October 20th, 2006


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This is more, I think, an annoyance than "bad" maybe others will think differently.

Anyhow, the past couple of times I've gone to the ATM at my neighborhood 7-11 and taken out "spending money" for the weekend.  (I'm going to DC for the weekend and was getting cash for the trip) the ATM has given me a hundred dollar bill.  When did ATMs start giving out hundreds?  Anyone else noticed this happening?  It doesn't do a lot of good to get money from an ATM when I just have to turn around and go to the bank to break the hundred it gave me.

For me that kinda defeats the whole reason to use the ATM and not have to go to the bank.  Most stores won't touch a hundred unless you are spending most of it.  Like I said, it's more annoying than bad.

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I recently deposited a check at the bank. The check was to be my spending allowance while on a business trip, so I needed to return any of the money I didn't use. After a week, I noticed that there was still no record of the deposit on my online statement. Concerned, I stopped by the bank. They looked it up in their system, only to discover they had accidentally put the money in someone else's account...
Luckily they were able to get the money back into *my* account before the end of the day, so that part is good service. But still, I had my account number and my name on the deposit slip -- how did they manage to give my money to someone else??
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i think someone's stealing my packages

i ordered a movie (well, two actually) from amazon about a week and a half ago. they were supposed to be mailed to me at campus, where there's a system of package registration in place. basically, package comes in the mail, someone at the front desk logs it in the aptly named package log, and i come to pick it up and i (and the desk assistant) sign off that i received it.

the day before i left, a wednesday night, i had a package from my mom. this was the 11th. (it had halloween candy in it.)

according to amazon, both packages were delivered over this past weekend. no big deal, i thought - i'll just pick them up when i get back to campus (this weekend was my fall break). but when i opened my campus mailbox, i only had one package notifier (a little card with my name, mailbox, and package number written on it). i took it to the desk and thought that maybe they'd combined my two little (dvd-sized envelopes) packages into one. whatever. but they didn't - i only had the one movie.

i double-checked amazon. this one had been shipped a day later than the one which is (atm) missing.

when i asked the girl at the desk right now about it, she said that i'd signed off on the only two packages that were in the book for me since the apparent delivery of the missing movie.

is there anything i can do? i think someone at the desk stole my movie. :( i'm thinking about going downstairs and saying "okay, on the 11th i signed for the package from my mom. since then, two packages arrived for me, but only one is in the log, and i signed for it." how can i prove that this package arrived when they have no record whatsoever of it?

edit: well, i talked with two of the desk assistants this afternoon/evening. one kind of went fisheyes on me and didn't do much, so i came back later and asked the second girl, who not only looked through the entire package log but looked at every single package behind the desk. when she still didn't find it, she had me write my information on the sheet i had printed (amazon's "where's my stuff?" page) that had the tracking number and delivery time. they're going to figure out who was on duty that day, at that time, and see if that person remembers signing for it. they're also going to check at the other residence hall in case it got sent over there accidentally.

here's hoping. =\
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