October 27th, 2006

a walmart suck

My mom and i went to walmart like 2 weeks ago. The sign at the door said all clearance shoes will be 50% off the marked tag.
Mom got a pair of shoes marked $7 so when we get to the register they should ring up $3.50 and if not then the cahsier (should) know to correct the price. (seeing as I worked at walmart like 2 months prior and she worked with me then and for like ever, she should know to do this jsut in case anyone asks WHY the cashier should know this)

We go to the checkout. The lady is just about to the shoesm, my mom tells her that they should be half off when they ring up wrong. The cashier just tells us that they probably are. I speakk up and tell her that no, it says half off of the tag. Cahier takes them out of the bag and rescans them. As she is doing so she says somethng and my automatic response to not being able to hear someone is 'huh'... well she looks at me and mocks me and goes "HUH" in a really snotty tone.
I can understand if i still worked there it would be a coworker joking but I am not longer a worker I am now the customer and I think that was just rude.
My mom went and got a complaint card (she was rude thru the whole transaction not jsut the shoes but that is what stuck out) but i do not know if she turned it in.

Fireplace repairman

It's not really BAD service (more like WHAT service?) but it definitely was not good service either.

Our fireplace has never been professionally cleaned since we moved here nearly three years ago so I asked the hubby to make an appointment to get it cleaned and repaired (the flue stays open). He called three weeks ago and the earliest available date was for today at 8 AM. So the hubby decides to take the morning off to wait for the guy because the other day (Wednesday) the glass insert shattered sometime over the night. The fire place is a insert but it's not gas nor wood pellet. It's an older model that takes wood logs like a normal fireplace but it's exactly like a wood pellet or gas insert.

At any rate, 8 AM came and no guy. 8:15 AM and we thought no big deal the guy is probably running late. Still no guy and no phone call at 8:30 AM and by 8:45 AM the hubby got fed up and said he was going to work at 9 AM if the guy didn't show up by then. He called their office three times but he ended up with a busy signal each time.

Here it is 9:15 AM and the guy FINALLY shows up saying he's behind schedule. I tell him that my hubby already left but I can show him the fireplace and explain to him what needed to be done. Instead of coming in the guy tells me, hurriedly as he's starting down the steps, "Oh that's ok. You can call and reschedule. I'm behind on my appointments today." I'm thinking, "WTF? You're over an hour late here and you're going to get on schedule by blowing us off? The appointment was made THREE WEEKS AGO and most likely it'll be another three weeks before you get back out here!" Instead I yell after him (because he's already near his van that's parked in the street) that he can do the work and I can tell him what I needed done. Instead the guy shook his head and said to reschedule.

I could have gone back to bed and still be under my nice warm blankets right now if I knew you weren't going to work on our fireplace!
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Money Tree "debit" card

We've been in business for a few years now and have had our business account with US Bank. Due to a check incident last year (where someone got a hold of a check and wrote themselves a nice fat $500 check and was able to cash it without ID) we decided to move banks. We went with a local credit union that is basically across the street from us but in the mean time we needed a credit card - other then my personal ones - to order our merchandise from.

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Dear Dell

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I know I got rough but seriously...my ass is getting gnawed on by an angry client because HIS!!! amazingly awesome business running lappy is having RAM issues and he wants it fixed while wondering why his 24-Hour On-site service is now 120 hour on-site service.

No love to the outsourced Dell CSRs,
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spock headdesk

I believe I already wrote a post like this last year...

Why is it that whenever I try to get a packet it never works out due to some stupidity on the packet delivery service's side? I think I already posted about this last year.
But is it too much to ask that when they fail first delivery (which I totally understand, after all I am rarely home during the mornings) and we pick out a time for a second try with CS, that they
a) actually are there at the scheduled time
b) try to use the phone number that they insisted I give them
c) READ the information about the building's keycode?

Seriously, I get a packet via such companies once per year. It's not even always the same company. It's never been the same address so far (so it can't just be the local company that sucks). Why is it always the same problem? WHY?
(if there are any packet service drivers in here, maybe you can enlighten me?)

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