October 30th, 2006


Mocked for saying 'please'

Friday night I did my normal weekly grocery-shopping expedition, and as always I bought a case of canned pop. The bagger asked the cashier to ask me if I wanted my pop in a bag. The cashier asked me, and I said, "Yes, please."

The cashier smirked, turned to the bagger and said in a syrupy voice, "Yes, pwease!"

My boyfriend, afte hearing the story, told me I should have said something like, "See if I'm ever polite to you again, bitch."
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

Um the customers is meant to be right?

Don't argue with the customers when she is RIGHT!
Ok, so Christmas is coming up soon, according to all the Christmas trees and so forth scattered all over the place. It pisses me off because it's friggin October, but hey! I figure, take advantage of all the sales and do my Christmas shopping. Oh and spent some time with my mum =)

My European father is very much into classical concert music and happened to watch the 2006 New Years Eve concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. He purchased the 2004 dvd at Borders in Parramatta but could not manage to get the 2006 conert. Perfect. I figure I'll get it for him for Christmas.

So my mum and I were at Westfield at Hornsby, which has a Borders. Simply because we were in the vicinity, I went to see if they have it in stock, which I doubted they did. Now, it's a tricky title to look up on the Borders system, especially since my dad just refers to it as the Strauss 2006 concert and I need to ask for help. The guy we ask at Borders has trouble looking it up as well and finally conclude that they don't have it on their system.
The following is the huh? of the encounter.

Cocacola Sorrow: But Borders at Parramatta have it in their system
Sales guy:(Very condescendingly) There's no Borders at Parramatta.
Cocacola Sorrow: Yes there is.
Sales Guy (Still being condescending): NO. THERE'S NOT.
Cocacola Sorrow's mother: Actually, there is a Borders at Parramatta.
Sales Guy (Genuinely surprised) Really? How long has it been there?

Opinions? I would have though the correct answer would have been "I did not know that there was a Borders at X location" rather than flat out arguing with me. Like I said, not bad service, just perhaps a bit rude?

On a side note, I ordered the DVD from Borders at Parramatta simply because it's closer to where I live and attend University.