 2 hours.


Edit: I am not "misogynistic," I am actually very big on female rights. My fiance also noticed the rudeness of the girls in the stores and especially the one that spat NO at me when I inquired about a job.. why would I be misogynistic? I feel like they know everything and I know nothing.. I come to them for help and they are rude to me.

I do not HATE women, I am scared of them. I am sorry if this post, in ANY way, came off as "misogynistic." =/
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What is this, bad service week?

It's two-for-one week, apparently.

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The second story happened to a friend of mine, but it happened while he was a guest of mine at my gym. It was his first visit there, and I introduced him to all the regulars who are more or less my friends. Unfortunately, the afternoon desk-girl is apparently Collapse )

I only found the details out on the drive home, but rest assured that I reported her behavior. Apparently there have been several complaints about this type of thing.

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I live in an apartment and occasionally maintenance wants to fix something or change something in my apartment. This is fine since they give me 24 hrs notice and a time frame for when the worker is coming. However, yesterday maintenance had a person come in to regrout the tiles in my bathroom. The bad service is that the person used my toilet and didn't flush. I came home to find a nice big one in my toilet. The worker had also left the bathroom door open even though I have a large notice on the door requesting that it be shut (I have cats and I don't want them getting behind the shower; it's a pain in the arse to get them back out). I complained to maintenance and they said they couldn't really do anything about it but will talk to the worker next time they call him out.

Not so much bad service as EW service. He did do a good job on the tiles though.
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Bad, then more bad, then good bank service

Now, I know that this isn't as bad as a lot of the posts in this community... but it frustrated the hell out of me, and I really didn't need it on my one day off.  Quick background:  I recently bought into the house that my parents own - they live elsewhere, I live in the house, and rent out a basement suite.  I'm in charge of keeping all the payments and maintenance issues in order.  This is particularly challenging, as my mother is a control freak, and still thinks I'm 15 years old (I'm 28).  This means that I have to do everything perfectly, or else!  As well, this complaint is about CIBC bank.

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So, yeah, it's all better now, but I was chain smoking and pulling out hair for half an hour, all because some ditz can't listen to me when she asks me questions.

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I went bra shopping this evening, which is a task I have historically hated until about a year ago, when I found The Perfect Bra. The style fits me perfectly, is flattering, and the fabric is moderately attractive. More importantly, it is actually comfortable -- a challenge to find for us large-chested gals.
So I thought today's shopping trip would be quick, since I would just need to find that same model/style of bra and be on my way. I *did* find the exact model and style of bra, only to find they have apparently updated their sizes in the past year. So now the bra is significantly smaller. As in almost a cup size smaller, thinner straps, and the band size shrunk by nearly an inch. Everything else about the bra is identical, the new models are just of absolutely no use to me. And they don't make the next size up in that style.
Just to note, I haven't grown in the past year, I know the bra is sized differently because I wore my Perfect Bra to the store, and held up the two bras to compare sizing while in the fitting room, and the new bra is absolutely smaller than the old one.

I spent the next two hours trying on almost every bra in the mall, with no luck. Almost all the bras they make in my size are horribly unattractive, are cheaply made and don't provide adequate support, or simply don't fit correctly.

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Very short and sweet:

I had crazy work to do before my 2:30 class, so at 12:40 ish I online ordered a pizza from Papa Johns to be delivered to my office. The confirmation e-mail I got ten minutes later said the wait time would be 30-40 minutes. We all know these times to be very conservative. I've never had a pizza take as long as they've said it would. So after fifty minutes, I have no qualms calling and asking where it is. They tell me they've sent it out with the driver and it sould be there soon. Okay then. Fast forward twenty minutes, 70 minutes since they got my order, no pizza. I called back-- "Oh, he isn't there yet?" I asked them to cancel my order and refund my credit card. Time will tell if that actually happens. Now I am starving and I have class in twenty minutes. No food for me until four o'clock, I guess.

Bad phone service becomes good phone service

For a long time I used Virgin Mobile's pay-per-month plan because it gave me just enough minutes and didn't charge me crazy ammounts of money if I went over by a few minutes. I payed 34.99 for 300 anytime minutes and 1000 night and weekend minutes. That's plenty of minutes for me since I make most of my calls at night.
A few weeks ago I decided to switch to their 6.99 a month for 10 cents a minute all the time plan. I chose this because I realized I didn't even come close to using up my minutes, and I was using my phone's AIM more often. I thought this would be easy to make the switch since I still had money on my account from when I first bought the phone and added a few bucks to buy ringtones and such. Wrong.

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