October 21st, 2006


Two sets of bad service over one car.

On a Friday, when paying rent, I added a carport to our usual rent. We chose one by the number and gave them a description of the car. The brakes were out and we were waiting to get it fixed. (my older car 87 toyota celica)

Stayed in most of the weekend.

Monday, I leave for work, and my car is gone. It's been towed for being in a held parking spot. I call the office and speak to the manager. He says that he's sorry that happened, but he wasn't given the updated papers and he checks the lot every day. He lets me get my car from the impound for free, but that means me having it towed back home, which costs around 80.00. So basically I had to pay the parking fee AND the towing fee.

So, I call a mechanic. He's local and I'm in a bind. I tell him I need a quote for work and ask how much he'll charge me to get the car towed, and he says  "75 normally, 40.00' if I let him do the work.  I give him my information and the key, as well as a list of things I believe/know to be wrong with the car in other ways*. He gets the car from the towing place the next day.

I don't get a call after a couple days so I call and find out if they know anything. The mechanic says that he's sorry but hasn't had a chance to look at it. I inform him that it's not a rush, and I'd just like a quote anyway (We were going to borrow the money to have it fixed and needed to know if it would be worth the price). He says he'll let me know by the next Friday.

We're at about a week and  a half now. On Friday I don't recieve a call. I figure I'll wait a while since he was busy, and I still was not in a hurry. Another whole week goes by, and then another. I get a call on the following monday from him.

"Your car is finished"


I never got a quote, which I explained. He said there must have been some misunderstanding. (Even on the bill, you can see that I didn't sign the paper stating that I was ok-ing work)

Luckily, I could afford to have it fixed, but at the same time, I didn't NECESSARILY want him to do the work. Also, he ONLY replaced the brake lines and didn't address and of the other problems. So when picking it up, I had to bring a new battery with me to have it installed.

Also, he charged me 65.00 for the tow, which is certainly not 40.

I'm not saying he did bad work. I'm going to have it looked at by another mechanic that I know to be pretty trustworthy, but honestly- I didn't sign any paperwork telling them to go ahead. I would have paid for the quote even.

*Wipers, dry rot on the tires, back trunk won't close, needs new batteries/etc, loud muffler (though newer), oil change/tuneup

Bad service with a happy ending!

My mom and I hate to shop. We realize it's a necessary evil, so we generally wait until we have to pick up several things, and venture out for an entire day. This particular day we were both after practical fall work shoes, whatever makeup items we'd run out of respectively, a closing gift for one of her clients, a few books, and new pillows. Since we prefer to do our shopping marathon style we also do it in comfort. Jeans, a hoodie, and sneaks for both of us.

The day had started wonderfully, when we popped into a Clark's shoe store in the mall. There were two employees, and we were the second customers to enter the store. Mom finds a pair of shoes she thinks she can manage to show houses in without screaming bloody murder, I approve of her decision. We ask for a 9. And we wait.

A few more customers come in. The man who waited on us comes out, sans the shoes, and starts assisting other customers. We ask again for the 9. He huffs at us, but comes back with them.

They're too small.

We wait some more. When we realize nobody is bothering to find out if they fit correctly, I approach the same man and ask for a 9.5 in the same shoe. He *sighs* at me, and snatches the box out of my hands. We wait. Mom really liked these shoes, and finding a pair of shoes that are cute and practical for running around with clients all day isn't easy, so we continue to wait. Three people who came in after us are assisted, and our salesman is literally fawning over a woman who came in after us, and in that time has tried on no less than 6 pairs of shoes.

Finally Mom, looking hurt, just wants to leave. We do.

We wander down to Macy's to visit our respective makeup counters, and decide to hit the shoe section there. Can't hurt, right? They're having a great sale, but they're severely understaffed - just one poor girl at the counter. Boxes of shoes that were tried on but not bought are strewn everywhere. Thus, to try on shoes, people are waiting in line at the counter with the shoes they'd like to try. I grab a pair, mom grabs 3 we wait. The girl behind the counter is extremely appologetic about the wait when our turn comes, and offers several options to Mom when one of the pairs of shoes she chose isn't available in her size, all with a (slightly but understandbly frazzled) smile.

We bought all 4 pairs.

Macys = 1,867,524
Clarks = 0

Bad service is ignoring average dressed customers for well dressed ones. GREAT service is taking a terrible situation, and doing everything for the customer you can given the circumstances. People will wait for you if you're worth it - we waited in line for 20 minutes TWICE - once to try shoes on, once to pay for them, both times with smiles on our faces.