November 1st, 2006


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Bad cab driver service.

I don't drive, and today I was running late, so I decided to take a cab to school, rather than the two busses I usually take. I called the cab company and one of the first things they asked me was whether I was paying with cash or credit. This is so they don't send cab drivers who can't take cards out to people who only have cash. Well, I didn't have any cash on me, so I said I would pay with credit.

When the cab driver got to my apartment, he said his credit card machine was down. I said I didn't have any cash, and started to get out of the cab. He said he would take me for free. I thought this was a little weird, but whatever. Like, I know that no one does anything for free, but that is exactly what he said, so I took him at his word. I guess I shouldn't have. Whatever. I stayed in the cab.

When I got to school, I asked him if he could take an imprint of my card so that he could run it later. He said he couldn't do that, but he said he was going to take me to a convenience store so I could buy something with my debit card and get cash back. I told him I was running late and I really needed to go. I was ready to get out of the car at this point. I felt bad for him that he wouldn't get paid, but I had specified that I didn't have cash on me when I called the cab company - so it wasn't really my fault. He said it wouldn't take very long and he started driving again! He took me to a convenience store. I didn't really want to buy something I didn't need (this was not part of the service that I had signed up for when I called a cab), but I was weirded out and sort of on auto-pilot. So I went in and there was a sign at the register that said "no cash back". So I walked back out and told him that there was no cash back. He motioned for me to get back in. I told him that I was REALLY late now. He drove me to another gas station. Man, I shouldn't have even have gotten back in, but I wasn't sure what to do, and I wasn't thinking I guess. At this point though, I spoke up and told him that I really wasn't comfortable with this, that I wasn't about to buy something I didn't need, and if his credit card machine wasn't working, he should have let another cab take the call. He started lecturing me on how he was just trying to make a living, and I had to help him out. I told him that I understood, but this wasn't what I had agreed to. He said he wasn't let me going to have the ride for free. I told him that I wasn't going to waste anymore time by going into random convenience stores, and I wasn't going to buy something I didn't need. He could take an imprint of my card, as that's how I said I was going to pay, but that was it. He said he didn't even have the imprint device with him. Fine. I got out of the cab and decided to walk where I was going. I was now reallllllly late, and on the wrong side of the campus. I walked for about five minutes(?) and a cop approached me. He said that he had been told I walked out of a cab without paying. I told him what happened, and he told me to tell my story to another cop who was there, while he got the cab driver. At this point I was crying and shaking. I've NEVER been in trouble with the police. When the cab driver showed up, he saw I was crying and he said, okay, okay, just forget about it. The police officer told him that I hadn't committed any crime, so I wouldn't have been in trouble anyway.

I'm still upset about this. I didn't want to not pay him, but I also didn't think that I should be required to buy something I didn't even need. It also really bothered me that he said one thing and did another, and that he took me to where I was going, changed his mind, and started driving me all over town, making me really late. AND I was really embarrassed when the police started questioning me! It sucks not to be paid, but he didn't have to take the call in the first place, so WTF?
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Bad service from USPS

I went away for a couple days and decided to stop the mail via online application. Huge mistake. When I got home, I opened my mailbox by reflex when I walked through the front door, and it was like a clown car in there, except with mail instead of clowns. There were squashed magazines and bills, and a six-pack of mail secured w/ a printout of my name and my request to HOLD the mail at the P. O. until I picked it up. To top it all off, the six-pack of mail belonged to a NEIGHBOR with the same last name. What a riot. I thought about complaining to the postmaster but our service has gone to sh*t the past few months and it knew it would do no good and possibly spark retaliation from the mail guy. I got a notice from my dr. about a forthcoming check and needless to say I'm a little nervous about that check winding up where it's supposed to.

Suggestions welcome. Thanks for listening.
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an update on the potential package purloiner!

original post

(nutshell: three weeks ago, i ordered something from amazon which amazon/USPS said was delivered but i never saw, and it wasn't on the books in my building; desk assistant said she would look into it two weeks ago.)

fast-forward to now: beyond the DA asking me if i'd gotten anything - i guess a week ago? - i hadn't heard anything else, and i was a little upset. so i emailed both the reslife director (the supervisor for the desk assistants) and amazon tonight.

amazon says they delivered it to what was my address last year; if it's not there, i can get in touch with the post office to see if they have it.

/eyeroll with a small side of /foot-in-mouth

thankfull both of my emails were polite, if the one to the reslife director was a little bit impatient ("have you gotten a chance to follow up on this?"). i'll swing by my old residence hall tomorrow during the day to see if it's there - it shouldn't be; the DA said she would check over there. but it might be.

the post office is serious business. i'll edit this sometime tonight when i find out if it's there or not.

edit: hokay, so.

1. i visited my last-year dorm and they didn't have it. it wasn't in their log, either, despite being shipped to them.
2. i just got off the phone with the post office (good_service, i love talking to the postal ladies here) and she said to call back between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning so i could speak with the mail carrier.
3. the reslife director forwarded my email to the DA supervisor, but i haven't heard anything from her. i'm pretty close to walking across the hall (her office is on my floor) but i think i should get dressed first. :)

"Must be a new employee."

So my mum and I are shopping at Zellers. She only sees me a few times a year (I went away to University) so she always takes me shopping at all the malls in my town. In any case, we find all our things and then head to the cashiers.

The line-up is long. All of a sudden the store alarm goes off - and then this little voice tells the room that the cashier forgot to de-magnitize the protective tags. The couple goes back to the cashier and she swipes it through again to fix it. No big deal, this happens to me all the time. So we keep waiting in line.

Next person goes. Same thing. Mum turns to me and says, "must be a new employee." Next person goes. Alarm goes off and that little voice. Goes back and swipes it through again. By this time the other people in line are getting cranky.

A few more people go, and the alarm chirps merrily away. Of course we also get beeped by the alarm, and have to go back for the cashier to de-magnitize it again. As we leave the store for real, we hear the alarm go off behind us again and that cheerful little voice reminding the cashier to fix the tags.

It's probably not going to get the employee fired, but for goodness' many alarms will it take before you realize you're doing it wrong?
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Glass repair / scamdyman service

So, I have a broken pane of glass (small pane, not entire window unit) in a house of mine. A dog jumped up on the window, a glass pane completely and cleanly separated from the molding, and fell and broke. No wood damage, needs repainting, eh... no biggie.

I go through 2 guys who cannot seem to show up when they say they will (one called me today, a week after he was supposed to show) and start calling various glass and handyman services. Most of the places I talk to only dealt in new vinyl windows and eventually I got a handyman referral service to come out and do it. I gave the dispatcher (Chris) all the details and we set up a time to meet at 2pm, and I gear up to leave work at 1:40 so I can get there in time.

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bad dell support

Likesebbythewolf's wonderful experience with Dell I had the lovely displeasure of having to call Dell tech support for "help". My video card died. Of course you try the usual try another monitor, another tower..etc on your own. Then you call in cause you know as a customer with a warranty with Dell, you can't replace something on it without voiding the warranty. Then you call tech support and they are limited in what they can do but I didn't think to this extent. But anyhow, I myself work in a call center, I have worked for two different companies one for desktop computers and the other which I am still on an ISP. So I can safely say I know a bit about computers. I'm not claiming full knowledge of everything but I know if I have the power supply or the monitor plugged in or not. I'm not that stupid. 4 phone calls later, 6 and a half hours I'll never have back, I have a resolution. I don't mean to offend anyone, its just these three people I felt were rude, and seemed to not know what they were doing. I know everyone starts somewhere but come on telling me things that indicate you are new..bad, bad, bad, I lose my faith in you and your ability to fully help me and my issue. Cut for length. Collapse )
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